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200 Nahatan Street 
Westwood, Massachusetts 

Green Years 1 













^^/vAAT X 













2 Green Years 
















Green Years 3^ 








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The Yearbook Dedication 


Academics in Action 


Faculty and Staff 


Oass of '08 Portraits 



Class of '09 Portraits 



Class of '10 Portraits - 



Class of '11 Portraits - 



School Government 


Extracurricular Clubs 


National Honor Society 


Art Honor Society & Art Events 




Homecoming Events 


Unity Day 


Fail Sports 


Winter Sports 


Spring Sports 




Spring Fling 


Music Groups 


Diversity Day 


Senior Expressions 


All Grades Candids 


The Senior Cruise 


Senior Superlatives 




Tribute to Retirees 


The Senior Will 


Messages from the Community 




^5. > 


: y 


The 2008 Yearbook 

Four years ago, I walked into the old high school a wide-eyed, terrified 
freshman. After an overwhelming day that consisted of navigating a seemingly 
unorganized building, dodging looming senior boys with beards, and trying not 
to get my head wet from the dripping ceilings, I walked into my F block class and 
was instantly comforted by the presence of the man at the front of the room. His 
gentleness and calm were exactly what I needed at that moment. He has meant a lot 
to me, and I have come to realize how much he means to the Westwood High School 
community, as a whole. 

He is a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a historian, and a quietly strong and steady 
presence. The yearbook dedication is the Senior Class's last formal opportunity to give 
thanks. As we leave this high school, we thank someone who is also leaving Westwood. 
This man's gifts to us have prepared us for our next steps in life, and so, as a parting 
gift of our own, we hereby dedicate the 2008 Yearbook to Mr. Brendan Dillon. 

Seeing him every day, some of you may think you know Mr. Dillon fairly well, right? 
But this man has had an incredible life that I am sure many of you will be surprised 
to hear about. Mr. Dillon was born in Ballydesmond, Cork, County Cork, Ireland, 
where he grew up and went to college. He came to America on a vacation, and liked 
it so much that he decided to stay. 

As a young man, he held jobs as a gas station attendant and a longshoreman. One 
day he got on a Greyhound bus headed south, and ended up in the Bahamas, where 
he taught at a poor school. It was there that he met his wife Maryann. The couple 
moved to Mrs. Dillon's home-state of Iowa in 1974, where Mr. Dillon taught at a 
farmland high school. Ten years later, they moved east, and he started teaching at 
Xaverian. He earned his master's degree at Mc&ill University and the University of 
Massachusetts at Boston. 

Westwood High School was lucky in 1992, when Mr. Dillon decided to work here and 
join the Social Studies department. He was a significant contributor in the creation 
of the Westwood High governance system. Additionally, Mr. Dillon has coached the 
Chess Team and the Varsity Girls' Softball Team. He has led many student groups in 
overseas travel. He has also helped other teachers to grow by teaching professional 
development courses and serving formally and informally as a mentor. In 2007, Mr. 
Dillon was the first recipient of the Wolverine Teacher of the Year Award. 

Any student in freshman year World Civ may remember Mr. Dillon's timeless tale 
of the blind men and the elephant, which teaches us to appreciate different points 
of view of history. The fable chronicles six blind men who are asked to describe an 
elephant by the way it feels to each of them. As each man feels a different part of 
the animal-one an ear, one a leg, one the trunk, and so on, they begin arguing over 
what it is that is in front of them, before realizing that they are all right. Well, I 
don't know if you've heard the lesser known story of the students and the history 

6 The Dedication 

There were 203 graduating seniors at Westwood High 
School, given a task to choose one person to whom this 
yearbook would be given. Among all the well qualified 
options, one stood out from the rest, and though he is 
one man, he is something different to everyone. 

The first students reflected that upon entering the 
building as freshmen, they saw him as a teacher. They 
described what they encountered: 

Ryan Fitzgibbon said, 

"Mr. Dillon has a relentless attitude when it comes 
to helping students. He genuinely cares about his 
students' well-being and their academic success. 
Additionally, he fosters and encourages his students 
to strive towards their intellectual limits." 

Aly DeCamp said, 

"He has worked with his students so that each one 
can succeed and has opened us to a massive world 
of knowledge." 

And Amy Reynolds said, 

"He is an amazing teacher and person as a whole 
and leaves his mark on every student he teaches." 

The second group saw him after school, dedicating his 
personal time to his students' nonacademic pursuits. 

Russell Trovers said, 

"He is at all sporting events and is an avid wolverine fan." 

And Greg Goodfellow said, 

"He gives so much of his free time to 'We 
the People', Softball, chess team, and other 
extracurricular activities." 

The third group saw him as a wise mentor who 
invested in their growth as students and people. 

Alley Kay said, 

"It is apparent through [Mr. Dillon's] relationships 
with his students that their success is the most 
important thing to him." 

G'ma Pizzano said, 

"He has been a support system for his students" 

And Hanna Cutler said, 

"Mr. Dillon is a kind and intelligent person who 
challenges students to be the best they can be." 

And so these voices together captured one man with 
many great qualities. 

Simply put, as Dan O'Connor says, 

"Nowhere will you find a more decent human being." 

From Mr. Dillon, we have learned to approach 
every situation with an open mind, to not "miss 
the motorcycle" or "throw the baby out with the 
bathwater." He has been an inspiration inside of the 
classroom and out, and a source of guidance for all 
who walk through the doors of Westwood High. 

We dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Dillon because he 
has fully dedicated himself to us, and to our success. 
Thank you. You will be greatly missed. 


£7! J 

r 1 

8 Academics in Action 








Academics in Action 9 

■'■■j[*.\' fr.i • .'. :»:. ' ■^ t .lT^;^'^/^ ::< 

■ />t<-^.^6f tJOfTA^ 


,PTE. MANY ^AVS OF TA^N^^e'D^T^^sTs. 


wow, /\M I 
















'^^^ FORCE! 

Ms. Emily Parks 

Mr. Stephen Dexter 
Assistant Principal 



Mr. John Antonucci 

Mr. Ed Kazanjian 
Assistant Superintendent 





culty & Staff 


T ^ 

Ms. Diane Kaiser ms, Diane Lamb-Wanucha Ms. Liza Parks Ms. Dianne Sullivan 

^ . - * 

^.IfW^ ,.. 


Dr Terrence Earls Ms. Karen Brackman Mr Wayne Chatterton Ms. Jennifer Felton 

Ms, Linda Hanlon Mr Jeff Kaczenski Ms. Stephanie Kelsch Mr. Mark McGunagle 

< ■■ , .,.f.^,:^.^c.-:^,, ;T..^v..:T.^^:i:t.^.v ■ .,.r..«n— r«>««,B— — »^.Tm:>«»«^^ 


Department Choir 

** M^. ^ * 



5/1 y 






Ms. Mane Plunkett Ms. Jacqueline Potus 


Ms. Judith Wine Mr, Matt Gillis Ms. Sue Peters 

Mr, Ethan Dolleman Ms. Alison Donahue Ms. Mary Furber Ms Shan Nason 


-4 ^ 4 ^ 

A * 










^^■^^ AGAIN! 



uoW AAA I . 





EcaBrody Ms. Candice Gopin Ms. Karen Poreda 
KeDeccacruuy 5p^^,^p3,„„|„g,s, school Nurse Not Piclured 

Ms Dorothy Vancura 

Speech Pathotogist 

Department Chair 

Mr. Robert Fanning Ms. Beth Ghio Mr. Mark Harrison Ms. Karen Connors Ms. Elizabeth Gushing Ms. Laura Dalton Mr. David Halperin Ms. Paula Lawless 

Ms. Ann Matteson Ms. Carol Rosengarten Ms. Patricia Smith Mr. Seamus Mehegan Ms. Shari Nason Ms. Jaclyn Raffol Ms Peggy Renfranz Mr. Billy Sittig 









'. » 



' OT 



CO? /a, jsr 


Dr, Todd Danforth Ms, Chen Goldstein Mr Paul Houston Ms, Mary Hanlon 

Ms Lynne Medsl(er Ms, Maryanne Bowe Ms Meteditti Ctiamtserland Ms, Mary LeVangie Mr, Cliarles Rae 



Faculty & Staff 

Ms, Nancy Cawley Mr. Jerry Cronin Ms, Judith Dick 

Ms, Anne Gates 

Ms. Kathleen Hayes Ms. Maryellen LIpinski Ms. Donna McHugh 





20 Senior Class 



James J. Ahigian 

John A. Ahigian 

Ousman N. Al<ram 

Alexanders. Aronki 


I^B 4 




_ 1: 

Elizabeth N. Arpino George C. Audi Nadia S. Babyonyshev Cory S. Baker 

iryan J. Bart 

David Baryudin 

Alexis Q. Barzin 

Alex N. Becker 

22 Senior Portraits 



Brian W. Benson 

Nicola G. Beuscher 

Elizabeth L. Birle 

Benjamin W. Bloke 

Ryan T. Bowler 

N. Kris Brokke 

Lindsey T. Burns 

Nicole C. Cachelin 

Somantho A. Cahoon Bradley D. Colondrella 

Lisa Caldwell 

Mary K. Carlin 

Senior Portraits 23 


Amer G. Chahine 

Mark S. Chirokas 

Chenelle L. Christian 

Alena E. Chubet 

Rachael L. Chyten 

Jayson M. Clancy 

Neal Clay 

Stephen C. Cloherty 

Paige A. Congdon 

Alyse W. Conlon 

Mary E. Connors 

Christopher L. Costanza 

24 Senior Portraits 

•2^ ■ 


Jennifer H. Cravedi 

Maura F. Curran 

Anne A. Gushing 

John P. Cushman 

Hanno O. Cutler 

Graham B. Gutter 

Elizabeth M. Dahl 

Katerino Dalavurak 

Juliana B. D'Aleo 

Alyssa E. Decamp 

Gorey M. Dello Russo 

John E. DeMovellan 

Senior Portraits 25 


-S :^.if,f,iS.A:;rf'?Vr 

Meghan B. Flaherty 

Michael D. Follen 

Alexandra K. Frank 

Vladislav A. Galiouk 

26 Senior Portraits 

Martha E. Geary 

Jessica L. Geers 

David M. Gerson 

Jessica L. Gerson 

Brent Giacchetto 

Garima Giri 

Danielle A. Goldman 

Gregory J. Goodfellow 

Katherine L. Gorman 

Sean R. Grandfield 

E. Greenberg 

Edward C. Groton 

Senior Portraits 27 


Austin D. Hall Zachary J. Hanrahan 

Catherine C. Heier 

Celena F. Homsy 

Hillary J. Howarth 

Raeef E. Istfan 

Kelly A. Jackson 

Jessica J. Johnson 

Christopher R. Joseph 

Alexandra M. Kay Matthew A. Keaveney 

Daniel M. Keches 

28 Senior Portraits 


Charlotte J. Kenney 

Jessica J. Kirkby 

Victoria M. Koutris 

Megan T. Lolly 

Ryan M. Landry 

Robert S. Loughlin 

Duncan K. Law 

Jillian A. Lenzo 

Megtian R. Leonard 

Jessica A. Lesoge 

John W. Liebrock 

Michael F. Lynch 

Senior Portraits 29 

James K. Mahoney 

Kristina J. Maimonis 

Mariel S. Moling 

Wyn E. Moling 










Laura J. Moloney 

Melisso W. Moncini 

Ashley N. Mandeville 

Ryan J. Martinez 

^■^H "^^ 



■C ■ 



^ /'i 




Erin M. Mossimi 

Holly M. Mothoisel 

Andrew T. Mather 

Corey J. Mother 

30 Senior Portraits 

■ ■ 




1 M 1 ■■_■_■_■_■ 


.1.1 1 


1 1 1 




I.I J 



■ ■ 

a ■ 


■ ■ 


1 1 



■ Ill 

1 1 1 

1 J 

1 1 

1 1 1 


1 I.I 1 1 

1 K 

El J I 

■ ■ 1 


■ I 


1 ■ 


• ■ ■ 

■ jCi 


1 II 



1 1 1 


II 1 1 II 

t tj. 

L__^ .. „ ». „. HI 

V Cl^ 

■ ■ 

■ I 


I m 

■ 1 

1 1 

■ • 



» .^1^- 



1 1 

1 1 

1 1 1 


1 1 1 II 



1.1 a 

lJ>_p- ■■ 


■ ■ 1 


■ ■ 


• • 



■ I 

■ ■ 

.^^ 1 1 


1 II 


1 1 1 

[ 1 1 

II 1 

II 1 1 II 



1 l_i_ 



n II 




■ ■ 




■ ■ ■ m^.^^^ KA_a_M^.a i 

1 1 ij 

I 1 

1 1 

r ' ' 

1 1 1 

■ ■III 

1 rnr 

II 1 

1 » 


a J 



■ ■ p m.^ ■ -■ ■ > m 1 

.1 I.I 


1 1 1 

1 I 1 

• ■ • • ■ 











^ \ 








■ ™ 


Brenda M. McCabe 

Kelly D. McCarthy 

Danielle B. McCauley 

Thomas J. McCauley 

Christine R. McGrail 

Stephanie E. Michaud 

\ /i"^ 

Brian F. Morante 

Michael A. Morozov 

Michael J. Morra 

Kimberly A. Muellers 

Andrew J. Musto 

Elizabeth Nally 

Senior Portraits 31 

Andrianna M. Orphanos Alexandar A. Ortloff 

Kristina L. Ortloff 

Shiwei Pan 

32 Senior Portraits 

Jessie A. Peloquin 


Edward A. Perkins 

Christopher T. Pflanz 

Gina M. Pizzano 

Katherine C. Planeta 

Senior Portraits 33 

Kara E. Powers 

Matthew A. Pruchniewski Kristin M. Puopolo 

Thomas J. Quinn 

Rebecca B. Radford Benjamin F. Randolph 

Suhas S. Rao 

Evan M. Rau 

Jason J. M. Resho 

Amy M. Reynolds 

Chelsey J. Ristaino 

Christopher P. Roach 

34 Senior Portraits 


Sean M. Rose 

Jonah E. Ruddy 

Michelle M. Ruggiero 

Meagan D. Ryan 

Joseph D. Salami 

Fadi E. Samaha 

Marianna K. Sayeg 

Loyal S. Sayegh 

Kevin J. Schuster 

Alexander D. Scott 

Ariano M. Senerchio Matthew R. Shanahan 

Senior Portraits 35 










^^^Pa ■ ■ ■ • ■ 



■ ■ 




■ ■ 



■_•«•_•_•_•_■_•_•_•_• ■ "J 












■ « ■ 

■ • ■ ■ 

■ 1 

1 ■ 

■ ■ 

■ ■ a a.iniM^^ 





Devin L. Singleton 

Cian-Thonnas H. Smith 

Stephanie G. Solimine 

Matthew T. Springer 

Jeremy E. Stivaletta 

Maclellan D. Swan 

Alexander J. Teebagy 

Molly C. Tennihan 

Russell W. Trovers 

Perry H. Treon 

Chrisoulo Tsolios 

Jacob P. Tucl<e 

36 Senior Portraits 



Nicholas M. Ventola 

Thomas E. Visconti 

Connor D. Walsh 

Eliso C. Walsh 




\ / V\ ^^^^^1 



1 i i^^HI 



Molly F. Word 

Elizabeth L. Watsky 

Rachel M. Watsky 

Thomas M. Weinreich 

Lindsay I. Weitzman 

James L. Whalen 

Anna R. Whelan 

Matthew P. White 

Senior Portraits 37 


Albert M. Wisiaiko 

Kristen M. Wissmar 

Jesse M. Wolf 

Stephen O. Wrigtit 

Devon N. Zoza 

Roland Zhiou 

38 Senior Portraits 

40 Junior Class 

J^Hk^^ T9 










/ - 








» «■ •/• 




■ ■ 


■ ■ ■ 

■ ■ 




Junior Class 4] 


> • *■ 

Ralph Bruno 
42 Class Portraits 

Matthew Burke 

Keitti Burrelle 

Mictiael Burton Nicole Campion Ailton Corvolho Pavan Ctiavali 

Sarah Chen 


Jeannie Cheng Joshua Cheung 

Eva Christopherson Mia Cianciorulo Nicholas Citrone 

Steven Clerge Hannah Cohn 

Thomos Coyle 

Casey Criss 

Brendan Crowe 

John Cuozzo 

Justin Dale 

Danielle Damren 

Colin Dave 

Hasan Davis 

Sarah Dawson 


Scott Delisle Aaron Derderian Cassandra Devin 

Christopher Graves Stephanie Greeley Catherine Greenwood Elizabeth Groton Marsha Groves 

44 Class Portraits 

Pamela Guinta Alexander Gunning 






Kathryn Martin 

John Massad 

Ryan McCarthy Mary McDonnell Kristo McGinnis Matthew McGrgth 

Theresa McWatlers Christina Mealey Jonathan Melior Anokhee Mepani Gabriella Messina Alexander Mom 

rian Molloy 

46 Class Portraits 





Chris Sullivan-Trainor Kathryn Sullivan-Trainor Laura Teehan 

Daniel Troy 
Class Portraits 

Kyle Tucke 

Rochoel Tulejo 

Ryan Walsh 

Corrinne Wells 

Brooke Wholen 

Kara Wiggin 

No portrait available for 

Shariden Batts 
Steven Calobrisi 
Taiwanna Campbell 
James Drew 
Yujin Hamill 
Cameron Harding 

■ ■ ^ w ^ ^ w 

Elizobeth Abrghom Christian Adams Christopher Adams 

Wesley Adams Thomas Ahearn Christopher Anamoteros 

Alexander Archambo Manah Ainuld 

Mia Augis 


Bartholomew Alan Baryudin Margoux Borzin 

Michelle Beatty 
52 Class Portraits 

Maya Bechora 

Mark Black 

Potrick Bowler Danielle Bradley 

Matthew Ferren 


DenisQ Ikonomi Meghan Isberg 

Rachael Keating James Kelley 

Nodeem Istfon Michael Jacobs 

John Kelly 

Chase Kerze 

Aaron Kesler Alexander Kessler 

Erin King 

Emma Krause 

Andiew Kusnii 



'i^^^^L. '■ ^"^ 


^^f X. 




rN :■ 


Class Portraits 

W ^^ 



Matthew Kenney 



Michael Molchan Michael Montrond l-'<-l lei lo Morgan Jacqueline Morra Paige Moscow Diiiio Mouiuhed 

L.oi'Hi"! MLieiiei'_> 

Samantha Mulligan 
56 Class Portraits 

Alison Murphy Bridgel Muiphy 

Lni( /vluijay 

Brittany Musto Michael Musto Erica Nongeioni 

Madeline Randolph Madison Rau 

Anna Ribas 

58 Class Portraits 

Allison Wittich Venkata Yelleswarapu 

No portrait available for: 

Lambsey Hoang John Mccabe 

William Lasher David Milano 

Victor Maccow Christopher Rodei 

Elizabeth Mason 

Michelle Whelon Meoghon Winn Joeseph Wisiaiko 

Si?T< vii/sassmeesK^. 




B "^Hi 

m Hv 


F-' 'W 

W V .1 


, i 

> ^*, 

' la. 1 


f 4 




■ ^SStfr* 



1 / 

;* ! 


^ JM Jl 

i^A ' 



• -•1 


Freshman Class 61 


Jessica Burns 

. !;■«>* 

Riley Cachelin 

Jacinto Calixte 

Jonathan Compbell 

Alison Campion Stephen Campion Sierra Corrosco 

Eddy Costiillo 

j^H " *" ^^^ ^♦^ '~' t ■ j 

nglon Nicholas Howes 


Patrick Lyons Mgcston Moccow JElena Moimonis Jacqueline Martin Patrick Mosi-Ptielps 

Ractiel Mosotta Jotin McCartliy Stiannon McCarthy Steven McCarttiy Myles McDonoughi Robert McGee Emily McGroil 

Molly McLaughlin Alison McNulty Michael McNulty Thomas McNulty KyleMenyheil Alexondei Meitz Michelle Milono 

Lucie Montgomery Nicole Moylan Brett Mulderry-Hotfei Fahad Munir Stephanie Murphy Erica Nagle 

Dylan Nanna 

66 Class Portraits 

%«^^' ♦' 

Heather Powers Lilian Priestley 

Uilos Rao 


68 Class Portraits 

Legislative Council 

The Legislative Council consists of elected members of the stu- 
dent body, faculty, and community, and meets twice a month to 
review and discuss important issues in the Student Handbook and 
WHS constitution. In May the council held a vote to rewrite the 
constitution's rule about class meetings, and throughout the year, 
it organized voter registration drives. The Student Advisory Board 
consists of the students from the Council. This year, the SAB or- 
ganized Social Awareness Month which, included Diversity Day, 
and worked with SADD to present a moving pre-prom assembly. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Hannah Park, Belle Cushing, Liz Arpino, Veeno Dronamroju, Laura Maloney, 
Erica Sweeney, Molly McLaughlin, RACK ROW (L-R): Marina Shkuratov, Michelle Beotty, Omar 
Hadzipasic, 6reg Thompson, Dan O'Connor, Nicole Campion, Rebecca McClellan, James Looney, 

ky, Shayan Salam 

Student Council's role is to encourage school spirit in the WHS 
community. The Council meets evenings to brainstorm and organize 
fun activities for the student body. This year Student Council suc- 
cessfully planned several events, including, the junior versus senior 
girls' football game, a pep rally which celebrated the varied achieve- 
ments of students, and the first ever "Fall Ball" semi-formal dance. 
In April, the Council hosted Spring Fling Week featuring Movie 
Night in the cafeteria courtyard and numerous dress-up days 
(see photos on pages 158-159.) Additionally, Student Council 
also arranged a Prom Prize Package Raffle. 

Student Council 

FRONT ROW (L'R) Domelle Stem Annie Qin, Mike Ventura, Arya Sharif zadeh, Mary O'Sullivan, 
Alanna Leahy; STANDING (L-R) Catherine Heier, Matt Springer, D,K, Law, Katie Carlin, Mark 
Chirokas, Julie Molloy, Katenna Dalavurak, Anokhee Mepani. Amy Bean, Ashley Riordan, Tim Lolly, 
Mrs, Rosengarten, Mrs Lawless, David VonEuw 
NOT SHOWN : Sarah DeAngelis, Kothryn Martin, Jill Greenberg, Mike Chirokas, Aityn Pestana, Tony Xia 



Senior Class Officers 

Dan O'Connor, President, Mark Chirokos, Vice President, 
David Baryudin, Treasurer, Megan Lally, Secretary 


Junior Class Officers 

Greg Thompson, President, Arya Sharif zadeh. Vice President, 
Sarah Chen, Treasurer, Danielle Damren, Secretary 

Class Officers 

Sean Broderick, President, Mike Chirokos, Vice President, 
Alisha Patel, Treasurer, Beverly Cheng, Secretary 

Freshman Class Officers 

Jake Indursky, President, Gene Robinson, Vice President, 
Anthony Antonellis, Treasurer, Anne Lolly, Secretory 

>>^'S \\ 


The Judicial Council consists of faculty and student members who 
review student appeals to disciplinary decisions. The Council listens 
to the student's case, considers the circumstances, and then makes 
a ruling. The decision needs a two-thirds majority vote. 

Judicial Council ^ 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Ms. Poreda, Nina Shapiro, Jake Kelly, Mr. Mcfeunagle, Ms, Felton BACk kOW 
(L-R): Brad Baldwin. Nick Citrone, Kyle Brew, Jessica Burns, Anna Whelan 

The Site Council's primary role is to discuss Westwood High School 
issues and to devise school improvement plans. The council consists 
of an elected body of students, teachers, parents, and community 
members who serve as an advisory group to the principal. 

Site Council 

(L-R); Ms. Parks, Ms. Roberts, Mr. Holthouse, Mr. Geary, Ms, Gates NOT PICTURED: Garima 
Siri, Alexandria Bartholemew, Tao Suo 

Government 71 

The Juggling Club was founded last year by Joshua Cheung and 
Matthew Werth. Members meet weekly to learn and polish jug- 
gling and Chinese yo-yo tricks. The club welcomes both expe- 
rienced and beginner yo-yo enthusiasts. This Spring Josh and 
Matt performed an awesome choreographed yo-yo routine, which 
included acrobatics and humor, at the Unity Day Assembly. 

Juggling Club V 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Stephen Zeng, Joshua Cheung, Ryan McCarthy BACK ROW: Jaquelme 
Martin, Matthew Werth, Mary McDonnell, Kelsey Thornton, Sam Boosalis 

72 Clubs 

il ^ 

Members of Academic Decathlon compete against teams from 
across the state, drawing on their knowledge of a wide range 
of topics from art and music, to history and science. In addi- 
tion to responding to standard test format questions, students 
compete in speech and interview categories. This year the WHS 
Academic Decathlon Team retained its position as best small 
school team in the state! The team came in third place in the 
Super Quiz, led by Hanna Cutler's perfect score. 

Academic Decathlon 

Ecolibrium is a community service club which works to help th^Bk 
environment. Members brainstorm and implement ideas to make 
the school's environment a healthier place and to educate school 
community members to be better global citizens. This year the 
group focused their efforts on raising awareness of issues. Clever 
posters and large-scale installations helped students understand 
the impact of their individual actions and consumption on the 

Drama Club provides multitudes of fun for its members as well 
as the spectators of its shows. In the fall, a student written 
comedy about a new kid in school poked fun at the high school 
experience. In the spring, members brought the "Kids on the 
Block" puppet shows to the preschool, the elementary schools, 
and Encounters with the Arts to teach kids about living with 

brama Club 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Jaquelme Martin, Danielle Damren. Elizabeth Hof f ey. Belle Cushing, 
Madeline Bugeau-Heartt. Anokhee Mepom BACK ROW: Ms. Kelsch, Hannah Hammond, Steven 
McCarthy, Mary McDonnell, Brian O'Connor, AJ Sadler, Rebecca McClellan 

The Ping Pong Club is an informal after school activity group. Stu-^ 
dents and faculty get together to develop their ping pong skills. 
The club hosts the popular annual Ping Pong Tournament at which 
spectators can expect to be dazzled by the talent and intensity 
of a showdown between Mr. Chatterton and. Mr. Houston. This 
year's overall tournament winner was Mr. Houston. 

Ping Pong Club V 

The Spanish Club meets weekly to celebrate aspects of Hispanic 
Culture. The members try cusine of Spanish-speaking cultures, 
watch and discuss Spanish movies, and keep pen-pals to learn 
about different cultures. This year Spanish Club had several 
group dinners, including outings to a Tapas Bar and to the res- 
taurant Acapulco's. ^^"^ 

Spanish Club >^ 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Mory O'Sullivan, Emily McGrail, Samantha Mulligan, Kathleen Harrington 
MIDDLE ROW: Ms. Testa, Gregory Goodfellow, Kristen Wissmar, Kristin Puopolo, Thomas Visconti, 
Christopher Joseph, Francesco Debenedictis BACK ROW: Jessica Burns, Melanie Zahka, Anne tally, 
Nicole Moylan, Erin O'Connor, Juliana Ucuz, Katherine Glover 

NOT SHOWN : Allison Ristamo, Alanna Leahy, Danielle Stein, Cindy O'Brien, Ashley Riordan, Erin 
King, Michelle Whelan, Alisha Patel 

The Say/Straight Alliance strives to create a more accepting ef 
ronment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender 
identity. This group works toward increasing the level of respect 
for diversity among students and in our community. 



^•v^i<i> .^^VJ'y ',^Vi 

a ■Jrt »li 

No Parenthesis is a literary and arts magazine, that allows WHS 
students to submit poems, essays, short stories, and visual art 
for publishing. During meetings the staff reviews and edits the 
work submited, prepares it for printing, and markets the fin- 
ished magazine in the school community. 

No Parenthesis 

(L-R): Mrs Brockman, Russell Gutterson, Af sheen Shor-ifzodeh, Loyal Sayegh, Katherine Planeta, 
Andrew Boylon, Jamie Doyle 

Two hours of Japanese culture rolled into every Friday afternoon! 
While snacking on popular Japanese treats such as pocky, club 
members watch a variety of anime including fantasy, comedy, and 
live-action movies. This year members also practiced drawing anime 
characters, took a field trip to Boston, and welcomed the Medfield 
Anime Club for visits. 

Anime Club 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Rachel Watsky, Sabrlna Farley. Jaqueline Martin, Kothryn Gilliland. Shannon 
McCarthy, Jason Demarinis, Hillary Hui MIDDLE ROW: Gorima Girl, /Alexander Ortloff , Kelsey 
Thornton, Martha Geary, Elisa Walsh, Brianna Botes, Sarah Muellers, Kimberly Muellers, 
Rebecca Radford, Mark Prokes BACK ROW: Lizzy Watsky, Lisa Majid, Too Guo, Morjorie Pan 
NOT SHOWN; Hillary Howarth, Emily Bailokis, Peter Campion 


The Peer Mediation leaders are a diverse group of 9-12th graders 
who were selected through an application and interview process. Stu- 
dents are trained in the mediation process so that they are able 
to work with their peers to resolve conflict and solve disputes in a 
confidential manner. Students also participate in the ADL's World 
of Difference Institute so that they may go into freshman dasses 
and provide training around anti-bullying, discrimination, and inclu- 
sive practices to positively impact school climate. 

Peer Mediators 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Chenelle Christian, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Colleen Zapcic, Amy Reynolds, Belle 
Cushing, Kelly Rich, Nina Shapiro, Barbara Beach: MIDDLE ROW: Kristen Farrell, Katerina Dalavurak, 
Samantha Detore, Sarah Dixon, Mark Chirokas, Corey Dello Russo, Jonah Ruddy, Jessica Johnson: LAST 
ROW: Dr. Brody, Patrick Singleton, Brian Gilman, Colin Davey, David VonEuw, Matthew Venti, Harry 
Clapsis, Ms. Chamberland: NOT SHOWN: Paul Hatfield, Jess LeSage, Austin Hall, Alanna Gallagher, 
James Berluti, Erin Murray, Jill Greenberg, Steven McCarthy, Barbara Beach, Nick Citrone 

We the People is a student-run political newspaper. Students 
from various grades write articles concerning current political 
issues at the local, national, and international level. This year We 
the People released four issues. 

We The Peopl< 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kristen Wissmar, Amy Bean, Melanie Hedal, Sam Boosalis BACK ROW: Alexander 
Becker, Matthew Werth, Tom Visconti, Daniel O'Connor, Greg Goodfellow, Julia Cane, Elizabeth 
Haffey, Sami Hamdan, Malachy Duffy 
NOT SHOWN: Ariel Bornstein 

Clubs 77 


^^'■-'i^ v^ ^^ 

^P Jazz Ensmble is open to all students interested in playing vari- 
ous instruments including; saxophone, guitar, and drums. The 
group plays a wide variety of music including: jazz, jazz-rock, 
and other popular styles. '07-'08 Jazz Ensemble members: 
Allison Lim, Malachy Duffy, Stephen Campion, Alison Campion, 
Will Lasher, Phil Azeredo, and Will Spear. 

This year Dance Team captains worked together to mix songs and 
choreograph dances which they then used in their routines. They 
performed at both boys and girls varsity basketball games during 
half-time, enjoying dance in a non-competitive, fun environment. 
Their goal this year was to promote school spirit while entertain- 
ing and doing what they love to do so much, which is dance. 

Dance Team ^ 

(L-R): Neggin Rostamnezhod. Molly Foster, Meagan Ryan, Sannc Huang 

78 Clubs 

Jazz Band is an extracurricular activity that meets one evening 
a week. Patricipation in this band is by audition. Students per- 
form jazz, rock, funk and other popular musical styles. The Jazz 
Band performed at all concerts, the All-Night Graduation Din- 
ner Dance at Mosley's in Dedham, MA. and at the Rotary Club. 

Jazz Bond ) 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kimberly Muellers. Brad Baldwin, Christopher Suiiivan-Trainor, Suhas Rao, 
Adnane Nguyen, Kris Brokke, Raeef Istfan BACK ROW: William Richardson, Alexander Teebagy, 
Thomas Weinreich, Jonathan Neimann, Tommy Coyle, Joseph Neimann, Alex Moin, Matthew Zola. 

The a capella group. Passing Notes, is a new addition to the long 
list of WHS extracurricular activities. They meet every Monday 
and Wednesday night. Throughout the year Passing Notes has per- 
formed at a number of events including singing the national an- 
them at home basketball games, and at Moseley's for the All Night 
Graduation Fundraiser Dinner. Passing Notes allows students who 
otherwise would not be able to be in a school chorus, showcase 
their abilities. 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Jillian London, Jamie Doyle, Andrea Munar, Kristen Emerson, Mia Cioncio- 
rulo, Rebecca McClellan, Nicole Campion, BACK ROW: Matthew Werth, Sam Boosalis, Elizabeth 
Haffey, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Mary McDonnell, Erica Nongeroni, Hannah Cohn, t^r. Jones 

Clubs 79 

If you are interested in chess and/or lollipops, Chess Club is the 
club for you! On Friday afternoons members meet to play and 
develop chess skills. Members compete with each other and with 
players from other schools. The best part about Chess Club is 
that there is no need for experience to join the group. 


Chess Club ^ 

(L-R): Afsheen Sharif zadeh, Sami Hamdan, Matt Werth, Tony Xia, Thomas McNulty. Omar 
Hadzipasic, Justin Lee 

The goals of debate team are to develop critical thinking and com- 
munication skills, and to develop the ability to construct effective 
arguments. The group meets Monday evenings to prepare for their 
y various competitions. 

Debate Team 

(L-R): Mr. Dolleman, Mike Venturo. Kevin Walsh, Lisa Caldwell NOT SHOWN: Mary Connors 


Westwood Ambassadors represent the WHS community and serve 
as role models to 8th graders and other new students. The Am- 
bassadors spent the year preparing next year's freshmen for the 
transition into high school. The members visted Thurston Middle 
School in February to help the incoming 8th graders with course 
selection. In June, the students gave the incoming 8th graders 
tours of the high school. WW Ambassadors also hosted a pizza 
party to welcome students who were new to WHS. 


^ Westwood Ambassadors 

FRONT (L-R): Katie Loiacono, Julione Nguyen, Abigail Holler, James Berluti, Patrick Maher. Jamie 
Doyle , Anokhee Mepani, Victoria Koutris, Yujin Hamill MIDDLE ROW: Ms. Bowe, Patrick Sleight, 
Victoria Lee, Allison Lim, Rebecca Morgan, Casey Smith, Myles McDonough, John Sleight, Cassandra 
Brooks, J.T Kelly, Angelica Belezos, Stephanie fireeley, Aaron Derderion, Shayan Salam BACK ROW: 
David VonEuw, Casey McLaughlin NOT SHOWN: Jamie Conner, Meghan Flaherty, Lambsy Hoang, Alley 
Kay, Wyn Moling, Marlel Moling, Sarah Matthews 


Students at Westwood High School tested their legal skills this 
year as lawyers and witnesses for the Mock Trials Team. After 
an intense few months of analyzing and discussing this year's civil 
case, students competed against other schools in front of a judge 
at Stoughton District Court. 

Mock Trials 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Arya Sharifzodeh, Brian Gilman, Anokee Mepani, Gary Novoson, Arya 
Palakurthi, Neggm Rostamnezhad, Marina Shkuratov BACK ROW: John Trakas, Nadeem Istfan, 
J.T. Kelly, Tony Xia, Afsheen Sharifzodeh, Justin Lee, John Massad. Alison Lim 
NOT SHOWN: George Balekjian, Amanda Ethridge, Hani Singer, Kyle Menyhert, Laura Anderson, 
Matthew Werth, Patrick Sleight 

' »^g3»fl^sff^»^jii«silii 

Westwood Wire is the school's newspaper. Student contnbu- ll^ 
tors choose what they wish to write about and complete their 
articles within the newspaper's deadlines. During meetings club 
members share story ideas and get help from other students 
and the teacher-advisors. This year, some of the article topics 
included sports, theater, and events around the school. 

Westwood Wire V 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Ms. Whelan, Steven McCarthy. Austin Hall, Kathryn Sillliland BACK ROW: 
Justin Lee. Nick Citrone. Jake Williams, Allison Lim. Modeline Bugeou-Heartt, Gene Robinson, A.J 
Sadler, Cam Harding NOT SHOWN : Mr, McGunagle, Afsheen Shanfzadeh 


The Science Team provides opportunities to participate in com- 
petitions and interact with students from other schools. Stu- 
dents demonstrate and build on their science knowledge through 
such challenges as building robots and cantilevered structures, 
and cultivating t)NA. 

Math Team is o fun club in which students hone their mathe- 
matics skills while competing against students from many other 
schools in the area. As of last year, Math Team is a division two 
team because of a great increase in membership. 

Science Team 

Math Team 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Jacky Martin. Kelsey Thornton, Suhas Rao. Tom Weinreich, Rachel Watsky, 
Sarima Gin, Lizzy Watsky, Katerina Dalavurak, Kim Muellers BACK ROW; Nick Ventolo, Gary Novoson, 
Omar Hadszipasic, Tony Xia, Krishna Vellesworapu, Raeef Istfan, Stephen Zeng, Kris Brakke, Alex 
Ortloff , Vincent Musto, John Cuozzo, Stephen Zeng 
NOT SHOWN: Ravi Velleswarapu, Elisa Walsh, Michael Morozov 

(L-R): fAanr\a Shkuratov, Jeannie Cheng, John Massed, Ravi Velleswarapu, Tom Weinreich, Kris 
Brakke, Krishna Velleswarapu 

NOT SHOWN: Raeef Istfan. JT Kelly. Allison Lim. Stephen Zeng. Adam Patterson. Victoria 
Lee, Veena Dronamraju 

82 Clubs 

Key Club promotes service throughout the Westwood High com- 
munity by encouraging members to complete at least thirty 
hours of service during the year. This year, members partici- 
pated in the Walk to Cure Diabetes, and, in December, gathered 
items to stuff "Stockings for Joy" for the Riverside Community 
Care Center. Key Club also organized the schoolwide Valentine's 
Day carnation drive to raise money for schools in India. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Belle Cushing, Danielle Damren, Alanno Gallagher, Christina Mealey, Cora 
Henderson, Michelle Shang, Stephen Zeng, Patrick Sleight, Caitlin Adamakis, Hannah Robinson, 
Nicole Lama BACK ROW^ Stephen Wright, Gene Robinson, Laura Teehan, Fodi Samaha, Michael 
Burton, Keelin Henderson, Caitlm Delorey, Julie Moloy, Erica Nangeroni. 


Step Team is all about beats and rhythm. The Step Team meets 
after school to choreograph routines to popular hip-hop and RAB 
songs. This year they crafted several routines and they per- 
formed for the school at Unity Day, and during the Spirit Week 
Fall Ball. 

Step Team 

(L-R): Marjorie Juste, Daquira Ingram, Chanelle Baker, Tabbytha Ferguson, Jacinto Calixte 



^i „ IS 

Clubs 83 

';• ?"' ■ *r->ft\'A', 

Best Buddies is a national organization designed to enhance the 
lives of those with intellectual disabilities by providing opportu- 
nities to form one-on-one friendships. In the Westwood chap- 
ter students are placed with a "buddy" from the TEC class, and 
together they do crafts, watch movies, or simply spend time 

Best Buddies i 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Kaitlin Vivian, Amie Hoffenreffer, Adorn Bioles BACK ROW: Daniel /Wjcht. Lisa Caldwell, 
Melanie Hedal, Gillian Hutt, Nicole Campion, Amanda Fobio, AAatt Donlan, AAary McQuade, Emily Kirsten, Kyle 
Rudman, Julio Kane, Tom W., Alison Poltnno, Lori Mc Ternan NOT SHOWN: Ari Senerchio, Meogon Ryan, Rachel 
Yuen, Mr, Lamothe, AAs Reardon, AAs, Kely, A^s. Dickey, Ms Borboso, Mrs McCue 

.(■■in mm 

SADD - Students Against Destructive Decisions worked through- 
out the year to inform and advise students about destructive de- 
cisions such as drunk driving. One of the highlights this year was 
"Grim Reaper Day" during which students were randomly chosen, 
had their faces painted white, and remained silent through the day 
to represent lives lost from drunk driving. SADD also co-sponsored 
a powerful and thought-provoking pre-prom assembly. 


(L-R): Cora Henderson, Caitlin Adamakis, Nicole Lonio, Keelm Henderson, Julie Moloy 

84 Clubs 


Bonjour! The French Club explores aspects of Francophone 
culture. Club activities include restaurant outings in which 
members speak French, watching French films, and listening to 
French music. 

French Club 

(L-R): Anokhee Mepani, Kathryn Aloisio, Nicole Campion, JT Kelly, Sammy Pease, Disha Sharma, 
Emma Krause, Penny Pease, Kristen Emerson, Ann Sheehan 

P cat 

Amnesty International is a group of concerned students dedi- 
cated to freeing prisoners of conscience, gaining fair trials for 
political prisoners, and ending human rights violations and hunger 

Amnesty International 

(L-R): Afsheen Sharifzadeh, Juliane Nguyen, Lindsey Burns, Elizabeth Birle, Adriane Nguyen, 

Elizabeth Haffey, Harry Clapsls, Sami Hamdan, Anokhee Mepani, Nina Zafar 

NOT SHOWN: Stephen Zeng, Jeanie Cheng. Rebecca Genitlii, Camille Rogers, Julia Kane 

Clubs 85 

Photography Club welcomes all those interested in photography 
- from the novice to the expert. Every week members are given 
a new photo assignment, then take pictures together or inde- 
pendently. The group provides a friendly environment in which 
to critique and share tips. This year Photo Club took a field trip 
to a nearby pond and compared the different ways each person 
saw and captured the same subject. 

Photography Club^ 

FRONT ROW (L-R): CiQnielle Stem, Amy Fnel, Christian Adams, Sabi Messina, Mr Mao, BACK 
ROW: Mike Sharry, Nikki Beuscher, Jamie Doyle, Josh Goldberg, Kevin Walsh, Sorah Muellers; 
NOT SHOWN: Vujin Hamill 

Jnity Club IS a club devoted to encouraging students to voice 
their opinions and concerns about cultural diversity. Members 
discuss ways that WHS can be better exposed to different cul- 
tures. Specifically, this year Unity Club sponsored Unity Day, a 
very successful event with Irish step dancing, Chinese juggling, 
singing, step dancing, and much more. (Check out images from 
Unity Day on Page 104.) 

Unity Club 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Sami Hamdan, Barbara Beach, Jessica Johnson, Ms. Goodloe BACK ROW: Jeannie 
Cheng. Nino Zafar, Tabbytha Ferguson, Sanna Huang. Chenelle Christian, Sarah Muellers, Dar- 
ren Fenty 

NOT SHOWN: Marjorie Juste, Kara Pierre-Charles. Michael Montrond. Victor Maccow, 
Shariden Batts, Tia Campbell, Alex Prieto, Juliana D'Aleo, and Cora Henderson 

The Robotics Team learns about robotics, experiments with 
creating functional robotic elements, and, ultimately, designs 
and builds a competitive robot. This year's competition at the 
BU Agannis Arena had robots racing around an oval track, while 
shooting, blocking, and pushing large 10 foot balls ahead of 
them. The Westwood Team's many months of working long hours 
in the Project Lab paid-of f when the team gave their best per- 
formance yet and made it to the semifinals! 


- ••«,• 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Krista McSinnis, Advisor Liza Parks; MIDDLE 
ROW; Klaudia Pogace, AU Schroeder, Bev Kwong, Ailyn Pestana, Julie 
Aoude, Rachael Tuleja, Maggie Emerson; BACK ROW: Belle Cushing, 
Molly Bonis, Jennifer Fronchi, Koyvon Touron, Abby Sayeg, Andrew Boy- 
Ion, Kotie Greenwood; NOT PICTURED: Hanno Cutler, Danielle Stein, 
Amy Bean, Meoghon Winn, Colleen Zopcic, Jessico Serson, Abbie Brown 

THANKS ALSO TO: Devon Zozo, Ryan McCorthy, Victoria Koutris, Joey Salami. Barbara Beach, 
Chris Pond, Sandy Brooks, AAaddy Walsh. Ari Senerchia. Steph Srcely; 


This year "Greens Years" had a challenging start. The previous year's 
yearbook had been produced by a design class, rather than an extra- 
curricular club, and it had won national awards! Yearbook '08 had big 
shoes to fill. Back to club status, and with no experienced members. 
Yearbook '08 slowly took root and, by spring, blossomed, thanks to a 
core crew of dedicated, creative, and organized students (and a well- 
Stocked pantry!) Maggie Emerson and Belle Cushing represented the 
graduating class well, putting in long hours at Yearbook Headquarters, 
and writing and delivering the yearbook dedication at Class Day. Juniors 
Abby Sayeg, Kayvon Touran, and Krista AAcGinnis contributed signifi- 
cantly to the creative and logistical work, and Freshman Ailyn Pestana 
magically kept the whole operation running. Of course the "Green Years" 
staffers are fond of green, but PINK - as in the color of a highlighted 
finished page - is what really makes them smile. 

Clubs 89 



Pli **"\ li 

■ M*^ 




k-- «K ^ 






National Honor Society is a prestigious 
group of students who ore admitted 
based on a minimum GPA requirement 
and an application process. The Class 
ot 2008 had seventy-six members, led 
by Mr. Geary and the elected otficers: 
President Belle Gushing, Vice President 
Morionno Sayeg, Treasurer Jill Green- 
berg, and Secretary Laura Moloney. 
The group helped at graduation and 
parent-teacher conferences, organized 
a blood drive and participated in a va- 
riety of other service projects in order to 
complete the required 55 hours ot ser- 
vice. Seventy-two juniors were inducted 
OS new members in May. The induction 
ceremony featured faculty speaker Mr. 
Jim Giurleo, as well as speeches on the 
four values of NHS: scholarship, leader- 
ship, character, and service, by Afsheen 
Sharifzodeh, Patrick Maher, Julio Kane, 
and Nicole Campion, respectively. 



Afsheen Sharifzadeh 




"One of the major criteria of 
scholarship is genius. By ge- 
nius, 1 do not nnean to denote 
the conventional definition of 
the term, which is an individ- 
ual with a high IQ. We are all 
geniuses if we pursue knowl- 
edge, and therefore truth, for 
fortitude and confidence." 

Julia Kane 

Patrick Malier 





"1 encourage each and every 
one of you to rise to the chal- 
lenges of leadership positions. 
You are all role models, and 
certainly have the skills to 
lead. Now is your call to go 
out and prove it. " 


"You develop strong charac- 
ter by emulating role models, 
having the courage to face 
failure and learn from it, con- 
stantly challenging yourself to 
improve, and trusting yourself 
to know what is right and then 
standing by your convictions." 

Nicole Campion 


"By being inducted into the 
National Honor Society, we 
ore presented with a great 
opportunity and challenge: 
let us unwrap our talents 
and let them shine, through 

Senior Members of National Honor Society FI^ONT ROW (L-R): Catherine Heier, Lexi Barzin, Melissa Mancini, Kristina Maimonis, Jessica 
Serson, Alena Chubet, Kristina Ortloff , Amy Reynolds, Belle Cushing, Liz Arpino, Joan O'Neill, Becca Patrick, Sean Rose SECOND ROW: Raeef 
Istfan, Dave Baryudin, Roland Zhou, Mike Lynch, Sean Srandfield, Kris Brakke, Jonah Ruddy, Mike Morozov, Ryan Martinez, Katie Gorman, 
Brent Giacchetto, Alexandar Ortloff, Rachel Watsky, Lizzy Watsky THIRD ROW; Nicola Beuscher, Kasey Planeta, Holly Mathaisel, Suhas Rao, 
Libby Dahl, Veena Dronamraju, Adriane Nguyen, Liz Birle, Charlotte Kenney, Kelly McCarthy, Greg Goodf ellow, Marianna Sayeg, Hanna Cutler, 
Chris Joseph FOURTH ROW; Garima Giri, Mark Chirokas, Corey Dello Russo, Ariana Senerchia, Christine McGrail, Alex Frank, Jill Greenberg, Matt 
Pruchniewski, Laura Moloney, Stephen Wright, Anna Whelan, Aly DeCamp, Jessica Geers, Meghan Flaherty, Alley Kay TOP ROW; Kim Muellers, 
Marjorie Pan, Elisa Walsh, Dan O'Connor, Matt Keaveny, Matt Springer, Eddie Perkins, Rich DiBenedetto, Paras Doshi, Tom Weinreich, Zack 
Hanrahan, Alexander Teebagy, Dan Keches, Brian Pender, Erin Massimi, Megan Lolly NOT SHOWN; Alexander Becker, Katerina Dalavurak, 
Maggie Emerson, Lindsay Weitzman 

NHS 91 




National Art Honor Society is a service organization of 
committed art students. Students who demonstrate excellence 
in art and a desire to give back to the community are invited by 
art faculty to join NAHS. Those who accept the invitation are 
inducted into NAHS in a ceremony in the spring. Members meet 
regularly after school to brainstorm and implement ways to pro- 
mote art appreciation, and ways to leverage their art-making 
skills to benefit the community. 


National ART 
Honor Society 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Ms. Lamb-Wanucha, Andrew Kusmin, Kate Aloisio, 
Jessica Johnson, Ce\er\Q Homsy, Krista McGinnis, Yujin Homill, Gabriella 
Messina, Molly Shea, Sreg Thompson, Kelly Rich, Katie Glover, Juli- 
anne Nguyen, Shiwei Pan SECOND ROW: Stephen Zeng, Brianna King, 
Jessica Burns, Michael Lannum, Meagan Ryan, Nick Ventola, Kathryn 
Martin, Betsy Groton, Amy Friel, Krishna Yelleswarapu, Caroline Ryan, 
Martha Geary 

} V 





/ ' r 


N - 


In April, National Art Honor Society 
hosted the 3rd annual Project Empty 
Bowls event to benefit the Greater 
Boston Food Bank. This was the first 
year that Empty Bowls was integrated 
with the annual Encounters with the 
Arts evening. Students, parents, and 
community members each donated $10 to 
support the good cause and join the fun. 
Guests gathered in Cafe West, chose one 
of the beautiful student-made ceramic bowls 
to take home, and were treated to make- 
your-own ice cream sundaes. NAHS students 
worked after school for months to prepare 
for the event - planning, creating decorations, 
and, most intensively, forming and glazing the 
hundreds of ceramic bowls. The turnout for 
the evening exceeded expectations and the 
National Art Honor Society was delighted to 
give the proceeds, over $1300, to the Greater 
Boston Food Bank. 






Clubs 93 





Encounters with the Arts is an annual 
showcase of students' work in the visual 
and performing arts. This year the Arts 
Wing was transformed into a gallery 
displaying works created in all dosses, 
from beginner to advanced. Students 
demonstrated art-making processes, 
like the potter's wheel and painting. 
Drama students performed short works 
in the Auditorium and Little Theater 
and music groups (both from classes 
and extracurricular clubs) performed 
a variety of pieces, from classical to 
contemporary. The addition of Project 
Empty Bowls to the Encounters event 
added lots of fun, and lots 

«. r-tiSSft^ 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Camille Rogers, William Richardaon, Tom Visconti, Chris Costonzo, Steve Wright, Maggie Emerson, Corey Dello Russo, 
Rich Dibenedetto, Kothryn Martin, Ryan Martinez, Jessica Geers, Ben Randolph: MIDDLE ROW: Brianna King, Michelle Grimaud, Jocky 
Martin, Julio Nogie, Liz Hoffey, Jillian London, Ari Dibenedetto. Nicole Campion, Russ Gutterson, Kristina Ortloff, Kara Wiggin, Danielle 
Stein, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, J.T. Keiley, Sabrina Farley: BACK ROW: Peter Campion, Kate Alosio, Aaron Derderian, Anokhee Mepani, 
Danielle Damren, Cian Smith, Meghan Flaherty, Mary McDonnell, Roisin O'Flaherty, Hanna Cutler, Alley Kay, Hannah Hammond, 
Aly DeCamp, Brian Molloy, Belle Gushing, Brian Molloy, Evan Rees, Erica Nagle, Ellen Kunkel, Becca McClellan, Aaron Kessler 

96 Medea 

W ^^^ m ^^^^r ^^^^^ ^^^ t rnme from the stage 

f ^^ m ^^^ ^^ . would describe what came ^^ ^^^^^3 

^^ „e Messenger. Jol"^ ^9^^^ „,on Mo OY^l ^^^^^ ^V^fl 

inflicted upon Glauke a , . ■K.^^^^H ^^V .A^ 

Medea 97 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Hannah Hammond, Russell Gutterson, Roisin O'Flaherty, AlexTeebagy, Anokhee Meponi, Abby Sayeg, Morionna Sayeg, Kris Brakke, Lexj Borzin, Eddie Perkins, 
Belle Gushing, Alex Ortloff, Aly DeCamp, Meghan Floherty, Teddy Groton, Hanna Cutler, Matt Keoveny, Alley <ay. Paras Doshi, Rich Dibenedetto, Corey Dello Russo, Evan Rou. 
Cidn Smith, Maggie Emerson, Ben Randolph, Kristina Maimonis, Chris Costanza, Chelsey Ristaino, Jonah Ruddy, Kristino Ortloft. Mark Chirokas, Tom Visconti, Suhos Rao, Raeef Istfon, 
Jaqui Morra, Kate Aloisio, Kim Muellers, Sarah Muellers: MIDDLE ROW: Ellen Kunkel, Nicole Campion, Amy Bean, Elise Blanchard, Elena Maimonis, Michelle Grimaud, Peter Campion, 
Julia Nagle, Kara Wiggin, Liz Hoffey, Mio Ciancarulo, Jamie Doyle, Kathryn Martin, Brian Molloy, Danielle Damren, Mary McDonnell, Hannah Cohn, Ari Dibenedetto, Jillian London, 
Andrea Munar, Laura Anderson, Evan Rees, Michaela Phelan. Aaron Dedarian, Alex Gunning, Kelsey Thornton: BACK ROW: Alex Moin, Tony Xia, Tommy Coyle, Omar Hadzipa- 
sic. Brad Baldwin, Kyle Brew, Kevin Boettger, Brianna King, Peter Campion, Kathryn Gilliland,Sarah DeAngelis, Mary Doyle, Elizabeth Teebagy, Alex Jackson, Jackie Henry, Cara 
Henderson, Olivia Cowley, Caitlin Delorey, Matt Harney, Allison Ristaino, Kyle Menyhert, Kristen Emerson, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt. A.J. Sadler, Danielle Stein, Charlotte Malin. Ani 
Derderian, J.T. Kelly, Andrea Winn, Aaron Kessler, Matt Levine, Nicole Lania, Caitlin Delorey, Sabrina Farley, Kathleen Lolly, Jacky Martin, Caitlin Ratferty, Eliza Kaplan 



"Once in the Highlands. ..two 
weary hunters lost their way." 
What they tound was the en- 
chanted village of Brigadoon. A 
town full of kilt wearing-Scottish 
accented singers and dancers 
all looking for love (naturally!) 
surrounded the heartwarming 
story of Tommy (Evan Rees) as he 
finds love and peace with Fiona 
(Belle Gushing.) While Tommy 
and Fiona were the center of 
the story, it was Jeff (Clan Smith) 

and Meg (Chelsey Ristaino) who kept the audience laughing all night long, and 
a tender song from Jeonie (Kristina Maimonis) about her joyful husband to be, 
Charlie (Brian Molloy) brought a smile to many audience members' faces. The 
show was a hit for all who saw it. The Dancers and Singers reminded us that the 
world can slow down and be wonderful if we take the time to core about eoch 
other. As the school teacher Mrs. Lundie (Hannah Hammond) told Tommy, "Tis 
the hardest thing in the world to give everythin'; even though 'tis usually the only 
way to get everythin'": a lesson well learned by all who got lost in Brigadoon. 

rif pil 



X /^ 






The much anticipated Sirls' Football 
game was a nighttime face-off between 
the junior girls, ready to score in cam- 
ouflage, and the seniors, rocking the 
pink and black. After a game filled with 
stellar coaching by boys' varsity play- 
ers, impressive plays executed by both 
sides, and enthusiastic team spirit, the 
seniors came out on top, retaining the 

-rflSBO^. ^ ^^ ^ 

WHS 101 


In November, Student Council 

sponsored the Fall Boll, the first 

semi-formal dance at WHS in many 

years. Cafe West was transformed 

into on elegant ballroom by red 

and gold balloons, streamers, paper 

leaves and lights. Students traded 

their usual tee-shirts and jeans for 

dresses and dress shirts and heated 

up the dance floor to the high-energy 

spins of DJ Dougie Fresh. 

102 WHS 


^^^^^bJi >r ^■^r^ 

1 ■ ' 

\ ^^r^Br^ 




m ^^^r ^^^^^^^^ 


m ^IT 




WkW\ M 

' inra^iiftiT'.v^i^ttiBQU' 


The Unity Club sponsored a 
celebration of the diverse 
backgrounds and talents of 
WHS students. Performers 
danced, juggled, sang, and 
played musical instruments 
from various cultures. The 
event included everything from 
a hip-hop performance that 
utilized steal drums to a mock 
fight presented by the juggling 
club that showcased gravity 
defying acrobatics and tradi- 
tional Chinese yo-yos. 

Unity Day 105 




Lauren HiKberg 
•^^My Jackson 

The Field Hockey team came out' 
strong and ready to ctiange thieir tiis- 
tory. The girls started the season 4-1-0 
with amazing wins over Bellingham, 
Sharon, Holliston, and Medway. As the 
season continued, they maintained 
their intensity and strong work ethic in 
practices and games. As a result, the 
team finished the regular season with 
an 8-3-7 record, and qualified for tour- 
nament - the first time in nearly a de- 
cade of WW field hockey history. The 
girls won their first tournament game, 
2-1, against Pembroke, and then trav- 
eled to the Cape to take on one of the 
top seeded teams, Harwich. Although 
Westwood lost the gome 1-0, it was on 
intense battle until the very end. The 
team played one of their best games 
and demonstrated the high level of 
skill and athleticism they developed 
over the course of the season. The 2007 
Westwood Girls' Field Hockey team, 
coached by Ms. Wilson, is one that will 
be remembered for its intensity, spirit, 
and athleticism. 

Westwood vs Hingham T 0-0 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 3-1 
Westwood vs Holliston W 1-0 
Westwood vs Sharon W 7-1 
Westwood vs Medway W 1-0 
Westwood vs Medfield L 0-3 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 0-2 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn T 1-1 
Westwood vs Ashland L 0-1 
Westwood vs Bellingham L 1-6 
Westwood vs Sharon W 7-0 
Westwood vs Holliston L 1-3 
Westwood vs Medway W 2-1 
Westwood vs Stoughton T 1-1 
Westwood vs Medfield W 1-0 

Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn L 0-1 
Westwood vs Ashland W 3-0 
Westwood vs Pembroke W 2-1 
Westwood vs Harwich L 0-1 

,4-. «»: 







3^ M^ 


Megan Lolly Mary Connors 

Senior Senior 





Fall Sports 107 







, -*j! 


Captains Connor Walsh and Sean 
Grandfield led the 07-08 football team 
to a 7-3 record and a tied finish for sec- 
ond in the Tri-Volley League. The Wol- 
verines started off the year with a 25-8 
win against out-of-league Austin Prep. 
In the next game they slipped with a 
6-7 loss to Ashland, but bounced back 
the next two weeks, with dominating 
20-0 wins against both Millis and Nor- 
ton. Then came the rival: Bellingham. 
With seven minutes left in the game, 
Bellingham was ahead 14-0, but the 
Wolverines rallied for 20 points to win 
the most emotional game of the sea- 
son. Westwood rode the wave of suc- 
cess with wins against Dover-Sherbom 
and Medway (with another come from 
behind victory, 15-1 2,) then came up 
short with a 14-7 loss in the highly an- 
ticipated Medfield gome. After this loss 
the Wolverines dropped another one 
in Hopkinton, going into double over- 
time. Finally, Westwood faced Holliston 
which was looking for the Thanksgiv- 
ing win to cinch the league title. But, 
the underdogs, Westwood, had other 
ideas. The Wolverine's 28-14 win made 
for a great Turkey day and an amazing 
way to end the season. 








FRONT ROW (L-R): David Decenzo, Anthony Antonellis. Brett Mulderry-Hoffer. Kevin 
Gavin, Bobby McGee, Will Snnith, Sam Cutler, Mike Hallion. Ctiarlie Audi. Vito Bruno 
BACK ROW: Mike Cicerone. Ctiris Molchan, Derek Tucceri. John McCarthy. Brett Egizi. 
Kyle Fedorow/icz, Kevin Power, Sheldon Noel, Kevin Liebrock. Mike Filbin. Sean Condrick. 
Sadiq Williamson, David VonEuw, Gene Robinson. Greg Keene. Brad Adams. Macston 
Maccow, Pal Walsh, Dylan Nanna 

108 Fall Sports 



Westwood vs Austin Prep W 25-8 
Westwood vs Ashland L 6-7 
Westwood vs Millis W 22-0 
Westwood vs Norton W 20-0 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 20-14 
Westwood vs C»S W 17-14 
Westwood vs Medway W 15-12 
Westwood vs Medfield L 14-7 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 25-28 
Westwood vs Holliston W 28-14 



Sean Grandfield 

Connor Walsh 




-r / 






FRONT ROW (L-R]: John Mocdonald, Jordan MacPherson, Brian Mcdonald, Peter Frangiadakis, Yuanwen Liang, Joe 
Pellegrini, Anthony Burden, Kevin Luo, Victor Maccow, Michael Montrond, Alex Contreras, Cody Sharpless, Casey 
Mclaughlin MIDDLE ROW: Kevin Liu, Chris Rodenbush, Wes Adams, Paul Pender, Chris Robertson, Tom McCauley, 
Peter Radonich, Roland Zhou, Danny Troy, Bryan Bart, Max Smith, Tom Ahearn, Tyler Schock, Keith Burrelle, George 
Georgaklis BACK ROW: Patrick Bowler, Cameron Gulczynski, Paul Hanley. Chris Adams, Brian Perkins, Matt Venti, Matt 
Harney, Vladimir Galiouk, Jack Cushman, J.J. Ahigian, Jim Filbin, Connor Walsh, Matt Springer, Sean Grandfield, Matt 
White, Jay Whalen, Graham Cutter, James Beriuti, Brian Morante, Matt Shanahan, Greg Niles, Ryan Bowler, Jake Ma- 
honey, Ralph Bruno, Russ Trovers, Brian O'Connor, Mike Fofaro, Ryan Walsh, Phill Walker, John Cuozzo, Eddie Perkins. 

Fall Sports 109 


Waddle Craig 
-^nna VVhelon 
l-fbby Oah» 


With a home pool for the first time 
in three years, adequate sleep 
(thanks to afternoon, rather than 
early morning practices,) many 
new members, and a lot of work, 
the girls' swim team achieved 
incredible success this season. 
Coach Sparks returned, bring- 
ing with her a fellow math de- 
partment member and fabulous 
coach, Mrs. Ferguson. With nine 
seniors leading the team, each 
member of the squad of over 
40 girls improved tremendously. 
The 200 medley relay of Chubet, 
Nanna, A. Shea, and Steeves 
placed 7th in States. By for the 
most memorable moment was o 
thrilling end to the season, when 
the girls won first place in the di- 
vision at conferences, walking 
away with the title of Southern 
Conference Champions. 


f tnilK 

Fall Sports 

% '*li0^v**|j| 




VARSny Team 


^ (^ 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Caroline Ryan, Melanie Zahka. Megan Porter, Annie Shea: Second Row 
(L-R); Eiin Curran. Jessica Burns, Amanda Diiulis, Ariel Bornstein. Kalelyn Keane, Nicole 
Chan, Kylie Blizzard, Kelley Steeves: Third Row (L-R): Juliane Nguyen, Sarah Cucchiaro, 
Beverly Cheng, Emma Krause, Krislen Emerson, Maddie Craig, Sarah DeAngelis, Penny 
Pease, Michelle Whelan, Kelly Donlon, Coach McGralh, Coach Ferguson: Fourth Row (L-R): 
Erin Mulhern, Erin Nanna, Molly Shea. Brooke Whalen, Abby Sayeg, Amy Bean, Andrea 
Munar, Olivia O'Leory: Back Row (L-R): Nikki Beuscher, Krislen Farrell. Ill Arpino. Joan 
O'Neill, Maura Curran, Anna Whelan, Alena Chubel, Libby Dahl, Jessica Kirkby 


• /■ 


Westwood vs Brockton W 100-85 
Westwood vs New Bedford W 102-65 
Westwood vs Attleboro W 94-86 
Westwood vs Seekonk L 90-94 
Westwood vs Milford L 77-107 
Westwood vs Bishop Stang L 75-102 
Westwood vs Notre Dame L 85-96 
Westwood vs Bishop Feehan L 85-98 
Westwood vs Apponequet W 101-83 
Westwood vs Durfee W 93-70 
Westwood vs Ursuline L 89-92 

Southern Conference Champions! 


Kristen Farrell 





Fall Sports 111 

i 1^ 

Laura Teehan 

^nna Koban 
Laura Brooks 


This year there were 1 2 new runners 
on the girls' cross country team 
roster, five of whom became var- 
sity athletes. New coach Jennifer 
Teahan led the team to a much 
improved record of 5-3. The team 
achieved several victories on the 
newly established course around 
Westwood High School. The most 
memorable meet for the girls was 
Medfield, with its heartbreaking 
"hospital hill", which climbs over 800 
meters. Tri-Valley-League all-star, 
Laura Teehan, placed 1 1th at the 
TVL meet and 31st at the Massa- 
chusetts State Meet. Laura Brooks 
placed in the top 100 in the Mas- 
sachusetts State Meet and was a 
consistent contributor to the team. 
The rest of the varsity girls, including 
Kim Pettit, Anno Ribas, Anna Ko- 
ban, Lauren Hall, Julia Kane, Kim 
Muellers and Sophie Karpf, were 
strong performers and helped the 
team throughout the season. 
As the members of the XC team 
grew stronger, they also grew clos- 
er together and created many 
common memories: pasta din- 
ners; dress up days; the camp-out 
where the pyramid was formed; 
singing on the bus; getting lost in 
the woods; and many more. 







1" " Jly<te 


'"' -' ' • 'll^il 


T^K wo 

112 Fall Sports 

Bv' ^ 




BACK ROW (L-R): Lauren Hall, All Schtoeder. Anna Ribas. Hilary Sugg. Caillin Pond. Laura Brooks, 
Cassie Devin. Janelle Argiros, Julia Kane, Kallileen Harrington. Hillary Hui, Anokhee Mepani. 
Cindy O'Brien, Sandy Brooks, Kim Pettit, Neggin Rostaninezliad: FRONT ROW (L-R): Yalda Ros 
tamnezhod, Gobi Messina, Yujin Hamill, Jackie Cooke, Sophie Karpt, Meglian Lawlor, Anna Ko- 
ban, Kim Muellers, Laura Teelian, Jamie Doyle, Christina Papianou. Steph Greeley. Lily Priestley 

\<- -• * Tf, 



Wa* I 




J »| 

'•' rf 

Westwood vs Bishop Stang W 46-17 
Westwood vs Holliston L 15-45 
Westwood vs Norton W 40-21 
Westwood vs Medfield L 18-45 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 19-42 
Westwood vs t).S. L 20-38 
Westwood vs Ashland W 50-15 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 50-15 





■•"■•'••i|»*;;;»»-»*. ■ 

■ '■■■Ill 



Fall Sports 113 


114 Fall Sports 


Westwood vs Bishop Stang W 45-15 
Westwood vs Hoi listen L 20-40 
Westwood vs Norton W 32-27 
Westwood vs Medfield L 23-40 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 25-30 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn w 10-0 
Westwood vs Ashland W 42-17 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 39-22 









Jonah Ruddy 

•*r' .^J 




^Bfik • vV^ 












Melissa Poche, Molly McLaughlin, Rachel Berluti, Rachel Masotta, Leigh 
Ronan, Stephanie Murphy, Erica Sweeney, Caitlin Delorey, Amanda 
Thonnas, Alex Jackson, Ellen Kunkel, Michelle Milano, Bev Kwong 

Elena DiMento, Victoria Laham, Jennifer Fronchi, Madeline Randolph, 
Bridget Norris, Jill O'Brien, Caitlyn Nesbitt, Tracy Shapiro, Melissa Haughn, 
Catherine Loftus, Denisa Ikonomi, Sam Sestito, Allison Ristaino, Samantha 
Mulligan, Shawna Caldwell 

ijBSR B 


16 Fall Sports 





Westwood vs Ashland L 0-3 
Westwood vs Medfield L 0-3 
Westwood vs Norton L 0-3 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 0-3 
Westwood vs Oliver Ames W 3-2 
Westwood vs Medway L 0-3 
Westwood vs Norfolk Aggie L 1-3 
Westwood vs Bellingham L 0-3 
Westwood vs Holliston L 0-3 
Westwood vs Millis L 1-3 
Westwood vs Ashland L 0-3 
Westwood vs Norfolk Aggie L 0-3 
Westwood vs Medfield L 1-3 
Westwood vs Norton W 3-2 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 0-3 
Westwood vs Oliver Ames W 3-3 
Westwood vs Medway L 0-3 
Westwood vs Bellingham L 1-3 
Westwood vs Holliston L 1-3 
Westwood vs Millis L 0-3 


.— .^' «L 








V 1 


/i^ ii^ 




,c SSJ 



C " ^ I 0»™" H Owniin A ♦J""™ L ^jiraini fcjimiio 

^^roiroir J 

FRONT ROW (l-R): Amanda Poche, Angelica Belezos, Amanda Sestito, Krista McGinnis, 
Julia Germane; BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Grey, Adriane Nguyen, Kristina Maimonis, 
Chelsey Ristaino, Paige Congdon, Layal Sayegh, Melissa MancinI, Sarah Pellegrini, 
Connaught O'Brien 

Fall Sports H7 






/»'ex Frank 4 
^inst/ne /McSra,/ 

The Westwood girls' varsity soc- 
cer team had a very successful 
season this year. They made it to 
the tournament for the second 
year in a row with two upsets 
against Hopkinton. The team 
was led by captain Alex Frank, 
and seniors Christine McGrail, 
Erin Mossimi and Jill Greenberg. 
Members of the team reflected 
that, without the leadership of 
the seniors, the team wouldn't 
hove been as successful as they 
were. It was a very memorable 
season for the wolverines and 
all of the seniors will be greatly 

N > 

JV2 Team 


km) ' 




?*f t f 

FRONT ROW (l-R): Erin McManus, Shannon Hogan SECOND ROW: Katrien VanWagenen, 
Christina Koutris, Maggie Barzin, Nicole Pettit, Hannah Robirison, Erin Young, Sierra Carrascc 
Erica Nagle BACK ROW: Tayla Allen, Alison Cannpion, Jessica Berry, Annemarie O' Flaherty, 
Alison McNulty, Leigha Valentine, Lauren Drew, Leah Schroeder, Jessica Donovan, Keelin 


PLAYERS: Elizabeth Abraham, Mariah Arnold, Kara Belinslcy, Claire Daniels, Carolyn 
Donovan, Elizabeth Elcock, Alanna Gallagher, Amanda Hoddad, Abigail Holler, Megan 
Isberg, Mary Laughna, Madeline Martin, Katherine McDonough, Emily McGrail, Courtney 
McLaughlin, Erica Nangeroni, Mary O'Sullivan, Nina Shapiro 

118 Fall Sports 










Westwood vs Ashland L 1-3 
Westwood vs Medfield T 0-0 
Westwood vs Norton W 3-0 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 1-0 
Westwood vs DS L 0-3 
Westwood vs Medway L 0-3 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 3-0 
Westwood vs Holliston L 0-2 
Westwood vs Millis T 0-0 
Westwood vs Ashland T 0-0 
Westwood vs Medfield W 2-1 
Westwood vs Norton W 3-1 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 2-1 
Westwood vs DS L 0-1 
Westwood vs Medway L 0-2 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 3-0 
Westwood vs Holliston W 2-0 
Westwood vs Millis L 1-2 
Westwood vs Medway L 0-1 

Victoria Koutris, Senior, & Alex Frank, Senior 






SH* — 

- ■< 



,^ ^ 







><r^ ■*' 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Corrinne Wells, Lindsay Weitzman, Katie Sullivan-Trainor, Misha Beatty, 
Christine McGrail, Alex Frank, Jill Greenberg, Lana Sharuk, Kelly Ricli, Janice Michaud: 
BACK ROW: Kelly Casey, Victoria Koutris, Anna Lentz, Sarati Matthews, Nicole Campion, 
Laura Maloney, Erin Massimi, Julie D'Aleo, Katie Aries 

Fall Sports 119 

^esse Wolfe 

oTnck O'Donne/l 

Pau' Massed 

Boys' varsity soccer enjoyed a 
memorable and fun season, 
though the record, scoreboards, 
and fan base didn't meet the 
team's hopes. The team started 
the season very strong, coming 
back to tie Ashland 1-1 with just 
minutes left in the gome. Unfortu- 
nately, that did not set the pace 
for the rest of the season. Captain 
Jesse Wolf spoke on behalf of the 
team to soy, "Being coached by 
Elodio Sanchez was a privilege and 
a pleasure. There are few coaches 
capable of keeping a team with 
our record smiling, but somehow, 
sometimes with the help of his two 
sons, he always managed. Great 
season and thank you coach! " 



• Tw- 

^1 r 

^ ' 






(ik 1 

Ij lAlSr 

Colin Arnpriester, James Conner, Eric Dalni, Nasuf Dizdari, Miclnoe! GalJaglner, Benjamin 
Closer, Matthew Hurley, Matthew Levine, Patrick Masi-Phelps, Michael McNulty, James 
O'Doherty, Shayan Solom, Molek Sayegh, Scott Skyowski, Shane Troy, Kevin Walsh, Cody 

f f I r^ ji-i f 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Matt Jessup. Brandon Tongsberg, Andrew Kusmin, Ryan Moguire, 
John Sleight, Joe Moher, Kyle Brew, Jimmy Looney: BACK ROW (L-R): Alan Boryudin, 
Mark Black, Michael Burton, Matty Zola, James O'Doherty, Chris Graves. Tommy Coyle, 
Mike Chirokas, Chris Sullivon-Trainor, Russell Gutterson, James Laughlin. Brad Baldwin, 
Coach Harrison 

120 Fall Sports 



Westwood vs Ashland T 1-1 
Westwood vs Medfield L 1-5 
Westwood vs Norton L 0-2 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 1-0 
Westwood vs Dover-sherborn L 0-5 
Westwood vs Medway T 0-0 
Westwood vs Bellingham L 0-2 
Westwood vs Holliston L 0-6 
Westwood vs Millis W 4-0 
Westwood vs Ashland T 1-1 
Westwood vs Medfield L 0-3 
Westwood vs Norton L 1-2 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 0-1 
Westwood vs Dover-sherborn L 1-5 
Westwood vs Medway L 1-2 
Westwood vs Bellingham L 0-2 
Westwood vs Holliston L 0-3 
Westwood vs Millis T 0-0 



Jesse Wolfe Zack Hanrahan 

Senior Senior 

















'.a-i*^"" I y 


FRONT ROW (L-R): John DeMovellan. Chris Pflanz, Rich DiBenedetto. Zack Hanrahan, 

Jesse Wolfe, Robby 

LaugWin, Tom Quinn, Jason Resho. Evan Rau, Mike Follen BACK ROW (L-R): Rob Vent 

jra, Jake Lupico, 

Omar Hodziposic, Ryan Martinez. Myles McDonough. Patrick O'Donnell. Ries McQuil 

an, Vincent Musto, 

Patrick Matter, James Strong. Paul Massed, Brad Baldwin 

Fall Sports 121 







Erica Boiv/by 
Katfe Slover 
^°"ra Anderson 


This was the third year of 
cheerleading at Westwood 
High School. As a relatively 
new team, the girls focused 
on learning and improving. 
The squad members reflected 
that they shared many laughs 
and jokes and will always re- 
member their cheer camp 
big brother, Big Dave, and 
their dance parties. This year 
the team participated in their 
first competition. They look 
forward to next season and 
working towards their goal of 
placing at competition. 

122 Fall Sports 


D.K. Law 

Matt Sawyer 

Jake Tuckc 

^' '^^ 

The Westwood golf team had 
another successful year this 
year, despite having lost five 
of last year's seniors. Led by se- 
nior captains DK Law and Jake 
Tucke and Coach Matthew 
Gillis, they finished the regular 
season at 13-5. Looking once 
again towards a run to the 
state title, they qualified for the 
state tournonnent through the 
South Sectional Championship. 
A disappointing finish at states 
was not enough to ruin an oth- 
erwise successful season. 




Golf Team 


VARSITY: Daniel Abbott, Alexander Arctiambo, Cam Jotinston, Alexander Kjellman, 
Justin Kucher, DK Law, Robinson Law, Joel Priestley, Matthiew Sawyer, William Scan- 
nell, Jacob Tucke, Kyle Tucke 

JV: Joshua Babbie, Neal Clay, Cameron Etctiings, Alexander Heier, Ryan Hurney, 
Mictieal Jacobs, Jotin Lolly, Ryan Mctioul, Michael Molchon, Michael Musto, John 
O'Brien, Luke Reynolds, Patrick Singleton, Jeremy Stivaletta, Fredrick Tonsberg, 
Joseph Williams, Albert Wisiaiko, Joseph Wisiaiko 


Jake Tucke 



Courtney McLaughlin Mike Follen 

Sophomore Senior 


*^'l<e Fallen 



The Westwood Ski Team had a successful season 
this year. The boys team beat Dover Sheborn to win 
the small school division of the Mass Bay Ski League 
East. Mike Follen, Brent Giachetto, Danny Troy, 
Chose Kerzel, and Shane Troy went to States this 
year. On the girls' team, freshmen Lucie Montgom- 
ery and Eliza Kaplan hod great seasons and scored 
points for the team. Sophomore captain Courtney 
McLaughlin represented Westwood at states. The 
ski team hod a lot of fun this year, whether they 
were practicing at Blue Hills or driving out to Shrews- 
bury for a race. They ore looking forward to a great 
season next year. 

Fall Sports 123 




"Joseph Neimann 

Matthew Keaveney 
Edward Perkins 



The Westwood Boys' Swim Team, 
came out with fire and determi- 
nation. After five previous win- 
less seasons, they l<new they had 
something to prove. Veteran se- 
nior captains Eddie Perl<ins, Joe 
Neimonn, and Matt Keaveney led 
the team to two glorious victories. 
The most memorable meet was 
against their rival: Milford. Going 
into the last race of the meet, the 
400-yard freestyle relay, Westwood 
was losing by a few points, and 
they needed 1st and 3rd to win. 
The A and B teams, anchored by 
captains Joe and Eddie, respec- 
tively, were able to claim 1st and 
3rd, and broke a five year losing 
streak. The whole team this year 
had intensity that hasn't existed in 
a long time. 

^ ^ t^' .^fl^MH 



p ^ 






5^1^^' ' 


124 Winter Sports 

FRONT ROW (L-R): SWIMMERS: Edward Perkins, Josepti Neimann, SECOND ROW: Joshua 
Cheung, Eric Dahl, Matthew Zola, Gregor/ Thompson THIRD ROW: Dylan Nanno. 
Christopher Anamateros, Matthew Keaveney, Jonathan Neimann, BACK ROW: Peter 
Campion, Chris Sullivan-Trainor, Scott Delisle 









^'>l Sreenbcrg 

'^'e^ Frank 

'^"'•a /Ma/oney 



After an extremely successful season 
last year, the seven returning seniors 
looked to repeat their dominance in 
the TVL, while extending their run in 
the post season. Christening the Riley 
Winter Classic with a Westwood win, 
the girls sought to moke their retiring 
coach proud all season. The task was 
made easier with Kanee Chlebda 
on the sidelines. In the state tourna- 
ment, the team avenged last year's 
early dismissal with two wins over 
Ashland and Dedham, before fall- 
ing to the eventual state champions. 
Archbishop Williams. The loss was not 
in vain, however, as senior Jill Green- 
berg scored her 1000th point in the 
defeat. One of the high points of the 
season was traveling to Medway to 
dominate the opponents after losing 
to them earlier in the season. This sea- 
son especially, Riles taught the team 
many important things: basketball is 
o gome of runs and we do in fact 
warm up at half time. Perhaps the 
most important lesson learned, how- 
ever, came from the age-old classic, 
"Mighty Ducks": "It's not worth win- 
ning if you can't win big." 



126 Winter Sports 


Jill Greenberg Paige Congdon Alex Frank 

Senior Senior Senior 


Winter Sports 127 






"""«" -Trovers <S 
jMark Ch/rokos 

John beMovelhn 

"Some peop/e want ;f to hap- 
pen, some wish if would hap- 
pen, others mal<e if happen" 
-Michael Jordan 

In their last basketball season 
at WHS, nine Wolverine seniors 
made it memorable. The Wol- 
verines, who many thought 
were down and out in mid- 
January, shocked everyone 
but themselves with on exciting 

They began the season 2-6, a 
stretch that included five losses 
in a row. Instead of folding at 
that point, the boys came to- 
gether, with help from their se- 
nior leadership. By the end of 
January the Wolverines were 
5-9. They needed to win five 
of six gomes to moke the state 
tournament. None of the nine 
seniors will forget D-S and Med- 
woy of home, the X-men, Senior 
Night, and winning five of six to 
advance to the state tourna- 
ment. The Wolverines made it 
happen and finished 10-10 to 
qualify for the tournament. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Nasuf Dizdari, Jamie Conner, Kevin Liebrocl<, Charlie Audi, Anthony 
Antonellis, Shayon Salam, Jal<e lndursl<y: BACK ROW (L-R); Milce Filbin, Joseph Leibson, 
Matt Jessup, David Von Euw, Vito Bruno, Macston Maccow, Coach Moher 



1.- J 




© « « '^ « , 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Hasan Davis, Michael Montrond, Victor Maccow, Malachy Duffy. 
Chandler Hall, John Sheehan, Anthony Burden: BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Sherr, Matt 
Powers, Joe Wisiaiko, Christian Heaney-Secord, Ian Wright, Patrick Bowler. Brad Cush- 
mon. Michael Chirokas, Coach Fialkov 

128 Winter Sports 

^ ••Wo 


TFtAl® (§@@(2)(pdl 

Westwood vs Ashland W 54-42 
Westwood vs Medfield L 61-69 
Westwood vs Norton W 59-53 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 48-52 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn L 48-57 
Westwood vs Medway L 38-48 
Westwood vs Bellingnam L 51-56 
Westwood vs Holliston L 65-54 
Westwood vs Millis W 57-56 
Westwood vs Ashland W 68-55 
Westwood vs Medfield W 38-61 
Westwood vs Fairhaven W 48-46 
Westwood vs Norton W 53-68 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 47-65 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn W 50-46 
Westwood vs Medway W 64-61 
Westwood vs Fairhaven W 48-37 
Westwood vs Bellingham L 39-47 
Westwood vs Holliston W 66-63 
Westwood vs Millis W 54-48 
Westwood vs Martha's Vineyard L 66-81 

Winter Sports 129 




Kris Brakke 

.f'^^ Ortloff ^ 
T^ommy coy/c 


The Boys' Indoor Track Team fi- 
nal record was 4-3 with narrow 
losses to Holliston and Medfield. 
The team's top point scorers 
were Kris Brakke, Tom Weinre- 
ich, Tommy Coyle, Ryan Mi- 
guire, and Stuart Leibson. 
Freshman Patrick O'Donnell 
made States in the Mile with a 
time of 4:54.05 

At States Tommy Coyle got sixth 
in the 1000 meter run, and the 
4x800 team also got sixth. 


'IT' \mm tk^m 

1 FIELD ^ 



TRACK 1 riFl 

rSn fBgS 



VARSITY: James Ahigian, Nels Brakke, Thomas Coyle, John Cuozzo, Richard DiBenedetto, Paras 
Doshi, Jamal Hill, Alexander Kjellman, Stuart Leibson, Yuanwen Liang, Kevin Luo, Ryan Moguire, 
John McDonald, Alexander Moin, Patrick O'Donnell, Alexandar Ortloff, Eric Peterson, Christopher 
Pond, Jonah Ruddy, Fodi Somaha, Kyle Tucke, Thomas Weinreich JV: Philip Azeredo, Andrew 
Boylan, Michael Burton, Stephen Campion, Ailton Carvalho, James Filbin. Cameron Harding, 
Nicholas Howes, Roeef Istfan, Matthew Koban, Ryan Martinez, Patrick Masi-Phelps, Casey 
McLaughin, Brett Mulderry-Hoffer, James O'Doherty, Benjamin Randolph, Luke Reynolds, Eugene 
Robinson, Michael Sharry, William Spear, Stephen Weinreich, Andrew Young, 

130 Winter Sports 





1 W '^kt^^im ^^■Hl^^- 



I ^^^ ^'^^l 


■. I Westwood vs Holliston W 26-60 
'*-' Westwood vs Norton W 47-39 

Westwood vs Bellingham W 69-17 
Westwood vs Millis W 55-31 
Westwood vs Ashland W 60-26 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 18-68 
Westwood vs Medfield W 40-46 

Kris Brakke Jonah Ruddy Alex Ortloff 

Senior Senior Senior 





p^viiivJ u 1 

wtWI^^^^ma^^^mM '^■'*^^ 



Winter Sports 131 



^egan Lally 
J-°" ^Q Brooks 

The winter season of 2007-2008 
was a great kick off to new Ineod 
coocln, Dick Sullivan's, Westwood 
career. Losing 70% of last year's 
scorers, Sullivan hod his work cut 
out for him. But with the help of 
distance coach, Jennifer Teahan 
,and throwing coach, Brian Sul- 
livan, the trio led the team to a 
4-3 record. At the Massachusetts 
State meet, senior captain Me- 
gan Lolly finished 7th in the 2 mile, 
junior captain Sarah Mathews 
finished 6th in the 600, and junior 
Laura Teehon placed 7th in the 
1000. The 4x4 team consisting of 
Misho Beatty, Anna Ribas, Me- 
gan Isberg, and Sarah Mathews, 
placed 2nd at the Massachusetts 
State meet, setting the school in- 
door record of 4:10.24. Sullivan's 
goal is to become state champi- 
ons in 4 years; however, with the 
success the girls have made, it 
looks like it may be sooner. 



t 1 






^fl ^ 





L V 

4 ■ 






iui*»o/ *"/".% • 

^^ \^ 

fSWit V^i 

T V^wd*' 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Sophie Karpf, Hannah Robinson, Meagan Isberg, Claire 
Daniels, Christina Koutris, Nina Shapiro, Laura Teehan, Megan Lally MIDDLE ROW 
(L-R): Caroline Donovan, Sarah Matthews, Coach Sullivan, Corrine Wells, Lauren 
Drew, Misha Beatty, Laura Brooks, Katherine Martin, Coach Teehan BACK ROW 
(L-R): Ali Schroeder, Annemarie O'Floherty, Anna Ribas, Janelle Argiros , Alison 
McNulty, Riley Cachelin, Marsha Groves, Alison Campion, Katerina Dolavurak 

)32 Winter Sports 







Misha Beatty 

Westwood vs Holliston L 25-61 
Westwood vs Norton W 64-22 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 47-39 
Westwood vs Millis W 60-25 
Westwood vs Ashland W 54-32 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 25-61 
Westwood vs Medfield L 36-50 

Corrine Wells 




r^ i ♦ 


*. -.tuX'- 





Winter Sports 133 

^ fici 



Lauren Hillberg 
Joan ONei// 

This year was the first year with 
out the old coaching staff 
(Coach Beaumont and Man- 
ny); it was a successful transi- 
tion. With several injuries and a 
few 'lost' players, the team did 
its best to stay alive. The girl un- 
expectedly beat Hingham after 
losing to them 10-2 the previous 
game, giving them their only 
loss of their perfect season. The 
team had a blast! Great job 








iSTWffl jtSTVo ,jsTWn, '^ i .... SfSTWO, V.SIWOm VV-j.^.^. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Rian Rossetti, Ariana Senerchia, Allison Murphy. Stephanie Michaud, Janice Michaud, 
Alanno Leahy, Justina Germane. Allison Lim: BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Mike, Coach Erine, Stephanie Murphy, 
Lauren Hall, Joan O'Neill, Lauren Hillberg, Maddie Martin, Julie D'Aleo, Audra Cabey, Coach Andrea 

134 Winter Sports 


C.J. Kenney (C) Joan O'Neill (C) Lauren Hall (A) Lauren Hillberg (A) 

Senior Senior Junior Junior 

Westwood vs Sandwich W 2-0 
Westwood vs Pembroke W 3-2 
Westwood vs Franklin L 3-6 
Westwood vs Canton L 0-5 
Westwood vs North Quincy W 3-1 
Westwood vs Hingham L 2-10 
Westwood vs Falmouth L 0-3 
Westwood vs Duxbury L 0-5 
Westwood vs Boston Latin L 2-3 
Westwood vs Medfield W 5-1 
Westwood vs North Quincy W 5-4 
Westwood vs Medfield W 6-1 
Westwood vs Pembroke L 0-7 
Westwood vs Franklin L 2-8 
Westwood vs Canton L 3-8 
Westwood vs Hingham W 3-1 
Westwood vs Boston Latin L 3-4 
Westwood vs Marshfield W 6-2 
Westwood vs Barnstable L 2-3 




^ .•'»'• 

^o^ Pruchniewski 
Stephen Wright 


With a strong core of seniors and 
some young talent, Inopes were 
Inigh before fine season had even 
started. Battling back after the 
Bourne Tournament, the team 
earned head coach Mike Welby 
his 100th win with the team. With 
a win against Medfield, the team 
qualified for playoffs for the 25th 
consecutive year, the longest 
streak in Eastern Massachusetts. 
Battling injuries throughout the 
year, the team finished the regu- 
lar season at 1 2-4-4, for 2nd place 
in the TVL. The Wolverines defeat- 
ed Cohasset, Somerset, and Silver 
Lake (OT) in the playoffs to land 
themselves in the South Sectional 
Finals. Here whs fell 5-3 to Scitu- 
ote, who would move on to the 
State Championship. 


Brett Adams, Josh Bobbin, Sean Condrick, Michael Foxx, Micheoi Gollogher, Ryon 
Honlon, Louis Jacobs, Michael Jacobs, Matt Kenney, Chris Molchan, Mike Molchon, 
Steven O'Leary, Kevin Pov^er, Michael Raskin, Mason Show, William Smith, Michael 
Ventura, Kevin Walsh, Joseph Williams, Rob Ventura 

136 Winter Sports 




f B ' ' 




T ii 







fim [^@(§(2)(pdl 

Westwood vs East Boston W 8-1 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 5-0 
Westwood vs Holliston W 5-5 
Westwood vs Medway L 0-4 
Westwood vs Bourne L 1-5 
Westwood vs Blue Hills L 1-4 
Westwood vs Medfield W 5-1 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 6-2 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn T 1-1 
Westwood vs Bourne W 5-3 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 8-3 
Westwood vs Ashland T 2-2 
Westwood vs Holliston W 4-0 
Westwood vs Medway T 4-4 
Westwood vs Medfield W 4-0 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 2-1 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn L 1-2 
Westwood vs Ashland T 5-5 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn W 3-0 
Westwood vs Weston W 4-2 
Westwood vs Cohasset W 8-3 
Westwood vs Silver lake W 5-4 
Westwood vs Scituate L 3-5 



Andy Musto Dan Keches Perry Treon 














Winter Sports 137 

i??ik''iji^y;v;"»i<.ii>;^;--'. ■■...i 

Torn VVc/nre/ch 

The Boys' Track Team's final record 
was 5-3 with a narrow loss to Medfield. 
Many people nnade States this season, 
including freshmen Patrick O'Donnell, 
and Michael Hallion, juniors Tommy 
Coyle, Alex Kjellman, Stuart Leibson, 
John Cuzzo, Mike Fafara, Jim Filbin, 
Chris Pond, and Brian O'Connor, 
and Seniors Tom Weinreich and Kris 
Brakke. Tom Weinreich placed sixth 
in the 1 10 High Hurdles, Tommy Coyle 
placed sixth in the 800 run and Stuart 
Leibson placed sixth in the high jump. 
The 4x800 team consisting of Senior 
Kris Brakke, Juniors Tommy Coyle and 
Brendan Leahy and Sophomore John 
McDonald, placed third and made 
, All-States. 



Tom Weinreich 

-i ^mff! 


138 Spring Sports 









TtnKi (§@@(2)P(al 

Westwood vs Millis w 86-45 
Westwood vs Ashland w 190-27 
Westwood vs Medfield I 66-70 
Westwood vs Oover-Sherborn w 82-54 
Westwood vs Hopkinton I 44-91 
Westwood vs Medway w 78-58 
Westwood vs Bellingham w 91-45 
Westwood vs Holliston I 57-79 
Westwood vs Norton w 90-53 


Daniel Abbot, James Ahigian, Colin Ampriester, Philip 
Azeredo, Mark Block, Patrick Bowler, Ryan Bowler, 
Andrew Boylan, Kris Brokke, Kyle Brew, Seon Broderick, 
Michael Burton, Ailton Carvalho, Mark Chirokas, Thomas 
Coyle, John Cuozzo, John Cushman, Richard DiBene- 
detto, Nasuf Dizdori, Para Doshi, Malachy Duffy, Michael 
Fafara, Kyle Fedorowicz, James Filbin, Robert Foxx, 
Cameron Gulczynski, Omar Hadzipasic, Michael Hallion, 
Paul Hanley, Cameron Harding, Nicholas Howes, Roeef 
Istfan, Matthew Kenney, Alex Kjellman, Brendan Leahy, 
Joe Leibson, Stuart Leibson, Yuonwen Liang, James 
Looney, Kevin Luo, Michael Lynch, Ryan Martinez, John 
McDonald, Alex Moin, Vincent Musto, Dylan Nanna, Brian 
O'Connor, James O'Doherty, Patrick O'Donnell, Steven 
O'Leory, Alex Ortloff, Edward Perkins, Eric Peterson, Chris 
Pflonz, Chris Pond, Peter Rodonich, Ben Randolph, Chris 
Robertson, Gene Robinson, Jonah Rudy, Shoyan Salam, 
Fadi Samaha, Patrick Sleight, Dylan Terry, John Trakas, 
Kyle Tucke, Robert Ventura, Phillip Walker, Stephen 
Weinreich, Tom Weinreich, Cody Whalen, Andrew Young, 
Matthew Zola. 


; mm 







Spring Sports 139 


Kathryn Martin 
t'«2abeth Birle 
'^•colc Camp/on 


With 120 girls, the outdoor Girls' 
Track Team improved greatly 
from last year, with a record of 5-4, 
In scorching heat, or rainy weath- 
er, the girls were always outside 
practicing. The team achieved 
a substantial amount of success 
throughout the season, and had 
a great turn out at the Massachu- 
setts State Meet. TVL-AII-Star, Lau- 
ra Teehan, placed 3rd in the 400 
and TVL-AII-Star Kathryn Martin 
placed 2nd in the mile. Freshman 
Taylo Allen placed 4th in the 100 
meter dash and Freshman Nicky 
Pettit placed 5th in the 2 mile. 
The 4x8 team of Nicole Campion, 
Laura Teehan, Julie Moloy, and 
Kathryn Martin also placed 5th. 
There were many memorable 
meets throughout the season. 
There were a lot of fun times on 
the three busses that carried the 
large group of girls to the meets. 
Whether is be singing music, or 
flirting with guys from other towns, 
the girls were always having fun. 




Elizabeth Abraham, Caitlin Adamakis, Koitlin Aries, Neho Basu, Brianna Bates, Amy Bean, 
Maya Bechara, Laura Brooks, Nicole Cachelin, Shawna Caldwell, Sierra Carrosco, Olivia 
Cawley, Beverly Cheng, Jacqueline Cooke, Katerina Dalavurak, Sarah DeAngelis, Francesco 
Debenedictis, Cassandra Devin, Kelly Donlon, Carolyn Donovan, Jessica Donovan, Jamie 
Doyle, Sabrina Farley, Michelle Forrell, Molly Foster, Alanna Gallagher, Alessondro Giugliano, 
Michelle Grimaud, Elizabeth Groton, Marsha Groves, Amanda Haddad, Elizabeth Hoffey, 
Lauren Hall, Kathleen Harrington, Keelin Henderson, Abigail Holler, Julia Kane, Rochael Keat- 
ing, Anna Kobon, Emma Krous, Ellen Kunkel, Kathleen Lolly, Nicole Lania, Meghan Lov^lor, 
Elena Moimonis, Shannon McCarthy, Erin McManus, Alison McNulty, Theresa McWotters, 
Christina Mealey, Gobriella Messina, Michelle Milano, Jacqueline Morro, Paige Moscow, 
Kimberly Muellers, Sarah Muellers, Erin Mulhern, Somantha Mulligan, Erica Nogle, Andrianna 
Orphanos, Christina Popianou, Alisha Potel, Nicole Pettit, Caitlin Pond, Olivia Powers, Annie 
Qin, Madeline Randolph, Madison Rou, Ashley Riordan, Leigh Ronan, Neggin Rostamnezhad, 
Yalda Rostamnezhad, Allison Ryan, Caroline Ryan, All Schroeder, Leah Schroeder, Lono 
Sharuk, Molly Shea, Rachel Stanke, Hilary Sugg, Stephanie Sukennik, Katrien VanWogenen, 
Madeline Walsh, Brooke Whalen, Kara Wiggin, Andrea Winn, Meaghon Winn 

140 Spring Sports 

ft^«»,' "•^•'' 







Elizabeth Birle 


Westwood vs Millis L 66-71 
Westwood vs Ashland W 80-56 
Westwood vs Medfield L 42-94 
Westwood vs Dovcr-Sherborn W 80-56 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 55-81 
Westwood vs Medway W 69-67 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 94-42 
Westwood vs Holliston L 55-76 
Westwood vs Norton L 66-70 

Victoria Koutris Kristina Maimonis 

Senior Senior 




rr 1 




^J Kenney 
«^"' Sreenberg 




. >V ^^ "^^^^^^^^^^Hk 


Each year the Softball team 
has become stronger and has 
gone futher in tournament, and 
this year was no different. The 
team started off the season 
with a first game win and con- 
tinued on to win more games. 
A lot of the gomes were close, 
but in the end the Wolverines 
always come out on top. In the 
middle of the season Westwood 
reached its goal and made it to 
tournament yet again. The team 
had some forks in the road, but 
played their hearts out until the 
end, which was the first round 
tournament gome against Old 
Rochester. The team vows that 
next year's tournament will be a 
different story! 





■ /^. 1 

1 1 -^^''^ -^t 

1 eM 

)R VARSITY Team | 

% ■, \\>Ji^ 

V '\. 

, , ■ '. ' \ ' . <- 

«aip»-.^,^w ''4 

iv- ^ »^ 

^—SlBi— — ^ 


1 1 \^^ 


jf v^il^ 






^^— — — —i»-.— ■lla.^Jt.MWll 11 *• ' -a.. ...^ ■'. !•■■■»<■&_ 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Mariah Arnold, Lauren Hillberg, Jill Greenberg. Christine McGroN. 
Chelsey Ristaino, Kelly McCarthy, C.J. Kenney BACK ROW (L-R); Coach K. Vogelgesang. 
Coach C. Vogelgesang, Rian Rossetti, Julie D'Aleo, Arionno DiBenedetto, Catherine 
Loftus, Katie O'Brien, Sam Sestito, Manager Ben Blake, Coach Dillon 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Megan Porter, Cate Nesbit, Samantha Sestlto, Colleen Laughter, 
Amanda Diiulis, Leigha Valentine; BACK ROW (l-R): Coach Felton, Rachel Masotfa, 
Justina Germane, Mariah Hurley, Emma Ward, Stephanie Murphy, Erin Curran, Katie 
Loiacono, Coach Sherr 

142 Spring Sports 



TIa1@ (§@(§®[pd 

Westwood vs Needham W 17-1 
Westwood vs Bellingham L 5-11 
Westwood vs Ashland L 0-7 
Westwood vs Dedham W 9-4 
Westwood vs Medfield W 8-1 
Westwood vs Norton W 7-0 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 0-7 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn W 19-0 
Westwood vs Medway W 6-4 
Westwood vs Millis W 3-1 
Westwood vs Holliston L 0-4 
Westwood vs -Ashland L 1-6 
Westwood vs Medfield W 11-1 
Westwood vs Norton W 1-0 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn W 16-3 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 4-5 
Westwood vs Medway L 2-6 
Westwood vs Bellingham L 2-11 
Westwood vs Holliston W 4-0 
Westwood vs Millis W 14-1 

L*j • j. \r ji-:f>; V'i 





Sfian Morante 

^°nnor VVa/sh and 
^0" SrandfJeld 

The '08 baseball season has been the 
one that people have been waiting for. 
There were high expecxtations in the 
beginning of the year and talk of the 
playoffs. The team started off with a 
slow start but piclced it up later in the 
season. The Wolveines' wins against 
Medfield, Dover-Sherborn, and Belling- 
hom ore some highlights of the season. 
The team finished 3rd in the Tri-Valley- 
League with a record of 12-8 heading 
into the playoffs. The first playoff gome 
was of home aginst Cardinal Spellmon 
where the Wolverines won convincingly 
5-0. Their next victory against Cohas- 
set advanced them to face Norton. 
The game was a battle until the end, 
but the Wolvernies came on top. Then 
Marian tried to test the Wolverines and 
ended up getting rolled over with a win 
1 5-2. The Wolverines made it all the way 
to the State Championship only to de- 
molish Frontier Regional HS, 12-6. 







i \ 


#1 iti^m 


m mti <^ imx ' 

FRONT ROW (l-R): Kevin Powers, Michael Gallagher, Kevin Gavin, Chris Treon, Will Smith, 
Brett Egizi, Bobby McGee, Jal<e Indursky, Josh Bobbin BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Koczenski, 
Stephen Wright, Alex Heier, A.J. Sadler, John McCarthy, Macston Maccow, Derek Tuc- 
ceri, David DeCenzo, Jamie Conner, Brett Mulderry-Hoeffer, Coach McGunogle 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Mike Molchan, Matt Venti, Mike Chirokas, Peter Frangladakls. Mike Foxx. 
Ryan McHoul, Paul Pender, Tommy Ahem: BACK ROW (L-R): Coach Fox, Brian Gilmon, 
Steven Calobrisi, Brendan Crowe, Jon Mellor, Matt O'Donnell, Luke Reynolds, Jonathan 
Neimann, Will Scannell, Coach West 

144 Spring Sports 


i <® 



Connor Walsh 

Andy Musto Sean Grondfield 

Senior Senior 









^^H. ' 




Westwood vs Bellingham L 4-7 
Westwood vs Ashland W 3-2 
Westwood vs Mcdfield W 9-3 
Westwood vs Norton L 5-10 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 3-8 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn W 9-8 
Westwood vs Medway W 23-6 
Westwood vs Weymouth L 3-5 
Westwood vs Mashpee L 3-6 
Westwood vs Millis W 4-1 
Westwood vs Ashland L 5-11 
Westwood vs Holliston L 7-3 
Westwood vs Medfield W 11-10 
Westwood vs Dover-sherborn L 1-3 
Westwood vs Medway W 8-3 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 6-1 
Westwood vs Holliston W 10-8 
Westwood vs Millis W 9-2 
Westwood vs Cardinal Spellman W 5-0 
Westwood vs Cohasset W 15-9 
Westwood vs Norton W 7-6 
Westwood vs Marian W 15-2 
Westwood vs Tyngsboro W 10-0 
Westwood vs Frontier Regional W 12-6 

' '4 




/^S ^ 

'^^y Who/en and 
*^Qn White 

^°tt Shanahan 

Westwood Wolverines Boys' La- 
crosse, led by new coach Dave 
Evans, went 10-10 this season 
and clinched playoffs for the 
first time in eight years. They 
made it to the second round. 









n^ic, -.a A a. a <?> 










FRONT ROW (L-R): Graham Garner, Anthony Antonellis, Jake Lupico, Patrick Singleton, 
Sean Condricl<, Eric Dahljames Curtin.Ctiorlie Audi BACK ROW: Sheldon Noel, Patrick 
Walsh, Joel Priestly, Patrick Masi-Phelps, Shane Troy, Jack O'Brien, Davieson Annis, Mat- 
thew Farren, Wesley Adams, Hadi Audi, Kevin Liebrock, Dave Von Euw NOT PICTURED: 
William Lasher, Mason Shaw, Vito Bruno, Samuel Cutler 

PLAYERS: Christopher Adams, James Beriuti, Michael Filbin, Matthew Follen, Michael Pol- 
len, Ryan Hanlon, Matthew Hurley, James Laughlin, Jordan MacPherson, Patrick Maher. 
James Mahoney, Paul Massed, Ries McQuillan, Michael Musto, Joseph Pellegrini, Thomas 
Quinn, Christopher Rodenbush, Matthew Shanahan, Michael Sharry, John Sleight. 
Matthew Springer, Brandon Tonsberg, Frederick Tonsberg, Daniel Troy, Thomas Visconti, 
James Whalen, Matthew White, Joseph Williams 

1 46 Spring Sports 

Jay Whalen Matt White 

Senior Senior 

Westwood vs Bellingham W 13-1 
Westwood vs Barnstable L 4-11 
Westwood vs Holliston L 6-7 
Westwood vs Medway W 9-4 
Westwood vs Norwel L 4-5 
Westwood vs Medfield L 3-10 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 6-10 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn L 2-9 
Westwood vs Ashland W 14-0 
Westwood vs Bellingham W 14-1 
Westwood vs Sharon W 11-2 
Westwood vs Holliston W 7-6 
Westwood vs Medway W 13-4 
Westwood vs Medfie d L 3-15 
Westwood vs Hull W 14-1 
Westwood vs Hopkinton L 8-10 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn L 2-7 
Westwood vs Abington W 9-4 
Westwood vs Ashland W 12-4 
Westwood vs Brookline L 3-7 



T^^S^SHH •"•»«i«»M» ■•laiffM'ff." **''• ^ 


-f a 






)tA11 ^IHlAi 

^'^^ Frank and 
tnn /Massimi 

Joan ONeili 

Led by captains Alex Frank, Erin 
Massimi, and Joan O'Neill, and 
seniors Megan Lolly and Jess LeS- 
oge, the girls tiad on amazing 
season! Ttieir greatest acconn- 
plishinnent was beating Franning- 
hann, ttie previous state chiamps, 
in the state semi- finals and then 
going on to defeat Longmead- 
ow in the state championship. 
The skill, determination, and 
hard-work that the team is know 
for paid off! 






^em ^51 

I i f 

f?r w^' ^ 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Katie Ginsberg, Meg Irvine, Christa Demovellan. Sarah Cucchiara, 
Mia Augis, Maddie Martin, Emily McGroil, Casey Snnitli: BACK ROW (L-R): Erin Young, 
Kara Belinsky, Rachel Berluti, Shannon Hogan, Nina Shapiro, Allison Campion, Elizabeth 
Elcocic, Ani Derderian, Anne Lolly, Molly McLaughlin, Katelyn Keane, Mary O'Sullivan, 
Coach Troiano 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Paige Congdon. Megan Lolly, Joan O'Neill, Alex Frank, Erin Massimi, 
Jess LeSoge, Marianna Soyeg, : MIDDLE ROW: Sarah Matthews, Mary Laughna, Anna 
Lentz, Abbie Brown, Katie Sullivan-Troinor,: BACK ROW: Riley Cachelin, Kelly Casey. 
Kotherine McDonough, Erica Nangeroni, Kelly Rich, Kerri Harrington, Michelle Beatty. 
Courtney McLaughlin 

1 48 Spring Sports 



I 1^ .i 


\ ^1 




Westwood vs Duxbury W 19-5 
Westwood vs Holliston W 20-5 
Westwood vs Medfield W 19-5 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 16-5 
Westwood vs Longmeadow W 14-5 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn W 18-0 
Westwood vs Ashland W 16-4 
Westwood vs Framingham T 15-15 
Westwood vs Needhom W 19-9 
Westwood vs Medway W 21-4 
Westwood vs Holliston W 16-3 
Westwood vs Norweil W 20-1 
Westwood vs Medway W 20-7 
Westwood vs Medfield W 17-2 
Westwood vs Norweil W 16-7 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 20-7 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn W 17-1 
Westwood vs. Duxbury W 19-10 
Westwood vs AsMand W 16-5 
Westwood vs Winchester W 20-6 
Westwood vs Falmouth W 19-3 
Westwood vs Wellesley W 17-8 
Westwood vs Needham W 16-6 
Westwood vs Framingham W 13-11 
Westwood vs Longmedow W 10-7 



'♦SaSE- •»•' SSSSi 

Alex Frank 

Joan O'Neill 

Erin Massimi 



p. »«-, 

\z. r- 




^ '^- 

Spring Sports 1 49 


^°" O'Connor 
<^«"'«y De/lo ftusso 

Led by captains Corey Dello 
Russo, Daniel O'Connor and 
DK Law, the Westwood Varsity 
Boys' Tennis Team finished the 
regular season at 15-3, with the 
team's only losses coming from 
TVL rivals Dover-Sherborn and 
Medfield. In tourney the team 
triumphed over Westport in the 
first round and lost in the south 
semi final to the number one 
seed Cape Cod Academy. 






9 ' 





(L-R): Coach Donovan, David Gerson, Hani Singer, Believe Opara, Gary Novoson, 
Krishna Yelleswarapu, Ravi Yelleswarapu, Josh Goldberg, Matthew Jessup, Tommy Hl 
Daniel Akikie, Kevin Walsh, Nadeem Istfan, James Strong 




u Ik 

BACK ROW (L-R): Robert law, Tony Xia, Matt Koban, Arya Sharifzedeh, Teddy Groton. 
Matthew Sawyer, Paul Fitzpotrick, Christian Heoney-Secord, James Johnston, Mathew 
Keaveney: FRONT ROW (L-R): Brad Baldwin, Matt Levine, Dan O'Connor, Duncan "D.K.' 
Low, Corey Dello-Russo, Alexander Archambo, Afsheen Sharifzedeh 

150 Spring Sports 





D.K. Law Dan O'Connor Corey Dello Russo 

Senior Senior Senior 

Second Singles First Doubles First Doubles 

Westwood vs Ashland W 4-1 
Westwood vs Medfield W 5-0 
Westwood vs Norton W 3-2 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 4-1 
Westwood vs t^over-Sherborn L 1-4 
Westwood vs Medway W 5-0 
Westwood vs Millis W 4-1 
Westwood vs Holliston W 5-0 
Westwood vs Medfield L 2-3 
Westwood vs Norton W 3-2 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn L 2-3 
Westwood vs Ashland W 4-1 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 3-2 
Westwood vs Medway W 3-2 
Westwood vs Holliston W 5-0 
Westwood vs Millis W 5-0 
Westwood vs Xaverian W 4-1 
Westwood vs Xaverian W 3-2 
Westwood vs Westport W 5-0 
Westwood vs Cape Cod Academy L 1-4 

t"''l.^«*"»9 and 
^ristina Orfloff 

Kelley Sfeeves 
Jarah Chen 

The Girls' Tennis Teann had an 
amazing season this year, led 
by senior captains and fellow 
doubles players Kristina Ortloff 
and Belle Gushing, and coach 
Paul Houston. The teann ac- 
complished its season goals, 
namely making playoffs and 
eatings lots of cupcakes. The 
girls hod a good run in tourna- 
ment, making it to the second 
round before losing out to rival 
Dover-Sherborn. Overall, it vvos 
an extremely successful season, 
and the girls look forward to 
next year when they will finally 
beat D-S and Medfield! 



t • 4 • « 



■x 's ^ 

h 1 > 



> yi 

FRONT ROW (l-R): Coach McGrath, Bridget Norris. Jenn Lavoie, Alexandra Bartholomew, 

Amanda Thomas, Maggie Barzin, Jeannie Cheng, Dani Bradley, Melanie Zahka, Jenn 
Dello Russo, Ariel Bornstein, Caitlin Delorey, Nicole Chan, Coach Ortloff: 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Juliana Ucuz, Sarah Chen, Rachael Tuleja, Kristina Ortloff. Belle Gush- 
ing. Nina Zifar, Krista McGinnis. Ali Lim 

BACK ROW (L-R): Becca Morgan, Olivia O'Leary, Camille Rogers, Jennie Powers. Kelley 
Steeves, Coach Houston 

1 52 Spring Sports 






»'»T«.«-r<r«n « 

^'w-,. ^v'VvWn/v^v^v^v 


n)o@ (§@@(2)pd! 

Westwood vs Ashland W 3-2 
Westwood vs Medfield L 1-4 
Westwood vs Norton W 5-0 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 4-1 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn L 1-4 
Westwood vs Medway W 3-2 
Westwood vs Millis W 4-1 
Westwood vs Holliston W 3-2 
Westwood vs Ashland W 4-1 
Westwood vs Medway L 1-4 
Westwood vs Norton W 4-1 
Westwood vs Dover-Sherborn L 0-5 
Westwood vs Hopkinton W 3-2 
Westwood vs Medway L 2-3 
Westwood vs Holliston L 2-3 
Westwood vs Millis W 4-1 
Westwood vs Rockland W 5-0 
Westwood vs Oover-Sherborn L 0-5 



Belle Gushing 

Kristina Ortloff 



First Doubles 

First Doubles 


^W Ta??W^?7^'?^ 


Spring Sports 153 

1^* T 



■ ^- 





. - 

WHS fts 1 

. 'MH 

'-.^^i.ft■'" ! 


156 Prom 


^^r^ ^Hjj^. ^^^^^F> 


^^bk *^^iJ ^^H^ 




•#taBKtfg^2ilB i!il'MMU K « taffig 


-■S;." -M 

Pronij 157 

A>v-i ;j'. 

158 Spring Fling 










FRONT ROW (L-R): Samantho Liu, Nicole Chan, Kate Aloisio, Anokhee Mepani, 
Sami Hamdan, Arya Palakurthi, Jacqueline Morra, Corrine Wells, Jamie Doyle 
BACK ^C^: Jackie Henry, Erica Sweeney, Ravi Yelleswarapu, Brad Baldwin, 
Scott Delisle, Krishna Yelleswarapu, Sarah Muellers, Kenneth Long 

(L-R): Alex Jackson, Llambsey Huang, Lucie Montgomery, Mary Doyle, Olivia 
Cowley, James O'Doherty, Harry Clapsis, Melanie Zahka, Hillary Hui, Hannah 
Cohn, Caitlin Delorey 

Concert Band 

Wind Ensemble 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Sammy Pease, Erin Curran, Nicole Fiorino, Elise Blanchard, 
Alison Ristaino, Adam Walker, SECOND ROW: Partick Maci-Phelps, Hani Singer, 
John Trakas, Chase Kerzel, Phil Azeredo, Justin Lee, John Cuozzo, Thomas McNulty 
THIRD ROW; Eric Dahl, Edward Han, Will Spear, Alison McNulty, Kaitlyn 
Henderson, Casey Smith, Abigail Holler, Adrian Rose, Jason Demarinis, Elizabeth 
Teebagy, BACK ROW; Joe Leibson, Stephen Campion, Adam Shipp, Penny Pease, 
Disha Sharmo, Allison Wittich, Fahad Munir, PJ Cooke, Kyle Menyhert, Matt Levine, 
James Strong, Wesley Adams, Peter Radonich 

FRONT ROW (L-R); Peter Campion, Nadeem Istf an, Kristma Maimonis, 
Elena Chubet, Andrea Munar, Kathleen Lally, Melanie Hedal, Hilary Sugg, Katie 
Sullivan-trainor, Kara Wiggin, Kris Brakke, Cam Harding SECOND ROW; Roeef 
Istfan, Andrew Kessler, Wyn Moling, Kristina Ortloff , Anno Whelan, Katelyn Raftery, 
Elizabeth Haffey, Kim Muellers, Sary Novoson, Alex Moin, Suhos Rao THIRD ROW; 
Michael Morozov, Alex Scott, Will Richardson, Chris Sullivan-trainor, Mary Connors, 
Tommy Coyle, Adriane Nguyen, Julia Kane, Omar Hadziposic, Tony Xia, Michelle 
Beatty BACK ROW; Chris Graves, Alex Teebagy, Thomas Weinreich, Matt Venti, 
Jonathan Neimann, Laura Moloney, Joe Neimonn, Malachy Duffy, Stephen Weinreich, 
Kevin Boettger, Stuart Leibson, Matty Zola 

160 Music 



Westwood High School offers a variety of courses in which 
sfudent musicioris build their technical skills and develop 
their abilities to interpret and perform nnusic. Numerous 
concert and special event performances throughout 
the year give students opportunities to synthesize what 
they've learned in the classroom. The two major perfor- 
mances, the Winter Concert and the Pops Concert, fea- 
ture the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Orchestra, and 
Chorus, in addition to extracurricular musical groups like 
the Jazz Band and the a capella group. Passing Notes. 
WHS music groups play and sing a brood spectrum of mu- 
sic from classical, and jazz, to Broadway and rock. 


\ 62 Diversity Day 

Diversity Day 163 




James Ahigion 

THE BRO'S, Westwood Football, "GIVE IT TO DILLON", In the 
Bag, lo- guin- man, thie room, red's basement, granny's 
house, duty. Situate, gp, beh, Sophomore Memories, throwin 
the flag/ toss it up, "the bat cave", pool basketball, the fac- 
tor, swoop, corner pocket cafeteria table, meatfest, pantera, 
hamma time, p- dinners, I'm takin off. 

Elizabeth Arpino 

MFxo, Freshman Foos, CHEEEPS!, Kot's attic, court yard tan, 
bonfires, swimming. My Place at 9, Powderpuff Dynasty, bomb 
threats, Welflete, Cape Cod, A block free, Friends, dance- 
offs. Dancing in the Moonlight, "Nice! I got blue plankton", 
fire distinguisher, Ms. S, teacher aiding, Molec '04, "Drive Fast, 
Take Chances", NSG, TPB, soy fin, first date = library ..If you 
want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes 
when it wanders... 

George Audi 

Chillin with my dudes. ..Hittin up the ww Club House (ako B- 
Razz)... Almost dyin in Docs blue roller coaster... Toaz drive 
way summer 06... Partyin till dawn. ..Music Blaring... Moulah 
racin the 5-0... Toaz out the moon roof... Toaz Cape House... 
Moon... Muddy November.. .Track Storrin it through the 
woods... Bonsanity the science magician magically making 
work appear.. .Night Night Nilez (ranges cassa)..."Live life like 
every seconds your last"... "The Skys the Limit" BIG. 

Cory Baker 

"1 will always remember the tripod" and clone man, the trian- 
gle. D klow, Lobrock, oma even though you didn't go here, 
all my boys. I'm really gonna miss it. "The Seventh Hole Gang", 
roof top crew, being a convict with a couple of B.A. kids. Dk's 
car. Couple of good teachers out there thanks. Liza G block. 
All those good times at chilis. I hit a rough spot but I survived 
and I'm stronger now, I'm just glad to be around to enjoy high 
school and never take it for granted - take in every moment. 
Some of the most fun times of my life have happened here. 
It's weird to say, but I love WHS and I'm glad I went here. I 
con honestly say I wouldn't change a thing about my life in 
high school. 

1 64 Senior Expressions 


Bryan Bart 

I will always remember the tripod. DB4L. I'll always remember 
eatin at chillis, the 7th hole gang, my little stint at norwood 
correctional facilities with a couple of convicts. Darrell. Unfor- 
giveoble. Tom's basement. Xmas vaca senior year. The com- 
ic book store. Taking the bus. Moyneee. The blue explorer. 
The red wrangler. BACK UP. July 3rd. Pancakes. Football, best 
times of my life, I'll always be a wolverine. The Happy Place. 
Midnight showings of Spider-man. The Bucket List. Shuman, 
McGunagle, and Rocho thank you, you guys really helped 
me get through a lot. God Speed Spider-man. 

Nicola Beuscher 

high school = holloween (both 
parties), wellfleet copecod 
(my place at nine), waiting for 
rides on the street corner with 
colin (missing that when i got 
my license), electric summers 
at roads end form (rip jolie), 
trips to newbury comics, hav- 
ing every single freshman class 
with liz, going to concerts with 
lexi, making endless cds for 
joonie, the everlasting support 
from mfxo, discovering music, 
taking photographs, meeting 
and missing people, remem- 
bering when we first met; will... 
it's time to let go of everything 
we used to know... I'll miss 

Ryan Bowler 

THE BROS- o.r.- jotas room/ 
pool- grannies house/porch lif- 
ers- Connor's car/thatcher st. pole 
r.i.p.- rockband in the basement- 
westwood football 08' love all of 
you, 28-14. pregoming before 
bball w reosho- wasting away 
time at track -corner pocket cat 
table launching- pasta dinners, 
50's in the am with amst- the x fac- 
tor- the guin man- the jock lomo- 
dda- cop meets janitor- football 
locker room/ madden during free- 
richard- lindsoy's house- walk the 
line- #33- pool basketball- Mon- 
treal 08' - tons of hilarious memo- 
ries I'll never forget, many more to 

■Tig.',' , J t ■ 

Alexis Barzin 

Under no circumstances will I forget the unflinching rules of 
fives and c block free, fourteen years of childhood bliss with 
joanie, homeroom Al 17 with david, nikki, and liz (the snowy 
fire drills and desert island movie), England, the notorious 
kathryn's third floor, boys' eyeliner for the ploys and musicals, 
concerts with nicola, memorial day weekend and all other 
weekends with just nikki, wellfleet and the beautiful bonfires, 
ref, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and base- 
ball games, flying around town in the eagle, and of course, 
mfxoxo. "What is the feeling when you're driving away from 
people, and they recede on the plain till you see their specks 
dispersing? It's the too huge world vaulting us, and it's good- 
bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath 
the skies." 

Benjamin Blake 

Oh my god time really flys, I can't believe it's over already. 
So many great memories that i'll never forget and so many 
amazing people too. Good Luck to them all in the future 

Lindsey Burns 

WWFH #8, Tourney '07, all my field hockey loves, cope sum- 
mers, carefree Chatham light beach, D.C. '07, night bus rides 
with Italian techno, C-R-l, the Charles: love that dirty water, 
the Cambridge river- 
bonks, under the tree, 
warming room, spandex 
and flip-flops. Officially 
2nd semester seniors with 
the G Block kicked out 
crew, conference rooms, 
trying to laugh without 
smiling, anatomy class, 
all my friends I love you 
and we never stopped 
laughing. To my family I 
love you and thank you 
for your support. 

Senior Expressions 1 65 

> V-TJTT i*Wj.- 

Nicole Cachelin 

I would like to thank my Dad, my Mom, Riley, and Trooper for 
all of thieir suport. Kristina, we have been friends for a long 
time- thanks for always being there. (c4c) To my friends, you 
guys are awesome, we have had so many good times and 
we will have many more. Playing field hockey for WHS has 
been an amazing experience! Making tournament senior 
year was such an awesome way to end my last season. These 
have been the best four years of my life so far. Good luck 
class of 2008! "Let the good times roll!" 

Bradley Calondrella 

"The order is rapidly fadin'. And the 
first one now will later be last For the 
times they are a-changin'" Bob Dy- 
lan. As I look bock at my High School 
career at the WHS I will never for- 
get The Tripod. The GUYS: MP, 

DK, FS, PTWiffleball league- RT, JW, 
ZH, DB, BB, BP. Concerts with the Rose 
family Downey Boys- BB, CB, SC, JC. 
To the G-man- Never forget Drag- 
onzord!! Sped. The Level 3 classes. 
Being from Islington. All the people 
I have spent endless nights with in 
parking lots and driving around. 

Chenelle Christian 

I sincerely enjoyed my four years at 
Westwood High. Everyday was filled 
with crazy and fun moments. I miss 
Mr. Burke's class freshman year. I 
extremely enjoyed the hilarious mo- 
ments in Spanish 3 Sophomore year. 
Biology with Mrs. Plunkett was a 
great time. Krystal, Gina, and I had 
a lot of fun... maybe too much fun 
with that Virus newspaper. We can't 
forget the Boldfacers... that was so 
random! Throughout the years, I 
have gained so many friendships 
and learned so many things. I am 
very grateful that I was given the 
opportunity to be part of the West- 
wood community. 

Samantha Cohoon 

Going through four years at Westwood High, I have learned 
a lot and have gained a lot of memories. Field Hockey was 
a big part of my life. I met a lot of people through it, MC, LB, 
CH. Me and Meghan in English, making a list. 
Going to gomes with ML, LD, BG, MC. Me and Julie - fail- 
ing English together ond thinking we had to go to summer 
school. Westwood High was a great four years of my life in 
which I met a lot of friends, and now 1 am ready to take the 
next step in my life. 

Amer Chahine 

290 East the pent house, from the beginning my boys Dri BD 
Audi Nilezz Applebon, Gpazz louting daily, bday beats, cope 
trips, slamherst mass, the elevator, throwin' down with the 
crips, 275, Jiu Jutsu, L - 17 on 23, toey's chill spot, skirt season, 
coastin' thru school, partyin' with my friends, to all my friends 
and '08 class. out your dreams till your heart gives out. 

Alena Chubet 

Being a member of Westwood High School has truly been 
an awesome experience. All of the teachers were incred- 
ibly supportive and showed that they really cared about our 
education. I will never forget times spent with my three best 
friends, Mary Connors, Maura Curran and Kristina Maimonis. 
They mean so much to me! Great times on the swim team, 
in band and of course TJB's class with Kristina Maimonis and 
Maura Curran, ..Go back, go bock, go back!! 

166 Senior Expressions 


'»■ r n:Mv>tt . ./..x»'* ■_/*>:<> ■< 




Rachael Chyten 

When I first came to Westwood 
Higti School, I thought it was soo 
scary. Now I have to go to col- 
lege. High school has become 
such a mundane part of my life, 
it feels so weird to say I am leav- 
ing it. I won't miss the long pa- 
pers or late nights. I won't miss 
getting up early. But I will miss 
sprinting to Mrs. Brackman's 
class. I will miss the late night- 
summer walks, the 3 am ice- 
cream trips, and the random 
beach trips to Nantasket. Thank 
you Westwood, it's been fun! 

Paige Congdon 



"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". 
VbalIOZ- " Chelsey, calm down!" WW Basketball- TVL Champs 
07&08* Formal dinners* Bus rides'* Oatmeal Sq.'*Kara Welters'* 
Sleepovers'* "We fly high"* #55* pdins* Riley Winter Classic 
Champs* Friday night dinners* Trip to Fairhaven* To all the girls 
on the 2008 bball team: Thank you so much for an unforget- 
table season. To my parents. Thank you for the support and 
positive words you've given me, I love you guys! " These are 
the moments I'll remember all my life, I found all I've waited 
for, and I could not ask for more". 

Maura Curran 

I will miss Swim Team, Juju's 
Place, "The Original Six", 
Pasta Parties, Tuesday night 
Papa Ginos Trips, Milford 
Speed Bumps, Bus Rides with 
Dina and her grandkids, hop- 
ing Juliet will skip practice, 
morning practices. Gossip Girl 
Parties, School Girl Day, Rec. 
Swim Team, Beating the Boys 
Swim Team. ..twice, 2007 Divi- 
sion Champions, TJB H Block, 
"The Five of Us", Blue Orchid 
and Ella, Long Island, 'Deep 
Talks', Diet Coke Races, The 
"New Ice Coffee Crew", Spe- 
cial Tuesdays Trips, and my 
amazing friends. 

Jayson Clancy 

4/1 1 /OB, Flex 2008 baby, CB SC BB DK TM DM CM GC BM, Flex 
5 blocks a day. Rock Climbing, Hale 2008, Ms. Brackman's 
African American Lit, Houston, Danforth, Leaving school ear- 
ly, LEVEL 3 CLASSES, Westport, 4/27/90, Liza's room G, H, and 
A blocks. Knocking my tooth out and splitting my lip open, 
Westwood High School- I will never forget you, even if you 
put me through some hard times. 

Mary Connors 

I had a great experience 
at Westwood High School. 
All the teachers were so 
helpful and were truly 
dedicated in helping each 
student to learn and suc- 
ceed. I made so many 
friends I could never forget 
even if I tried. The sports I 
participated in were truly 
amazing. Our field hockey team has improved so much. We 
went from winning only two games, to making tournament 
for the first time in nine years. I will miss all of you girls, I had 
so much fun playing with you! Senior year was by far the 
best year. Everyone counting down days, hearing back from 
colleges, and planning senior trips. I hope all the underclass- 
men hove a fabulous time next year; high school goes by 
extremely fast! 

Belle Cushing 

MFXO, driving to the cape, my 
place at nine, kat's third floor 
and nikki's cape house; C Block 
free: Ms. S, Psychology Today, 
the Rules of Fives; cupcakes 
and camping trips with girls ten- 
nis: breathe, believe, let it be; 
hockey games; powderpuff 
dynasty; beach parties from six- 
ties movies, cookies in chorus 
rehearsal, cast D.P.s; Starbucks, 
bonfires, walks; sophie- ich lieb 
dich; F block; bouncy balls and 
bomb threats, day 23; sister mo- 
ments in the halls; love to khalila 
and odina. Buh-bye WHS.'s 
been a good time. *C'est bon 
aujourd'hui d'etre en vie* 

Senior Expressions ) 67 


Graham Cutter 

I love you Corrie 3/14/05, LEGENDS, canton, 139 ellis st. , 
white house. President Bush, tweeter, BC gomes at mo- 
honeys, little boot, Christies, 15 doy streak, RIP baloney 
pony, RIP Alby, slightly stoopid concert, cruising in doro, 
Southie, cape parties, DUCK, dris, hull, Bonnie and Clyde, 
summer 07, gory, my party, westwood's finest, public af- 
fair, ludas, brendas basement, J5, just living the dream, 
probation, <3 dexter <3 

Elizabeth Dahl 

/ keep on thinking things will always 
be the same. But when we leave 
this year we won't be coming 
back... I am going to miss the unit 
(the brigade and concentric cir- 
cle a little bit). Amy Bean brownies, 
quality car rides with Katie, embar- 
rassing Brent, coloring in his shirt, Ju 
Ju's place, morning practices, "the 
original crew", beating the boys 
swim team TWICE, Maura's stories 
that I have heard a million times, 
watching Michael rap, stripping 
with Samm, telling our live's stories 
to everyone, all the jokes. Native 
American dance, awkward mo- 
ments and hugs, lectures from Ms. 
S, and locker #699. 

John Demovellan 

High School: Freshmen basketball, flying kayvon, fight in Nan- 
tucket, Coach Burke, making varsity soccer as a sophomore 
and then not as a junior? It's Me Elodiol, Deets circle, 2-14-4 
season (nut said), basketball 2008; tournament gome in mar- 
tho's vineyard, endless water gun fights, snow wars, SEFA, 
SAG, dibble, libble, liquid gold, Chipotle, Ana's, wiffleball, 
doveopalooza, cedar; soccer field, jump around. Good times 
with good friends. "It's not goodbye, it's see yo later..." 

Juliana D'Aleo 

Going to Panera after softball practice CK, SS. Random parties 
in my basement MC, LD, SC, RC, AC, JC, DG, TO, ML. Missions 
(drives) through Ashland and Frominghom SS. Finally beating 
some Norton. Hockey bus RR, AC, AM, AL. Parties in Christin's 
room (R.I. P.). It's been fun guys. 

Corey Dello Russo 

One word to describe my four years at WHS; whimsical. I will al- 
ways hold dear the seven main stage shows that I participated 
in; acting, stage managing, but mostly dancing. May the the- 
atre program ever remain strong, but mostly fun. Tennis. Nei- 
ther I nor my body will ever miss gym sessions with rich. May 
the Westwood Bowling League always remain strong, even 
in when Teddy and I move on. Here's to Meghan's house all 
sophomore year. Wendy's; the official fast food restaurant 
of the hockey den. 45 minutes at KFC. Sunday dote nights 
with Teddy. Hibachi; Paras accessible. MARRR for THREEE!!!! 
Dance parties, all the time. Going to Maine with Steve. To the 
guys, senior year. 

Richard DiBenedetto 

Four amazing years of Westwood High School in one hundred 
words... Well, here it goes: Soccer, Westwood frock- especially 
Coach White and squat jumps. Hanging out for countless hours 
at the Neimanns' and never being able to moke decisions. Epic 
gomes of street football and tennis baseball-ond of course the 
sewer, which is FAIR. Dance parties with Corey, knocking over 
my lamppost, and "Corey's Basement Productions." Theater, 
which I come to love- Festi class, OOTI, and Brigadoon. Football, 
Basketball, Hockey games and "V-I-C-T-OOO-R-Y!" Finally, to my 
friends: these years wouldn't hove been the same without you. 
To my parents: thank you so much for all your love and support. 





1 68 Senior Expressions 


Paras Dos hi 

From my four years at Westwood High, I'll remember my fresh- 
man bond class, Prom '07, Six Flags, Hockey and Basketball 
games. Fashion show, waiting an hour at KFC, Cross Country, 
Track, Dance parties, spot light during Brigadoon with Perka, 
Thornton!, and the Linkin Park Concert. During my time at 
WHS, I participated in Key Club, Academic Decathlon, Cross 
Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track. I look upon my time at 
Westwood High School with great fondness, and I hope future 
classes will have as much fun as I did at Westwood High. 

Margaret Emerson 

To the girls: the number of hours 
spent at the Flaherty's, lists made, 
ratings, rooting complexes, aimless 
miles driven. To my boys: fieldtrips 
taken, games attended, stages 
managed, curtains pulled, siblings 
forged. To the jocks: boscuse me, 
GB3, to dance parties and soul 
drinks, thanks for welcoming me. To 
tall boys and lefties, to Busted and to 
TJB, to Harvey and all my obsessions, 
mostly to those who put up with me 
through them. To anyone who's 
ever been nicknamed by me, I love 
you. To the tears we've laughed 
and cried. To singing too loudly. 
To having a camera in my hand for 
every minute. To fearlessness. 

Ryan Fitzgibbon 

I know that I have my high school memories with me for the 
rest of my life. My favorite memories include playing waffle- 
ball and ping pong in Mr. Kendrick's class and playing varsity 
basketball. My favorite teachers have been Mr. Sherr, Mr. Dil- 
lon, Mr. McGunogle, Mr. Baylor, and Mr. Shuman. As I leave 
Westwood High, I wish to be remembered as a considerate 
and genuine individual who was also a dedicated student. 
In the end, I undoubtedly owe my memorable experience 
to my teachers and the staff of WHS, because they molded 
us into the students we are, and the adults we are set to be- 



Veena Dronamraju 

As we go on we will remem- 
ber all the good times we had 
together... The unit, the bri- 
gade and the concentric cir- 
cle, general awkwardness... 
Huah, sharing locker 699, tell- 
ing anyone and everyone our 
life stories, leg council, Katie's 
car, "Barnzy's Headin' Back 
to the Wood" mix, birthday 
gifts that should have been 
vetoed (beonbog choir), the candy stash, the Native Ameri- 
can dance, the floshcard incident, diversity days (and be- 
ing stalked for them). List o' Fun, Ms. S' elaborate lectures, 
unsuccessful attempts to avoid basements, the almost fool- 
proof universal response to Wayne ... "thanks", teachers 
family friends. ..everything. 

Kristen Farrell 

swimming and diving- division champs '07, 
papa ginos, bus ride games, scav hunt '07, 
team army love, not going to school on 
Friday w/ Enanna, I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU 
I LOVE YOU, "hey cuz what's up why you 
hatin?", NININI, loving jimstickw/nikki, beep 
beep, early morning practices, juju's place, 
JULIETTE, stangs cult music, Jean at dunks, 
"the original crew", bazooka, no hobla in- 
gles, short weds and 5x/wk, stealing wood, 
beating the boys swim team twice!, DINA, 
the grondkids, speed bumps, EMONEY, I 
love you guys so much and will miss you!... 
Vitole's class and ZARDs, STOICH not learn- 
ing any chem, loving life with ali... Gender 
swap peer mediators in PDR, cheesecake 
with Ion and Buck Buck, being obsessed 
with Brods, Chombs, Richard and Mijha... 
Powederpuff dynasty '06,'07! 

Meghan Flaherty 

Metamorphosis, Wo-Town, Camino, OOTI, Medea, Brigadoon, 
track, core 8, BC football games, canolis in the rain, hijacking 
cars, 3 gates, pumpkin pie fights, dinner parties, 1 :45 party, 
speed bowling, O.A.R... From friends to unforgettable experi- 
ences, my WHS years can be defined by the following quotes: 
"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, 
we take a little of each other everywhere "In the end, it's not 
going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many 
moments took your breath away" "Live with no excuses and 
love with no regrets". Thanks for the memories... 

Senior Expressions 1 69 

Alexandra Frank 



» i^' M. 

Alex oka AL #11 "Never Un- 
derestimate the Heart of A 
Champion." COOR. Wolver- 
ine Den and Westwood Foot- 
ball-VICTORY! Powderpuff 
Dynasty! Westwood Soccer, 
Basketball, Lacrosse. 2005 
Lacrosse State Champions. 
2007 TVL Undefeated Basket- 
ball Season. England 2006. 
Lax Cult. Anatomy- F Block 
pizza party! Summer Nights at 
my house- fires and smores! 
Hanging out with friends and 
having fun! 

Jessica Geers 


High school never would 
have been the same with- 
out my friends! Thanks for 
agreeing to be seen with 
me in public: Roisin, Aly, 
Honna, Alley, Maggie, CJ, 
Alex, Ben, Keeves, Meghan. 
And a special shout out to 
my cole buds Becca and 
Kelly! Roisiny Poo-I'll miss my 
carpool buddy :( Just call 
me and I'll come pick you 
up whenever! And to all the 
teachers: you're never go- 
ing to have a class quite like 

Jessica Gerson 



The teachers of Westwood had a tre- 
mendous impact in my four years of 
high school. I want to remember the 
teachers and the students of West- 
wood High. I wont to remember my 
time at Westwood High as a learning 
experience and as somewhere safe 
to learn and make mistakes. Every- 
day at school was not always perfect, 
but everyday taught me something. 
I learned how to deal with pressure, 
stress, people that I may not agree 
with and talking about controversial 
topics. I want to be remembered as 
someone who respected everyone, 
was a nice person and was always 

Vladislav Galiouk 

I hod a great time 
with friends, if it was 
horsing around in the 
library to making b's 
during lunch. Football 
and Basketball were 
probably the great- 
est moments ever. 
Yelling "Gameday" 
every Friday in school, the miracle comeback at Bellingham 
to the biggest upset on Turkey Day of Holliston. "Peacock" 
during bball warm-ups with Bri-Guy and Richard Bowler and 
just nesting in Paul's before practice, winning 5 of the last 6 to 
moke state tourney. Chillen every weekend at the pen with 
moi and poi have been a ball and the countless times me 
and the Toe went 10-0. 

David Person 

I hod a great four years at Westwood. I loved going to the 
sporting events, and I'm going to miss everyone. I participat- 
ed in managing the JV boys tennis program. I wont to be 
remembered as a good person and helpful. I wish everyone 
the best of luck in college and the years following that! 

Brent Siacchetto 

Dune Sledding, BFCs at Dis- 
trict Convenience, the disco 
dance, big dipper contests, 
getting lost in Boston, mak- 
ing a sundae on Al's car, 
dessert night at the Cheese- 
cake Factory, the Tom Cruise 
run, the inspector jacket, the 
Blasting Booth, drifting in the 
Cinema Lot, making Al spit 
up, Drogonforce, celebrat- 
ing my birthday every weekend, the BVL brigade, the con- 
centric circle, the out of control growth, doily trips to Bass Pro 
to see Angela, weekend ski trips. Go-cart track. Fire and Ice, 
everything bagels from Marie, the ice cream incident, steal- 
ing pens from the Olive Garden, rides in the Tzill Mobe. 

1 70 Senior Expressions 



Garlma Giri 

staying hours after sctiool in one ho- 
bospot or another. Runtimes in the 
history lab. Photo wars in the history 
hallway. Pok-ing people in the third 
rib (it's useless anyway). Spending 
time outside when it's warm, look- 
ing like hippies. Surviving on coffee 
and energy drinks. Making sure lab 
partners don't kill themselves during 
experiments. Remembering good 
memories from all the years past 
(including the whale, plankton, 
and shoelaces!) Some of the worst 
memories were made here, but 
they are quickly obscured by some 
of the best. I'll leave the school and 
town, but remember to keep all 
the good memories. 


Sean 6ranclfield 

Bros, Guin-man, Bat l . _ ^ owler's Basement, Duty, Sopho- 
more Memories, Pool Basketball, Corner Pocket Cafeteria 
Table, The Swoop, Meatfest, Hamma Time, Pantera, Pasta 
Dinners, Westwood Football, 28-14, Bellingham, Westwood 
Baseball, Skip, To the Brook, Tons of fun. Next! 

Catherine Heier 

Even though I moved here freshman year, I have 4 years of 
great memories. Love everyone on the field hockey team 
and we definitely ended amazingly making it to the playoffs. 
Thanks Ms. Wilson and Al for being awesome coaches! Nikki, 
Sam, Lindsay, Mary, Meghan, and everyone else- you're rock 
stars. All my teachers, thanks so much! KD, GG, MG, TW, LD, 
KM, EW, TV, AO, NV, & everyone else- fun times- movies, ce- 
lebs, concerts, dice, monster energy, zonas, bzones, twister, 
cranium, paparazzi pics, angel of death, congregation, skin- 
ny jeans, etc. Have super fun times in college, love. 

Katherlne Gorman 

Good times with the ten. 
Scavenger hunts, dunesled- 
ding, Chatham, cheeseburg- 
er days, Ashworth's pre-AP 
(ch ch), raiding the candy 
stash. Avoid the lockers offer 
2:05. Concentric circles, tents, 
crashing the brigade. The 
floshcord incident. "Is Veena 
in the trunk?" Huah. Getting 
^^^^^^ _ lost in Boston. Soccer with An- 

^^2^""' "^'^S^iS&Svv/'^^ cire and Katie. Tennis team/ 
jgHJH^ ^IlllJI^ eating cupcakes. SHYF trips 

(mAtchell & rochel). Making a 

sundae on Al's car. Climbing the water tower. Few jelly beans. 

Big dipper and diet coke contests. Love for the "ow ow" mix. 

All the times we hung out in "Needham". Colby from birth. 

■ ^.•■■/T';^, 

Jill Greenberg 

"These are the moments, I remem- 
ber all my life..." parking lot dance 
parties, hockey games, McDonalds, 
G-Block triples, the jocks, soul drinks, 
powderpuff dynasty, 'BascuseMe', 
cheeps, tea parties, gender swap, 
Harvey Birdman, trivia with Mr. Sherr, 
homeroom chats, f-block, mo- 
ment of truth, quoting mean girls, 
rolond's rice, and bio lifers. Basket- 
ball TVL Champs '07, '08, oatmeal 
squares and kanee, soccer "just 
breathe", softball "java"...AF, CM, 
EM, LM, and ML, I will never forget 
nights in Alex's basement, COOR, 
camp fires, secret santa, and pool 
parties..."! found all I waited for, 
and I could not ask for more." 

Celena Homsy 

To my family, these past four 
years have been an emotion- 
al rollercoaster but we finally 
got through it, thank you for 
all the love and support you 
have given me. I love you 
guys. "Best friends are the 
people worth living for"- you 
girls know who you are. TT, 
mash, dance parties, spice 
girls, making scenes wherev- 
er we go, the memories are 
endless- 1 will always love you 
girls. Thanks for the memories 
Westwood High, it has been a 
great four years. 


Senior Expressions 171 

.■^1 / \-'* jaemam 

Hillary Ho worth 

As my time at WHS has come to 
a close, I have come to realize 
the memories and people that 
will truly be missed. The nurse 
Mrs. Poreda for all her help and 
guidance through my four years 
here. The friendships that I will 
carry in my heart forever. The 
constant familiar faces of those I 
grew up with since Martha Jones 
Elementary school. The crazy 
Flexers who never gave me a 
bored moment. The awesome 
teachers. The fun loving Anime 
club members. The fact I could 
never go a day without wear- 
ing pink. Also the comeback of 

Raeef Istf an 

These post four years have had some of my best memories. 
Math team. Science team bus rides as well as the actual 
meets, bond and jazz band with Mr. G, track, engineering 
bridges, smash bros., history with TJB, and not one, but two 
world series victories for the red sox. I would like to thank my 
family, friends, and teachers for four really great years. 

Motthew Keoveney 

Countless hours at Joe's house. The Impossible Dream Swim 
Team, I want a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce, 
BOOOOOOKS, Fuji Heaven, Fashion show. Benching it up on 
tennis, summers down the cape, football/tennis baseball in 
the streets, dressing up like Santa Clause, Halo with the cBs 
DSmons, the den and painting chests, party shirts, pearls of 
wisdom. Stage left, belly flops, rock band, no it's over there 
(says the gloved hand), announcing powder-puff. Candy 
Land, Latin, Late night hang outs all around, singing karaoke, 
walking eight miles to a hockey game. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Abby- Love you all. 


Ashley Irvine 

" Here's to the nights we'll never remember and the friends 
we'll never forget." Heres to: C.P.R, team under construc- 
tion, parking lot crew, x-mas slumber party w/ boat & creepy 
Charlie, BIG CLAPS, night walks w/kpops, GAHl, penidos, the 
junior year i dont remember, car rides pots gpas, football 
games #78, MEDFIELD :], cindys, never going to school on 
time, studies all senior year, one piece, teqMAC<3, wolver- 
ine den, powderpuff dynasty. TCM 11.11 .04, DASH, interpret- 
ing dance bball, slingtown, "hey misters", cinco de mayo, 
weekend get togethers at mod's and christys, kpops thank 
you for always being there, these 4 years would have been 
nothing without you. Thank you SeNiOrS 2008 for the best 4 
years of my life* 

Alexondro Koy 

"Turns out it's not where you are but who you're with that really 
matters". ..Core 8. ROLY. B+C Free. Girls' Nights. Pity Party. Field 
Trips. Fuji Heaven. 3D glasses. Spying on Dotes. Fire Nights. Ski 
Trips. Dinner Parties. Dance Parties. Ben&Jerry's Nights. Random 
Rood Trips. Singing way too loud in the cor. Scavenger Hunts. 
OAR concerts. Halloween parties-switching places. Lifers. Play- 
ground trips. Polar Caves. Lemon Squeeze. Beach Trips. Nights 
of Meghan's. Hot tub nights. .."When I'm with you I could die 
and that would be alright". ..Love you guys.Thanks for so many 
great times. I'll miss you all. 


Doniel Keches 

Too many nights spent in too many parking lots, and base- 
ments, and endless driving, bonfires, Brillant & Candyland, No- 
bles at 5:05 a.m., Montreals, dyed hair, camo day, Murph's, 
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'. SR BP BC MP PT FS RZ JK and 
everyone else who's been there along the way — Thanks for 

1 72 Senior Expressions 

Charlotte Kenney 

"It's not about what you got. It's wtiat you make of whiat you 
got." High school has been full of firsts. First varsity sports. First 
true loves. First college acceptances. First college rejections. 
It could have been tough, it could have gotten us down, but 
I loved every minute of it. The friends you make here are the 
ones you'll remember forever. To all my hockey girls, softball 
girls, and my best friends: I hope that I hove been o friend 
worth remembering. You all have been the best to me. 
Through the ups and downs, you helped make this all worth 
while. I'll hope you say the same about me, because I love 
and love and love you all. 

Meghan Lally 

"Heres to the nights we felt alive. Heres to the tears you knew you ' d 
cry. Heres to goodbye". Lax-TVL-Champs '06&'07, Indoor-Track 
'07-08, FH tourney '07, The DEN, PowederpuffChamps, Dynasty, 
F-Block, Mao, Momentoftruth, food-fridays, oatmeal squares, 
Panera, McDonalds, Islington, jocks, soul-drinks, bisquuzeme, 
parkinglot-dance-porties, G-triple, HUGE-boom-box, biolifers, har- 
vey-birdman, TheOffice, Boston, tea-parties, fall-ball, superfans, 
bball-games, game-hopping, rasbenylime-rickey's. Rascal, OAR, 
Secret-Santa, Alex's basement, poolparties, sleepovers, camp- 
fires, smores, COOR <3 AF, CM, EM, JG, LM, ML. "Best friends are 
hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget." 

Jillian Lenzo 

Jillfest, snoopers, summer concerts, spice girls, mosby, "murk 
it", powderpuff dynasty, friday night football games, "lean on 
me", prom weekend, thursday afternoons, Mollston- so much 
ruv! 1 8 years and never a dull moment. .."Elevator to the top, 
HA, see ya later i'm gone" 

Victoria Koutris 

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we 
go, we take a little of each other everywhere." Seniors08, 
friends-thanks for the most amazing four years, powderpuff 
dynasty, football games, wwsoccer, # 1 4, "lucky," track, Reg- 
gie, England06, freshman bball, "hello?," TT, dance parties, 
free blocks. Mom & Dad-thank you for all your love and sup- 
port. The past four years flew by, but the memories will last a 

Duncan Law 

I will always remember driving around with that Took Boi, 
Clone Man, Steve-o Believ-o, Cory Baker, Bart. The Legend- 
ary Birthday 7-21-07 in Wesfport. Skipping on the slopes w/ 
Joy Boi. Always remember Club Renovation with Mahoney. 
Sawyer, Com, Danny, good luck with golf team. Had a lot of 
good teachers -Liza in G Block, having Shuman twice a day. 
High school was awesome- always make it count. 

Meghan Leonard 

"We were sure we'd never see 
an end to it all". ..late nights in 
the green bomber.. .the berts... 
SOX parade. ..getting kicked out 
of the library by Ms. S... concerts 
FF KOL THT KD 31 1 ..."let the good 
times roll" 

Senior Expressions 173 


Michael Lynch 

chicks «li(? scrawiiv 
pale giiys 

WHS so happy yet so sod to leave. 
Great times in Art class with KGIove, 
Dawson, Amy, Maya, and Xonder. 
Loved Spring Track. Eaton Apoth- 
ecary = my life, with Samm, Libby, 
Brad, Sean, Greg, and Bev. Week- 
ends with friends got me through 
my hard times. Ry Ry and I own 
of Cranium. "Finding Nemo" is the 
best movie ever. Brent and the Ol- 
ive Garden. Samm losing window 
privileges. Maura turning down the 
radio. Sarah making me run red 
lights. Ryan and my oven-mitt/box- 
ing-glove. Libby and "Joy to the 
World." Miss You WHS! 

Kristino Maimonis 

I will never forget all of the amazing times I hove hod over 
the past 4 years. Hilarious volleyball moments (Paige, Chels, 
and Lissa- you guys are the best), crazy times in the ploy, and 
goofy track meets, these years have been the best! To all 
of my friends, thank you so much for making my high school 
years unforgettbale. For always making me lough and being 
there for me. ..I love you guys! Thank you to my family. Mom, 
Dad, James and Elena, I love you all so much! Goodluck Se- 
niors '08, I'll miss you all! 

Laura Maloney 

. "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay 
for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we ore never, 
ever the same..." COOR, Alex's basement, Bboll TVL Champs 
07 + 08, formal dinners, jksd, tea parties. Wolverine Den, Se- 
niors 08, Boston, Dl girls = love, triple lunches with the jukebox, 
cor rides and Starbucks with Erin, prom, the playroom, road 
trips, Joe- I love you. The last four years will always be close 
to my heart: "Memory is a way of holding onto the things you 
love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." 

James Mahoney 

I'll never forget football thanksgiving day gome 28-14, Boys 
lacrosse state champs/world champs 05' 06' 07' 08', Leg- 
ends CM DM MW JW JL GC JM MS, Little Boot, Geeking out 
at Jays, Club Dora, Toms basement, Liebrock lounge. Ex- 
plorer Unit, Pain Train, Club Renovation, Christy's parking lot. 
I had a great four years at WHS I'll miss it a lot. 

Mariel Maling 

Throughout High School, I competed 
horses and enjoyed every moment of 
it. I'm going to miss; C/G Block Study 
and Therapy Sessions with Sherr and 
Shuman, "I Heart Jonas Sherr" poster, 
Shuman's Jokes, getting lost in Boston 
because of Brent, Making cupcakes for 
Gov, TJB, Westwood Scavenger Hunts, 
Anatomy CSI videos, Shuman's De- 
bates, Sherr's funny faces. Studying in 
Band, Getting kicked out of the Library 
every G Block. Best Times; Answering 
Mr. Sherr's trivia questions to get Mary 
out of Study, Shupreme Court, The Psy- 
chology Video, AP Study Sessions with 
Shuman and Sherr, and all the crazy 
ideas we had. 

Ashley Mandeville 

I will never forget New Hampshire with the Moncini's, and 
driving around Wolpole with Lissa. All the Friday nights i spent 
driving around with Danielle and Andy, "Teamwork." Riding in 
Joey's cor with the top down in the middle of winter. Sopho- 
more English with Lissa and joey. I love all my friends, thanks 
for an amazing four years, i love you all. 

1 74 Senior Expressions 

--^. . -M 

Ryan Martinez 

MEH. So, the years have passed 
and high school is over. It seems 
strange reflecting upon my years 
at Westwood and everything I'll 
miss. I'm going to miss early morn- 
ing trips to the beach for skim- 
boarding when others said it was 
too cold, driving around aimlessly 
with nowhere to go and noth- 
ing to do, the time spent at the 
Martin's pool for hours on end, 
nights with the trackies playing 
videogames and hanging out, 
the easy going play kids and be- 
ing dragged to restaurants and 
movies against my will. I will espe- 
cially miss M3H and perfecting the 
bond between us. 

Holly Mathoisel 

All I have to say about high school is that I'm so glad it's done 
and over with. I'd never get through it if it weren't for all of my 
family and true friends. I love you guys! Few Jelly Beans (Only 
you would get this Katie). 

Corey Mather 

Legends, lil boot, christy, canton, hull, 139 ellis street, downey- 
boys, bat cave, dora, southie, cape parties, google, fresh 
year, level 3 kids, ORIS, bock in the day reshas, summer 07, 
gory, running from westwoods finest, the whitehouse-public 
affair hah, berlutis, - my thoughts about my 4 years of high 
school, just living the dream, and my best friends. 

Erin Massimi 

AF, CM, LM, JG, ML: COOR and the countless hours spent 
around the bonfire, LAXCHAMPS05, Raspberry lime Rickey's, 
Nantucket+Jetties, Bio study sessions, Joes Bar and Grill, 
grass cleats, Starbucks w/ Laura, New years. Prom night at 
LNEs, Alex's basement + pool. Scary Movies, Boston trips. The 
office, WWgame hopping, Summer08,"Well in the end, we 
can all call a friend, well that's something that I pray is true In 
a thousand years, and a thousand tears, I will find my original 
crew Cause to me there's no where else that I'd rather be 
except right here right at home" Love you. 

brew Mather 

Christy's, Legends JW CM GC MW DM JM JL, Downey boys, 
the "sophomores", little boot, tom's basement, the cutter 
dojo, club dora, the penthouse, fifa hall, Ievel3 and the kids 
that come with it, strawberry hill, making a fool of myself in the 
halls, "Every time I close my eyes I start to drift away- Thinkin 
bout some days gone by how they just float away- It brings me 
back to good friends and times that money can't replace". 

Kelly McCarthy 

Yes, high school is primarily for 
learning. And yes, I hit the books 
hard in my time at WHS. But be- 
yond the academic education I 
got in high school I will always re- 
member the good times with my 
friends and teachers. I will never 
forget the in-school scavenger 
hunt for my seventeenth birthday 
present, givin Mr. Sherr a Jonas 
Brothers poster, Food Fridays with 
Mao, Mr. Dillon reading the lineup 
before softball games, hearing Mr. 
Ducheneou's opinion of RISD, C 
free therapy sessions. True Life: I 
Live with a Narcissist... Thanks for 
the memories :) 

Senior Expressions 1 75 


Danielle McCouley 

I don't know how high school would hove turned out without 
you guys, thanks for on awesome four years. Went by too 
fast, from TT to six flags and meeting will lopes then to MASH 
"it up" and ended to us three girls. DS, AC you've been there 
through it all I love you girls, to all of the guys, thanks for every- 
thing I love you all. The cape, lifeguard chair. 

Stephanie Michaud 

The broad squad. Downey school 
& the red park. GUH."We can't 
stop here this is bat countr/". DMX 
w/ Copey. Shady Lane. "Poop- 
ies ate everyone! On Cape. 21 at 
Deans. "Hope you're freokin' ap- 
ple pie was worth it! OOPs, French 
Street. Bone's Truck. The cave. 
Army men escaping from WW 
Lodge. CLUNK!- "Me and Steph 
gotta get outta here"! DUNWOO. 
"He can do that cuz he's so small". 
TCM 11/1K3. D-rocks bosement, 
Jamin out in Clifford, Slippin. Trips to 
dunkies and the grave. My Bestest- 
" No Conie Like + WERE COIN THE 
WRONG WAY!" "That's too bad". 
We don't need no education. 

Joseph Neimann 

WHS swimming. BOOOOOKS??? Losing to the girls swim team 
by two points. ..twice. Winning our first meet in five years was 
one of the greatest moments I have experienced during High 
School. I will miss the great times I have had with my friends 
and will keep those experiences close to me as I move on to 
college. I have learned many lessons from the past four years 
and will not forget how much I have enjoyed Westwood High 
School. Laura, I love you. 

Christine McGrail 

"I feel bad for the friends I make 
in the future; they've got o hard 
act to follow." COOR. ((AF.EM.JG. 
LM.ML.)) I'll never forget four years 
of Alex's basement, CapriSunSports, 
Erin's bed, pool parties, camp- 
fires, SecrefSontas, and the den. 
Trips to NH(ME), Cape Cod, and 
Praha. Senior year dance parties, 
McDonald's, bio-lifers, Boston, G 
triple, tea parties, Harvey birdman, 
bomb threats, JOCKS, bo'scuse 
me!, Powderpuff Dynasty, and soul 
drinks. I'll always be a wolverine... 
Java, trivia with Sherr. Here's to the 
nights that turned into mornings 
and the friends that turned into 

Elizabeth Nally 

Westwood High School was the greatest experience of my life. In 
thepast four years, I made amazing friends who hove become 
like family to me. You giris hove been my support, and you've 
always been there for me through the many challenges we have 
faced in high school. The memories we made will stay with me 
forever: T.T (wow) ; six flags; Devin ' s capehouse; field hockey; Pan- 
era; Fresh Cif/; that time when Danielle spelled seniors wrong... 
and so many more. My family has been support and guidance 
throughout my years at Westwood, and I know they will always 
be there for me. "We laughed until we had to cry, we loved right 
down to our lost goodbye, but over the years we'll smile and re- 
call, for just one moment.. .we had it all." 

Gregory Niles 

High school, I have to say, "it was pretty fun," 

Had its ups and downs, but as seniors, we wear the crown 

Starting off as freshmen, with egos bruised, 

'Till April of 2008 sitting in school dazed and confused. 

Sometimes I didn't want to go to football practice. 

But we worked hard so coach never lacked us. 

Seniors 08' perfect attendance? 

This bed is comfortable - so so tempted . 

1 76 Senior Expressions 

■wi4r>. .!■■*?; 

Daniel O'Connor 

Where there is hatred, 

let me show love. 

Where there is injur/, 


Where there is doubt, faith. 

Where there is despair, 


Where there is darlcness, 


Where there is sadness, joy. 

- St. Francis ot Assisi 

Four years, two schools, two World Senes, and a Superbowl later, a 
new chapter is beginning. Thanks to my tamily, friends, teachers, and 
to all those who hove supported me, I feel prepared to meet the ex- 
citing challenges that lie ahead. To my classmates, all of whom I con- 
sider to be friends, I say good luck and thanks for the memories. 

Joan O'Neill 

mfxo, shoestring, 4:12om in 
winter, finding bis, kat's attic. 
Hale, cola's room, lax-cult, 
Eng-a-land'06, Camp Ham 
and Avalon with Fam, bonfires. 
The OC, finding new music, 
concerts, 100 breast, exclusive 
hockeybag seats, the ducks, 
my place at 9, modame flar 
music, molec'04, ms. s's love, 
Powderpuff dynasty, marnie 
and Shelley, bombthreots and 
bouncy balls, raspberrylimer- 
ickies after prac, "...time goes 
by like hurricanes, and faster 
things"-abb. THANK YOU AND 

Kristina Ortlof f 

Four years of fun have come to a close. I'll miss all the tea 
parties at Kris's, trips to New York, Florida, and the Cape with 
Anna, Jess, and Ben, parties at Alex's, the good times at 
Chili's, freshman French with Ms. Flaherty, class with TJB, going 
out to lunch after midterms and finals, and the tennis team. 
But above all, I'll miss my friends, who, along with my family, 
helped get me through anything and everything. 

. "^.'^yg-CT^.Ti.^^^' WSrWTSSIIZ 

Roisin O'Flaherty 

Friends, I love you all. Nights w/ the girls, summer 07: cooking, 
bonfires, s'mores.. Jess: driving around aimlessly and laugh- 
ing the whole time, Starbs dotes, long talks and louting w Aly, 
lifers backstage, FML 07/08', being a Milton superfan w Alley, 
(#16 <3) and Meg my physics buddy 

Alexandar Ortloff 

Gen Con, Mindslaver, AB, Projekt 
Revolution, Taste of Chaos, Nine 
Inch Noils, "Weird Al," Done Cook, 
Jon Stewart, prom, science team, 
Rubik's cube. Halo nights. Magic 
drafting. Patriots games, video proj- 
ects (Dis done!), karate, stage crew, 
Sergio, frock (with and without on 
actual track), Dartmouth trip (minus 
the pain). Hale trip (Leaf!), Haunted 
Backyard, Rock Bond, Twister, dice, 
Spamolot, Boyz In Porkoz, sopho- 
more moth (psychology?), and all 
the great friends I've made. 

Shiwei Pan 

FANTASTIC four years at 
WHS! Anime club every 
friday; DDR; Parties after 
midterms; meeting Jesus 
at Anime Boston; finishing 
AP Chem lob at two in the 
morning; freaking out be- 
fore exams; octopus on Dr. 
Zorrow's face; obsessing 
over Twain. ..oh fun times... 



, jt ^'>!tty^jjtf- ' '»»re.rT»T-4JtKMi v ?-g.a'.>^ 

Sarah Pellegrini 

1 will always remember Trips to 
the Cape, Concerts, running 
away, driving in the bus, party 
fouls, 50's diner. Flip Flop Sum- 
mer Tour 07', Summer Jam 
parking lot. Football Games, 
Volleyball, Cookie Time, and 
all of my friends. 

Edward Perkins 

Wow, senior year has flown by; high school is ending and col- 
lege is just beginning. I loved high school, and I will miss it next 
year. I will always remember: Westwood Football, Westwood 
Swimming and my captaincy, junior and senior Proms, the Prom 
Fashion Show, the Wolverine Den, the weekends, the legend of 
"Booooks", and many more. I will miss: the seniors, the teachers, 
the coaches, and the high school experience. I will never forget 
my best and closest friends, and I will be remembered by my 
heartbreaking personality and my stunning good looks. If I had 
to close by saying something, it would be this: Hey Booooooks! 


&ir\Q Pizzano 

It's not about what happened 
in the past or what you think 
might happen in the future. It's 
about the ride. MGM / H Ma- 
mas, GDI , GD2, boot, jdp, FETA 
CLUMPS, Florida 05 + 06, ward 
house parties, seans, ghetto 
beach, dris, Sturbridge, hang- 
ing out wit plunk, T sols "There's 
a bug on yo head!!", long 
nights/chats wit sneaky, pow- 
der-puff 06 + 07, minutemen. 
Mom, dad, Sal, Chuckle, An- 
thony thank you for everything, 
love you. 


Brian Pender 

Good times beating Perry at NHL 
07 at his house, Meatfest at Fodi's 
with THE GUYS; S.R., B.C. F.S., P.T., 
M.P., D.K. Trying to start a band 
with Sean about 10 different 
times, hasn't seemed to work out 
yet, but you never know. Going 
to Keches' house every single 
day the summer before freshmen 
year. Wiffleball league at Rus- 
sell's, I hit a lot of homeruns, no 
big deal. Never forget the tripod; 
Sean and Brad good times hang- 
ing out on stoops, in basements, 
and parking lots all across town. 
Concerts with Brad and the Rose 
family, great times. 

Christopher Pflanz 

Four years in one hundred words, here is to the westwood 
pooches, Neal White and track, bball at ods. On the Run, 
pasta dinners, soccer, Eladio Sanchez practices, best 2-14-2 
team, legendary games medwoy gomes, long drives, and 
everything else that mode high school memorable. Here's 
to my family, my sister, my friends, and everybody that has 
always been there for me. 

Kara Powers 

"The only rule is don't be boring & dress cute wherever you 
go. Life is too short to blend in" -Paris Hilton. TT*, Dunkies runs, 
movies and chillies, loves it, that's hot. Valley Girls- Paris and 
Nicole/vkutch, Newbury St., Boston, medical issues-joey, spray 
tan, shopping, Bollin', field hockey, tvl champs, toes, dp's, 
cape, beach, summer '06, haunted house, Matty <3,country 
test, a howty with a body deserves a cutie with a booty, red 
SOX, Done Cook, fball and hockey games, smack that. 

1 78 Senior Expressions 

Kristin Puopolo 

"A day without laughter is a day wasted" SnoOpers'04-LWJL. 
Penidos. Short Wednesdays LWCO. Trips To "Dunl<s" with Cor. 
JDP & Chew-MT. Football Games. Sox Games & Fenway Secu- 
rity with MW. Countryfest. Robins Drawer. Spice Girls. Monster- 
Jam. Powderpuff Dynasty .ThatGirl.GettingChineseAtTripleLW. 
RoadTrips, & FlyinHomeAI. Tumbling Downstairs. Metcalf 
Road. Sloppy Beach Trips. Halloween & The Hike Home. Pullin 
Courtney Loves. JonosJeep. The Porch CMDMLWAP. Molly & 
Turning The Clocks Back BC. Thanks to my friends & family, I 
love you all. 

Evan Rau 

Amy Reynolds 

To my family, thank you for all 
your support and for putting up 
with me until now. To the best 
friends in the world, "I always 
knew looking back on the tears 
would make me laugh, But I 
never knew looking back on 
the laughs would make me cry" 
Thank you guys for making high 
school worthwhile I love you all 
so much and wouldn't have 
made it through without you. 
Never forget, making scenes 
wherever we go, will lopes 6 
flags, cape, TT, conventions, 
Bellamy, beach trips and thugs, 
LL's , "its cause were pretty", 
cedar, and so many more. 

Rebecca Radford 

It's a fact that seniors like 
to leave lists of memories 
in this part of the year- 
book, and OS a tireless 
bandwagon hopper, 
I'm inclined to do the 
same thing - that being 
the case, I leave every- 
one with my list of Nev- 
er Forgets: WHS Anime 
Club, the Hobo Spot, 
Anime Boston '06-'08, Friday night movies, DDR tournaments, 
second place at trivia, awesome cosplay, large amounts of 
coffee milk, watching all of Fushigi Yuugi, epic sleepovers, 
amazing birthday parties, and a lesson from Portal - the cake 
is a lie, but our friendship isn't. Much love you guys, much 


Jason Resha 

I will always remember, #23, the basketball team, soccer team, 
football team. Pond hockey. State Tournaments, the Holliston 
game, the Circle of Deets, the BL-Bucket List, PD's, The Trainer 
Paul's room. The Den, A4, The Table (JW JM MB JA), Morison 
Pork, Blizz, Vega, The ghost rider. Cheetah's, The Office, The 
Pen, "The Weekend", Eladio, Maida, The triangle (TM CB), Dra- 
ma, The Goat, Road Trips, "The walks". Canton, The Shark, The 
Shuffle, The Shot, Probation, The warehouse. The Happy Place, 
MJFL, Rec basketball, The Gamble, M.O.B. HOV..."On this day 
we become Legendary" 


Chelsey Ristaino 

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be 
loved in return" Circling the halls with Steve and Alii. Home- 
room with Kasey. Creative Writing. Sitting with Dan and Pdosh 
in the Libs while Teddy battled it out with Ms. S. Pearls of wis- 
dom, c gangsta hoo ra. Evaluating outfits in French with Mag- 
gie. Paige, please settle down! Needham with the brohans. 
Volleyball and free blocks with Kristina. Mr. Shuman and life 
with Becca. Laura, Mari, Justine, Hanna, and Becca Dl and 
scary movie nights. Theatre. West Side at Xoverion. Singing 
the National Anthem. Hanging with friends and family. 

Senior Expressions 1 79 




Chris Roach 

M3H made high school most memorable. Although the bond 
is stretching as two members are off to college and leaving 
one behind, nothing will ever break the bond of M3H. I'll nev- 
er forget long beech trips, hours of pointless driving, sleepless 
nights hyped up on soda and videogames, continuous week- 
ends invading the Frank basement, schooling the TVL with the 
basketball team, gogs, "fue", 7, ekans, RATN's, B-Macs fleas, 
mmhmm, ni, ken, and the unforgettable moments leaving us 
in pain after hours of laughter. My high school experience 
defines "chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all shootin' 
some bball outside of the school." 

Meagan Ryan 

When I look back on the past 4 
years here at WHS, many things 
come to mind. What I remember 
most significantly is probably all 
the work, but what I will never 
forget is all the good times I've 
had, the friends I've made, and 
the challenges I've put myself 
up to. I know I will always think of 
and remember my experiences 
at WHS as learning and growing 
opportunities, and leaving WHS 
I hope to be thought of and re- 
membered as a good friend, a 
caring individual, and dedicat- 
ed student. 

Joey Salami 

It's been a fun 4 years... love the top- 
down dunkies trips with Maura & Sam- 
mi - the new ice coffee crew ;)... get- 
ting kicked out of the library everyday 
and one time for a week... "Can one 
go to the bathroom?". .Miltdowns!!... 
studio art & our z-phones & obsession 
with Hannah Montana... "Bada bing, 
bada boom" & signing peace trea- 
ties.. Plastic surgery bear.coming up 
with songs about "naughty gothic 
sleeves" & "mickey d's" in drivers ed. 
Paige's neandratholic bffl "slowly & 
steadily".. "Gandhi is now dead, but 
at the time of his boycotts was very 
much alive" B-... sharing that Chrysler 
bond with Kasey 

Fadi Samaha 

NHL at Perrys. Meat Fests. Christies. Shadow. Lunch Box. Hang- 
ing with the C.P.R. and the lanky kid. Come Back Kids. 

Marianna Sayeg 

You know that overplayed Green Day song? Well, I really did 
have the time of my life. Powderpuff DYNASTY, JV2/ JV soc- 
cer, G Block triple, all-night dance parties, late nights and 
Saturday mornings at Robo Team, managing girls lacrosse, 
Dl, The "EE," tea parties, other people's engineering proj- 
ects, birthday goblet, Prom Fashion Show, pool parties, Briga- 
doooooon, rec swim team, movie nights with Ari, intense wol- 
verine den, my party von. What is Mankind?, Ann's Lunch, the 
Greg years, Latin family. Class of 2008 - thanks for the good 
times, here's to many more. "Every new beginning comes 
from some other beginning's end" 

Layal Sayegh 

I will always remember; freshman year (glory days), end of 
the year pool party, volleyball (MLD , Josh, Matt, Petah, oger- 
rr, hey lottis, TPing, fiicka, chili's, "I'm Harry Pottah", shoulder 
lean) Mrs. Flaherty's class, anatomy w/ plunk, after-prom '07, 
swimming out to the buoy @ the beach during finals, "trying 
to catch us riding dirty", 10th grade wellness, "life is life", TIA, 
twins, Greeks, Ceramics, "are you craze?", football & base- 
ball games, the den, powderpuff champs '06 & '07, OTH w/ 
the superfans, Halloween '06, New Year's '05-'06, love my 
friends <3 

180 Senior Expressions 



Alex Scott 

Drifting in the cinema lot, fire and ice, out of control, vail, go 
kart tracic, final harry potter release night, weekend bonfires, 
disco dance in parking lot, BFCs, Tom cruise run. The inspec- 
tor jacket. Daily trips to bass pro to see Angela and the fox. 
Desert nights at cheesecake factory, mario parties, shredding 
Dragonforce on guitar hero, Giach's car, the blasting booth, 
red sox world series, T-Zill Mobe, my brother Bilo, Griiig, ice 
cream incident, burning down Chris' porch, weekend trips to 
rye and Sunapee, all my friends 

Matt Springer 

Exploring Dover with Dora, geeking out in the lair. West- 
wood Football '08 Bellingham and Thanksgiving, Westwood 
Lax undefeated '04-'08, Christy's Parking Lot, Team Dinners 
at Chili's; House, Prison Break, and most importantly, LOST; 
545945683968, Liebrock's pool. Canton, Riordan's Cape House, 
R.I. P. Gary Garcia, cruising with Mathers and Mahoney in the 
summer; Summer Jam, O.A.R., and Monster Jam '07; L4, Club 
'Bu, '04 Red Sox World Series Parade, "Well in the end we 
can all call a friend, well that's something I know as true. In 
a thousand years and a thousand tears, I'll come finding my 
original crew" 

Molly Tennlhan 

"In this great future you can't forget your past. "-Bob Morley. 
Football games, GD 1 &2, Sophomore year math, MGM/H-Ma- 
mos, Molly squared, Feta clumps, Florida '05&'06, Concerts, 
Lean On Me-Prom Weekend '07. Living at 60 Sterling, T.I. A, 
Jillfest, "murk it!", skeet, freshman year nicknames, Tor-Would 
I Lie to you Baby? BSaFellow'08, LYLAC. Lillian- 18 years, it's 
been quite the ride, Ruv. "Elevator to the top, ha, see you 
later I'm gone." 

dan Smith 

The memories that 
are most significant 
ore the ones of the 
old school and then 
moving into the new 
school. All of the the- 
atre productions I 
have been a part of 
through my four years. 
The great teachers 
who taught me more 
than class lessons, but 
life lessons. All the fun times with my friends that I will never 
forget. Quoting movie lines with friends. The terrified look of 
freshmen and remembering it wasn't long ago that I had 
that same look. The sense of pride and leadership in becom- 
ing a senior. Here's to all the other memories that are just to 
good to put into words. 

Alex Teebagy 


These past four years at WHS 
were good. I've had a lot of fun 
in jazz band (Electric Lady!) and 
pit band. These past years, my 
friends and family have been 
important to me. Tea parties at 
Kris's, French Timesplitters videos 
with Alex, frees with Anna, Kris- 
tina and Eef, beating Gears of 
War with Chris Graves, singing 
quite pooiiy in Rock Band and 
all the awesome times I had 
with my upperclassmen friends 
the first three years — Friday night 
Smash Bros., DDRing with Steve 
and going for walks. Best of luck 
to everyone including my sister 
and my upcoming brother! 

Russell Trovers 

"Life goes by pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around 
once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller. JW, JD, ZH- 
waterguns, snowballs, dibble, libble, making upothergames... 
always a good time. KJ- Love you forever babe. Shout out to 
all other various wifflebailers and MJFLers (you know who you 
are) Wiffleboll- School champs '06, 2003 MVP, Hall of Fame 
20?? The always temperamental MJFL- that's 90% temper, 
1 0% mental- Cowboys '07 Champs. WW Football- gotta keep 
liftin' for Joey. WW basketball- All time leader in personal fouls, 
5-1 finish for a playoff berth 

Senior Expressions 181 


Krystal Tsolias 

Word. Plunk's Class. Millionaire. There's a bug on your head. 
Time for my stories. Panero. Tomacco in stats class. Football 
game in the rain. Math class sophomore year. Evacuations 
from school. Jeopardy. Jimmy Johnson 48. Dance Party. 
Metco Room. Spanish Class. Free Blocks. Dunkies. English 
Class. Maloxos' stories. Afroman Song. Mr. Burke's science 
class freshman year. Downtown. CSI. Deep blue sea. Senior 
class with the most absences:2008. 

Tom Visconti 

Thonk you all for four fantastic years: bloump! Halo, track fresh- 
man year, the hack-circle, skateboarding, math and science 
team meets, hanging at the Geers'. Senior year awesome- 
ness: The Wolverine Den, Medea, Brigadoon - wearing kilts, 
the man chant, warm ups, my randomly accurate Scottish 
accent. Prom Fashion Show glory, "Robotics," bashing Pflanz 
in Engineering, pickup football, bowling, lacrosse. Good luck 
to you all, I hope you live it up while you can - Carpe diem. 
May Westwood Boys Lacrosse dominate in the future. A tout 
le monde A tout les amis Je vous oime Je dois partir 

Elisa Walsh 

"Lives, like money, ore spent. What 
ore you buying with yours?"Garima 
and twins (the triumvirate), Katerina, 
Catherine, M, Marjory, Martha, Re- 
becca, Nick, Lisa. XC 9-1 1 , track 9-1 2, 
Ecolibrium 11-12, Anime Club 10-12, 
Science Team frequenter-if-not-mem- 
ber. Hobo Spot (and accompanying 
journal), Friday night movies, getting 
lost in Harvard Square, Bubbling Brook 
vs. Coldstone, epic crutch battle of 
Perseus vs. sea monster, "class-con- 
fined case of narcolepsy," Chemistry 
tutoring with Plunkett, Latin with Roy, 
English Lit. with Kelsch, Art History with 
Kaiser, "Skeeeetchfest," waaoay 
too many AP courses. Good times 
in Westwood, but off to better (and 
warmer) places. 

Nick Ventola 

When looking back on my High School experience, it all 
seems like it started yesterday. I had many good times, but 
it all blurs together. The one thing that I can remember is my 
friends. I made a lot of new friends in High School, tried many 
new things, and learned a lot. It's my friends that stand out 
the most. They gave me strength when I needed it, and were 
there for the good times and the bod. I can't wait to see 
what the future brings and what new friendships will form. 

Connor Walsh 

# 10 Wolverine Football. Unbelievable times- Bellingham '06, 
'07. Turkey Day - Holliston '06, '07. Doing work at Flahive Field. 
Pregame Speeches. Friday nights under the lights at Flahive. 
Sunday catch with Granny. Wolverine Baseball with Skip 
Whalen- great times louting in the outfield. The Bros; Granny, 
JJ, and Red love you boys. BEH. "Sophomore year memories." 
LOST. Pats games with Creech. Tom Brady. The Vanderbilt 
Club. Thank you Julie for the great memories. Thank you Mom, 
Dad, Chris, Ryan, and Michael for the support and always be- 
ing there love you guys. Best of luck to all the future Wolverines. 



Rachel Watsky 

I'll always remember: Science Team, Anime Club, the Hobo 
Spot, hanging in the History Study Lob, hanging with my teach- 
ers in their respective rooms after school, having inside jokes 
with Mr. Dore, being in Ms. Donahue's fan club and getting 
bitten during AP US, being the only juniors in Mr. Geary's AP 
Bio class, Latin classes with Ms. Roy, and now with Dr. Zarrow 
(that's an education...). I'll always laugh when I remember 
Piano Lab, with all of its insanity. I'll remember the old school 
(though that's something that should be forgotten...) Good 
luck to all who come after! 

182 Senior Expressions 

Lizzy Watsky 

What can I say? Westwood 
High School is so unique! I'll al- 
ways remember classes like AP 
Euro with Mr. Dore jumping off 
desks to explain Sir Isaac New- 
ton, APUS with Ms. Donahue, 
and Mr. Gear/ telling APBio kids 
to "play like amoebas and split" 
into groups. Latin has been so 
amazing, under both Ms. Roy 
and Dr. Zarrow. I'll never forget 
Dr. Earls convincing our entire 
English class that his doctorate 
was in Meteorology (it's in Eng- 
lish, F.Y.I.) WHS is a class in and 
of itself. I'll never forget my ex- 
periences here and the friends I 
made along the way. 



Lindsay Weitzman 

Friday afternoons at Lol's 
house, snoopers '05, 
Penido's, beach trips, 
Powderpuff Dynasty, the 
tramp (RIP), WWsoccerOZ, 
Ms. S's lectures, Poland 
Spring (ruins lives!), Robin's 
drawer, getting Chinese 
during triple, GOYA, play- 
ing categories, shnuggle 
bunnies, the "late bus", 
senorita, love letters, BSa- 

Tom Weinreich 

Foneuil Hall in the snow with Jazz Band. Getting snowed in 
at the parking lot after Science Team. "Studying" for chem 
tests. Ms. Donahue talking about the South. Frisbee on the 
front lawn. Hacky sack in the auditorium lobby. Latin carol- 
ing. Running laps in the hallways. Never (well, rarely) a boring 
moment. Thanks, WHS. 







Jay Whakn 


I remember most all the good times and people. Football Hol- 
liston Friday night games and stations. Lacrosse all the losses 
and the few times we won. The lair geeking out. All of the 
times hanging out with Kristen. All the long nights. Dora. Can- 
ton. Free blocks in the booth. All the amazing people I have 
grown up with and will never forget. It all went by way too 
quickly. LEGENDS. "Here's to the nights we felt alive. Here's to 
the tears you knew you'd cry. Here's to goodbye. Tomorrow's 
gonna come too soon" 


Matt White 

Christies parking lot, good old hull, Garry Garcia, canton... 
Dora, Vega, The Bucket List, The Legends, Fifa Hall, Presiden- 
tial Ball, Cheez-IT, 139 Ellis Street, good bye to all high school 
sports, seniors attendance. Sped, mahoneys, and turkey 

A\ Wisiaiko 

Mr. Shuman coaching JV 
Golf, Jack O'brien winning 
the hackfest, free blocks with 
Devon Zaza, Jessica Johnson, 
"Tomacco" in stats class with 
Kr/stal, Sundays at the races 
with Jake Tucke watching the 
21 car, Kenny Chesney con- 
certs and Brackman's English 
class have been great mem- 
ories at WHS. Jake Tucke-my 
best friend through good 
and bad times. Some of the 
greatest moments of my life 
during the past four years. I 
want everyone to remember 
me as "WIZZ". 

nior Expressions 183 

Kristen Wissmar 

I'm going to miss my friends end my doily routine at WHS, 
even waking up early. 

Jesse Wolf 

Stephen Wright 

"You may soy that I'm a 

dreamer, but I'm not tt^e only 

one." PJ Game, Wo-Town, 

OOTI, "For Scotland!"; Meto- 

morphioses, Comino, Medea. 

OH's class; Brice, Un Monde 

Partait, et les autres ctian- 

sons; Ms. Donahue's sarcasm; 

Stephen Crane, Randall Jar- 

rell, and Anne Sexton; Moby 

Dick. Guitar Hero, Rock Band. 

Ponkie. Montreols. Beach 

party, "yes!" Cinco de Mayo. 

Wendy's, dance parties. 

Coaching frosh baseball. Calc. F Block Free! To my friends - 

you are forever a port of me. Thank you. "We few, we happy 

few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood 

with me shall be my brother..." 

Wiffle ball. Dibble, 
Libble, ATAWEAW, 
the original MJFL, 
and many, many 

Roland Zhou 

it's the end of 
the beginning, 
and the be- 
ginning of the 
end. We always 
wished these 
years would go 
by faster, but 
now we'd give 
anything to have 
them bock. We 
will never be as 

free or happy as we are now. We might never hove break- 
fasts of Ann's again, or pickup football on Sundays, or build- 
ing bridges in the project lab for hours, or sledding, bowling, 
or driving around looking for things to do. The memories of us 
will fade from the minds of others, but never from our own. You 
stay classy, Westwood High. 

1 84 Senior Expressions 






1 - 


^^^^^^yi^B T '^^ ^s^^^^K .-^d^^^^^^l 

f ^B 


^^^^H i^'^^^^sl^^l 



^^t ^iKin 


^k • ■H^l 


^r * .J^^^A 



•■^i !'i»-r-;.>j 

The Class of 2008 Kicked-off 

Senior Week with a semi-formal 

boat cruise around Boston Harbor on 

the luxurious, "Spirit of Boston." 

After enjoying the buffet on the spacious 

and private mid-level dining deck, many 

students went to the top deck to take in the 

warm winds and the glorious view. Mid-trip, the 

Yearbook Staff announced the names of the Senior 

Superlative recipients, and, as the boat headed back 

to dock. The Class of '08 worked the dance floor. 


192 The Senior Cruise 









OO -■ >>CBCMODciO0!rsorviorrv-)or^^ 

DOC C O*^^^^^ 










^^^^ * ^ 

-c»^ ^ 


1 98 The Ail-Night Grad Party 

a « 


I • 

• ••••••••••••• 

«••••••• • • • • • • 

• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 


• •••••••••••••v.- 

• • •-• • •.•-•_ 


•.• • • •. 


1 •, 

i < * 


The seniors could not have wished upon a star for a better send-off as they spent 
their last night in a fantasy land, thanks to the amazing Disney themed party! 







V-/" ^ 





The All-Night Grad Party 199 


^^^r ■ 





^^H '. ~ 1 

• ^^^^^^^^H 







200 The All-Night Grad Party 


The Ail-Night Grad Party 201 




Winter Sports 203 


I, Liz Arpino. leave Rachel Berluti my dancing skills 
and good looks, K-Steeves a sign, Maggie Barzin my 
rides to school, K-Steeves and Annie my shnuggle bun- 
nies (this is a big honor might I add), and Pooks my alarm 
clock. ■ I, David Boryudin . leave Alan Baryudin "Dave - A 
- Palooza." I also leave him SOME of my good looks. To the 
junior class, I leave the boatloads of drama and beefs that 
preoccupied all of the senior class's time. Finally, I leave 
Ulas Rao, the ping pong paddle. - I, Alexis Barzin . leave my 
sister Maggie all the teachers who will call her "Lexi". To Dan- 
ielle, my elliptical. Tabby and &abi, you get my art talent. To 
Dani and Jenn I leave mornings in the eagle. . I. Nicola Beuscher . 
leave mike sharry, photography club; colin davey, the street 
corner; greg thompson, fifty consecutive hours of the 
"coin game". . I, Lindsey Burns , leave Jessica seagu 
laughs and the school. To Lauren, bus rides with 
our Italian techno. To Ms. Plunkett, I leave mem- 
ories of Anatomy F Block. To all the field hockey 
girls: memories of an amazing tourney season. - 
I, Nikki Cachelin , leave Riley three more awe- 
some years of high school! I leave Riley, Mary 
(BNFL), Maddie (BNFL), and Colin the 
neighborhood<3. I leave Kathleen, Bets, and 
Kmart good times at FH and outdoor track. . I, 
(Bradley Calandrella '). leave Kayvon Touran my 
"fairshare". Matt Burke, Pimp Status, b&G. Anna Ko- 
ban. Comebacks along with a blue light that will r\e\/er be 
found, Mike Sharry, The former chubby/smelly kid award, 
Greg Thompson, The Legacy of Grafton Ave . I, LisoColdwell . 
leave the last Caldwell girls our legacy. "Calm Like A Bomb" 
for Erica. Amy, hold on to good times in Latin class for me. 
And the rest goes to all of westwood high. Take care of it. 
I, Chenelle Christian , leave my seat on the bus to Mar- 
sha. I also leave the Boston students with the METCO 
spirit! When ever you don't know what to do, stop and 
ask yourself... "What would Chenelle do?" I believe in 
you guys. Don't let me down. - I, Aleno Chubet . 
leave the memory of winning the Southern Confer- 
ence Championship to the WHS swim team. I 
leave the shotgun of both cars to Andrea Mu- 
nar. Lastly, I leave the good times in band to 
the amazing front row! . L Rachael Chyten , 
leave all my notes to Arthur Gunning - 1 
guess you'll have to find another blonde 
to make fun of. Most importantly, 
though, I leave all my love to my 
friends. I owe you guys my 

ife, thanks. . I, Paige Congdon , leave the bas- 
ketball team a winning season. Mary and Kelly 
FNC's. Nange and KST my amazing "sayings". I leave 
Lana my art skills. And Spencer, four unforgettable 
years in high School. - I, Mary Connors , leave Amy 
Bean poorly completed science labs and fun times in 
free block. I leave Camille Rogers foreign language 
trees and Google searches. I leave Kathleen Lally the 
front line in field hockey. . I, Maura Curron , leave, au- 
tomatic shotgun to my sister Erin, Special diving cheer 
to Scuch, Saturday morning lessons to 'my daughter' Sar- 
ah, Tuesday nights at Papa Ginos, early morning practices, 
and crazy bus rides to swim team. - I, Belle Cushing , leave 
the tennis team lots of cupcakes and a win against 
Medfield, Aaron- a sexy kilt, Hannah- a smidgen 
of my love, Brett- a carnation, and future li- 
brary freeblockers - the undeniable rules of 
fives. - I, Corey Dello Russo . leave Jennif er- 
MY car and texting LOL; Danielle- my fanny 
pack; Russ- the man chant; Patrick- you get 
Jennifer; Michelle and Brianna my secret; 
Elise- my freshman dance status; JT- fresh- 
man year; Christian- my blistering serve; Rob- 
ert Law- the future of WW tennis; Andrea- my 
insane Spanish skillz. I would like to add that I 
will be taking Steve with me. . I, Rich DiBene- 
detto . leave Nemo everything I can give him- especially 
my "oldness," the Temptations, and broccoli pizza; Dan- 
ielle play workouts; Omar rides home, my pecs, and my 
abs; Mary my harmonious voice; Aaron my dance skills; 
Kathryn intense track discussions; Ari the Lumina. . I, 
Paras Doshi , leave JMac and OD track and bball, 
Danielle Six Flags and KFC, Kmart an assortment of 
300 page Academic Decathlon packets, Nick Howes 
running, and Anokhee huge sleepovers with Indian 
friends. - I. Maggie Emerson , leave Danielle the 
stage, the gym, Katie/Peter/Haaarvey, HS 
dates and a best friend to take with you. To 
Abby the yearbook, whistles, lettuce hats. 
To Kristen Suzy and the Andre family tra- 
dition. And my heart to JS. - I, Kristen 
Parrel I , leave Michelle morning car 
rides and the stairs, Erin (wife) mo- _^_ 

cassins, my life, the jeep. Grey's, '"''' 

the baby, the C, ughhh!, fridays, 
mcdonald's, Andrea chilies 
and preppy day, Maddie 



woodiwoo and ohh mad- 
die, Sean vellos, /Annie and 
Bj^v- Kelly the swimming pool BR, 

JM^ colleen PDR/PM/ADL, AW the 

J^r church, dunkies, zard, razz and bad 

mood ■ I, Ryan Fitzgibbon , leave John 
Sheehan my library code name of Young 
Weezy F. I leave Ian Wright my attitude that 
every girl you see is looking at you; so keep up 
; the good looks. I leave Macston Maccow my #4 

basketball jersey. . I, Meghan Flaherty . 
leave Madeline and Danielle two more 
awesome years of fun, Andrea lunch 
dates with Clare and all the drama kids- 
many more amazing productions. I will 
miss you all!!! ■ I, Alex Frank , leave Kelly 
Rich- the \acrosse team. Kelly Casey- the 
basketball team. KST and Lana- soccer 
sleepovers and high school musical sing-a- 
longs. The lacrosse team- long runs and 
winning tradition. Sarah Matthews- #11 if 
she wants. . I, Vlad Galiouk . leave my football 
number 58 to future stud Cam Calzinki and his 
future dominance in TVL Football and leave my killer 
cross-over for Ries McQuillan, Jason Semmentelli and 
Phillip Greg Oden Walker, have fun with Hoops in De- 
cember! . I, Martha Geary , leave the freshmen, M, 
and all my "godly" powers to Lisa, confusion to Too, 
hugs to all my friends and anime club, strings to 
/Aria Scotty and Sammy, finally Lisa and the 
f rosh's safety to the carz of Peter - I, Jes- 
sica Peers , leave Michelle, Dave, and Ann 
Marie the neighborhood, Angelica rides to 
school, and everyone younger the most boring 
town in the U.S. . I, Sean Grandfleld . leave 
James Berluti my playbook, Smitty and BOC the 
High School Gym, Derin my appetite, Milano Mexi- 
cano the two spot in the batting order, Mikey my 
hugs, Creech Skip, Rick my sympathy for living with 
Red. . I, Jill Greenberg , leave Mary acting in 
every movie, basketball kanee, soccer "just 
breathe", Softball "adversity", Lauren Java, 
Lana and Hilary movie nights, Sarah my me- 
tabolism, Katie and Corrlnne shoesss, emily 
"Ms. Fix-it", and my heart to JS. . I. Ted- 

dy Groton . leave Danielle Damren History 
Movie Nights. That is all. . I, Zack Honra- 
han, leave Kayvon Touran my soccer skills, 
Jake Lupica my SAT scores, Patrick 
O'Donnell my track star abilities, Patrick 
Maher my Sunday sailing outfit and yacht, 
and Julia Nagle my last chocolate kiss . I, 
Catherine Meier , leave (bro) Alex- my car, it prob- 
ably won't work- Lisa- every rock concerts biggest 
MCR fan- FH team- good luckA hope Kerri finds a 
passing buddy cool as me- (legal studies) Alex- 
slacking off, still getting a B- student council- 
creative dress up day ideas. - I, Hillary 
Howarth . leave Hannah Cohn, Erica Bowl- 
by and Abbie Brown the relaxation 
space of the nurse's room. I Also 

leave Chris Rodgers 
the will to make good 
choices in your senior year. 
> I, Celena Homsy . leave Col- 
leen Zapcic all of our soccer season 
memories and an unforgettable senior 
year. I leave Arya all the amazing cds he 
has made me over the years. And I leave a 
Thank You to everyone I've been with 
throughout the years, it was an amazing four 
years and I will newer forget them! ■ I, 
Ashley Irvine , leave Christopher my 
senioritis. Cindy, PETRE, car dance 
parties, video pro, teq MAC<3. 
Mikey, my sense of directions. 
WALLISTON. Justin, my heart- 
were getting married :] & our hilari- 
ous car rides. Sleight, my good looks 
& new years. Jono, me (someone to 
take care of u) Jimmy, (american 
muscle) our car races home. And 
Jamesey poo, scenes team. ■ I, Roeef 
Istf an . leave math team and the percussion 
section to Tony. To Nadeem, the family name. 
Science team goes to Kelsey, Krishna, Ravi. I leave 
the track to Moin, JMac, Nick, and anyone else 
who runs. Please beat Medfield! . I, Alley Kay . 
leave Andrea "blood on the block" and yoga at 
rehearsal. Jamie, Lake Placid and girl talk 
with me and Powell. Laura and Leigha being 
late everyday. Juniors drama c\ass. and 
organizing play stuff! Maggie jiggly 
and blobies. « I, Matthew Keaveney . 
leave to Jonathan Neimann my good looks 
and booooks, to Greg Thompson I leave an- 
gel and some friends, and to my sister Abigail 
Keaveney I leave the legacy of Keeves. . I, Dan- 
iel Keches . leave the blue line to Kucher and Ab- 
bott, the back seat of the bus to B-Lay, and You've 
Lost That Lovin' Feel in' to Freddy 'Tonsils' 
Tonsberg . I, CJ Kenney . leave Maddie, 
Janice, and Mariah the beast (aka the 
big blue truck), taco bell, and 4AM. To 
the rest of the hockey team, a life- 
time of memories, and the closest 
thing you can get to family. The soft- 
ballers...hits and runs! . I, Victoria 
Koutris , leave Christina three unfor- 
gettable years, Lana and KST the soc- 
cer team and pasta dinners, Corrinne 
and Sarah Reggie, and Laura doctors 
appts. with Lyie. ■ I, Megan Lolly , leave my 
car and all the great times (and many more to 
come)to my sisters Kathleen & Anne: McDonald's to 
MI; DDR to EM; danceparties, "susan",Aplanks to 
SK, LT, CK, LB, NS, KM, MB; and my heart to IW 
. I, Jill Lenzo . leave Katie, Elena and Amanda 
Franzia. To Jelly, Katie and Amanda I leave 
Thursday af ternons. To Maiek I leave my 
position as costar. To (cont.) 

colleen I leave the neigh- 
borhood. I also leave Katie 
the JSP and all my love. - I, 
Jessica LeSage . leave Kerri, FH 
wise remarks, football, blazer, 
Chipotle with Mary. ..maybe not. 
MarySarah, Quality BR times. PamCol- 
leenLauren: my family/house key. Mikey- 
MaxBrian: dez calve/cold waters. Casey, 
bestfriends. Mikey, ShnequaShanaynay/cold 
stones. JamesAMikey, my love. Tyler, my heart 
and eskimo. « I, AAike FX Lynch , leave art class to 
Xander, Maya, Amy, KGIove, and Dawson. I leave 
transportation to school to BOC and DVE. And all my 
shifts at Eaton go to Greg Thompson. . I, Jake AAo- 
honey . leave Berluti: little boot, Katie and Amanda: the 
pod, Alex Kjell and Paul Fitz: a fun senior year, Danny 
Shane Freddy and Brandon: the neighborhood, Jenn: my 
heart BC super fans and bubbling brook ■ I, Laura Molo- 
ney , leave Mary my sister's bed, KRich Mr. Jones, and to 
them both- 3 am lifers, Kelly Casey the side basket, Brett 
morning car rides, Omar Fanning, KSTa nasty soccer season, 
Jon road trips, and to Erik- the best four years of your life. 
■ I, Melisso Moncini . leave Julia Germano "es muy BOBO", 
Justina Germano a great three years at WHS, Ali Schroeder 
a "very fine" art class, Janice Michaud the wedging 
! board, and the girls Volleyball team luck for next 

year! « I, Ryon Mortinez , leave super craziness 
and an occasional "chill pill" to Kara, the sah- 
I weet fly and uber crew skills to Dani, the mmm 

beginning, middle and end to Kaths, treees to 
Gooch and a bot-bot to JaySON, the last 
bond of M3H. - I, Kelly McCorthy . leave 
locker door #117 from the old school to Mr. 
Dillon and Mr. Dore' . Lauren, Rian, Mariah, 
Katie, Katie, and Ari- the legacy of WHS Soft- 
ball. James- my tennis court and mom to prac- 
tice with so you'll get the Mustang. . I, Danielle 
McCauley . leave Pammy a car to leave ww every 
weekend. Colleen pup and a lot of strawberry, Lauren the f h 
^ stick tap, Casey 827+920, Brendan my awk stares 24/7, Ky 

^^ any girl that I cant scare away, but try to wait for me. Erin 

^^ to have the best w/ out us. - I, Moriel Moling , leave; 

^^k Walker Wells the Creative Writing assignments, Katelyn 

^^^ Raf tery and John Cuozzo the Band Legacy, Camille Rog- 

^^^ ers our fun frees, Misha Beatty my flute, Ms. Plunkett, 

^^^ awesome Anatomy Times, and the History Stash to 

^^ whoever finds it. . I, Holly Mothoisel . leave behind a 

-'^^^L high school full of wonderful memories. - I, Chris - 

^^^^ tine McGroil . leave Hannah, Gene, and Mary the 

bus; Meag, our BFF status; Leah, St. Denis; 
Mary, Operation X-Tra Happy; Lana, my unbe- 
lievable soccer skills; Berg, Java; Emily, lifers 
and homework sessions; and JS, my heart. . 
I, Kim Muellers , leave Anime Club and all 
its mayhem to M and Lisa, Eco Club to 
Julia, track "rakists" to Jacqui and 
Sarah, discus to Olivia, and all my 
mechanical pencils and owner- 
ship of my brother to M. . I, 

Betsy Nolly . 

leave Elena trips 
to Taco Bell, McDon- 
alds, as well as insane 
dance parties...with me; 
Krista, I leave you my broth- 
er's mandals, and strawberry 
chocolate chip cookies; Pam and 
Colleen I leave you my love; Danny, I 
leave you beatings from Mao, and the 
jokes only me, you, and Elena understand; 
Mikey, I leave you Sean. . I, Gregory 
Niks, leave Brett Egitzi with my wisdom, 
chorizema And my charm on teachers at 
Westwood High - I, Doniel O'Connor , leave the 
tennis team to Christian, Paul, and Rob; my vote 
to Greg; my love of presidential history to Mr. 
Dore; and my teddy bear to Teddy Shuman. . I, 
Joan O'Neill , leave the lax girls bleachers and hills, 
MaggieB a glass of water, KSteeves a sign, Lauren 
Hilbergie a comfy hockey bag and my love, and Janice 
a car ride and a british accent. - I, Kristino Ortloff , 
leave: Kara and Chris - the responsibility of making sure 
the underclassmen don't bother Mr. G. too much, Russell 
- my locker and the music rooms to play piano, Kara - my 
closet, the Tennis Team - breathe, believe, and let it be 
I, Shiwei Pan , leave Anime club to Em and Lisa, 
Eco Club to Julia and Sarah. To Em, I leave you 
my evil spirit. To all who are remaining in WHS, 
I leave all the joys of Westwood. . I, Brian 
Pender , leave my overall good looks to B-lay. 
I leave my godlike body to Freddy and Bran- 
don Tonsberg (don't worry there's enough 
for both of you). I give my endless wisdom 
and knowledge to Kuch and Abbott. . I, 
Kosey Ploneto , leave Camille Rogers my bar of 
soap; Stephen Zeng my broomstick; Kara Wig- 
gin some party-worthy jokes; Liza a picture of 
our icon Bobi Harberson; Paul, Matt, and Matthew 
metal. . I, Kristin Puopolo . leave Jono Mellor MyDuck & 
NightsInTheJeep. Jimmy Filbin- 199 PorterStreet, AM 
rides in the truck and SpinningOut. James Berluti- Jel- 
lo. Krista McGinnis- FallRiver,CrazyPigeonsA MikeHunt. 
Mikey Fafara- MyChubbyCheeks. PhilWalker- 
OronoATheRobe. Jelly-Lifers. ■ I, Rebecco Rad- 
ford , leave custody of The Lemmings to M Bailakis 
(make sure they get plenty of coffee), my share 
of the Anime Club to Lisa Majid, spontaneous 
cosplay privileges to Sketchers, and random 
moments of comedic quotation to Sparkles. . 
I, Suhos Rao , leave the Rao legacy to my 
brother, Ullas. I also leave the title of band 
captain to Jon Neimann and the clarinet 
section to Omar Hadzipasic. - I Jason 
Resha , leave Mikey my love, Creach 
the BL and lost. Shock the Explorer 
Unit, Molly Bonis the C block ta- 
ble, Caroline getting kicked out 
of public places, Ries feeling 
loose at practice, Julie ^ 

H2H's, Alex the junior 
girls. . I, Amy Reynolds . 
leave Luke Bella, Dan and Kyle 
rides to school with "Snitch", 
Brendan my cat. Colleen shopping and 
cheesecake while mediating, junior Lady 
Lightnings obnoxious wins and all my girlies 
JS in the caf and craziness wherever we go . 
I, Chelsey Ristaino . leave Alii, Elise, BIloy, and 
Evan center stage, the volleyball team and Joshy 
to Krista, the Softball team and BDill to 
Lauren, MJ and music theory to Matthew, 
Paul, and Matt. - I, Chris "Woachy" 
Rogch, leave jay "that boy" 7 rare candys, 
casey "smack" school spirit to lead the 
den, Jordan "es de yung" amazingly cre- 
ative cash sign language, the bball team 
revolutionary street ball moves, and ev- 
eryone else my RATN's . I, Sean Rose . 
leave Greg - Babyface - Thompson those 
long and lonely nights that we know too well 
Hang in there buddy. I leave my brother Eric, 
as was left to me, the awesomeness of the Rose 
tradition, good luck. . I, AAeagon Ryan , leave Caro- 
line: the car, so that you may go places in life (physi- 
cally), and to you as well as Jackie, best wishes for 
success in your high school careers as well as in life. 
. I, Joey Salami , leave Lana 5 my Z-phone & Molly 
F tanorexia :P . I, Fadi Samaha . leave Christo- 
pher Treon a.k.a "Stones" my seat at the lunch 
table and I leave him Brett. I leave Freddy 
common sense. . I, Loyal Sayegh , leave 
Jennifer a huge phone bill and many train 
rides, Julie the Lebanese legacy, Manda flicka, 
Kritta my schedule & lifers. Jelly bash sesh's & 
Elena the "MLD" ball, Maiek amazing 3 more years 
of high school. > I, Alex Scott . Leave biking to 
Squill, the power to work at Dedham bike to James, 
and the ability to always be prepared to Burke and 
Stewart and other members . I, Alexander 
Teebagy . leave Elizabeth: my delicious inter 
nal organs, Chris Graces'- everything, includ 
ing skillz, juice, Travis Touchdown! and cake 
(it's a lie), Erin: Babushka and the Faun, Mi- 
chelle: Bobby?, Xander: T-Virus, Josh: 
SEPH-I-ROTH, CST: the bass section, 
Evan: mes singes, Ullas: my Smash skills ■ 
I, Molly Tennihan . leave Jelly an amazing 
senior year. I leave Colleen my scooter and 
I expect you to run show in the neighbor- 
hood. MaIek, I leave you the challenge of 
beating me in Friends trivia. - I, Russell 
Trovers, leave Ries, Westwood B-Ball, including the 
legend of "Wu and Midge" and to future Wolverines, 
the great honor of walking through these halls as I 
once did. - I, Connor Walsh , leave Ryan "Oden" 
Walsh the great memories you would have had 
in the Jeep (RIP Jeep) and Skip Whalen. 
Mikey Walsh the # 10 and the Walsh leg- 
acy. James Berluti and Mikey Fafara 
Flahive Field. Julie a great senior 

year. Max Smith my 
15 yard penalties • I, 
Eliso Walsh , leave the title 
"Freshman" to Joshua Cheung; 
the state of Massachusetts to ev- 
eryone staying in state; doodling in 
class to Emily Bailaikis; and rampant in- 
somnia (and coffee addiction) to incoming 
seniors crazy enough to take five APs. - I, 
Elizabeth Watsky . leave the hobo spot and 
journal to Lisa, anime club to our beloved 
freshman, and my possessed locker to 
the poor doomed f rosh who gets it 
next year. May our jokes never die! 
. I, Rachel Watsky . leave the hobo 
spot and journal to my hobo spot co- 
ven (Lisa), the responsibility to take 
on freshmen to my freshman, Sabri- 
r\a, and the responsibility to take care 
of themselves to my "daughters," Bri- 
anna. Shannon, and Katherine. . I. Lind- 
say Weitzmon . leave MaIek Sayegh Lai's 
car, Katie Aries and Corrinne Wells car rides 
to/from practice and the 08 soccer team all of 
my boyfriends (!). ■ I, Tom Weinreich . leave my 
hair to Lisa; the math team to Tony; lunchtime 
f risbee to Scott, Will, and CST; and my hurdling 
skills to Burton, Pondy, and Mad Dog. « I, Ste- 
phen Wright , leave to Mary, "Ma-ry Mc-Don- 
nelH"; to Becca McClellan, "Becca Mac!"; to 
the freshman baseball team, three more 
years of good baseball and fun times; 
to the hockey team, many more Mon- 
treals; and to Danielle, my red bandana, 
Milanos, and fond memories. . I, Joy 
Whalen ■ leave Mikey the O and D line. Luda I 
leave Little Boot and the lacrosse team. I leave 
Molly Bonis the Booth . I, Anno Whelon . leave 
lane 1 to Erin, Maddie, and Annie. Saturdays with 
"That Girl" and seizures in the pool to Molly. 
Trips to COSTCO with Kara, the French 
horn section to Melanie, and morning car 
rides and cellphone girl to Michelle, 
Erin, and Ani. . I, Kristen Wissmor . 
leave Margaret Moylan Spanish club 
and trips to Essex, leave Margaret 
Moylan and Steph Greeley nights at 
Mika's, Mexican cuisine and lawn shop- 
ping. . I, Al (Wizz) Wisiolko . leave my 
brother Joe (Moj) Wisiolko a place on 
the JV Golf team for the next 2 years. I 
eave Spanish with Ducheneau to Moj and 
Nick. Let the Wizz legacy continue with my 
brothers Moj and Nick. This is the best time of 
your life, enjoy it. . I, Jesse Wolf , leave the 
"Deet Circle" to whomever it may apply. You know 
who you are. I leave car rides with "The Gen- 
eral" playing an excessive amount of times to 
Colleen, my best friend, and future co 
lege buddy. 


~ — -*- 




■ ■ 







James Ahigian- Bryant University 

John Ahigian- Jotinson and Wales University 

Ousman Akram- St. Jotin's University 

Alexander Aranki- Barry University 

Elizabeth Arpino- Norttieastern University 

George Audi- Providence College 

Nadia Bobyonyshev- Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 

Cory Baker- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Bryan Bart- Fitchburg State College 

David Baryudin- McGill University 

Alexis Barzin- University of Colorado at Boulder 

Alexander Becker- Syracuse University 

Brian Benson- Sacred Heart University 

Nicola Beuscher- SIcidmore College 

Elizabeth Birle- Bates College 

Benjamin Blake- Springfield College 

Ryan Bowler- Marist College 

Kris Brakke- Carnegie Mellon University 

Lindsey Burns- University of Vermont 

Nicole Cachelin- Bridgevi/ater State College 

Samantha Cahoon- Arizona State University 

Bradley Calandrella- Westfield State College 

Lisa Caldwell- University of Hartford 

Mary Carlin- Ohio Wesleyan University 

Amer Chahine- Emmanuel College 

Mark Chirokas- Northeastern University 

Chenelle Christian- Northeastern University 

Aiena Chubet- Skidmore College 

Rachael Chyten- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Jayson Clancy- Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Neal Clay- Bryant University 

Stephen Cloherty- The Air Force 

Paige Congdon- Roger Williams University 

Alyse Conlon-Plymouth State College 

Mary Connors- American International College 

Christopher Cosfanza-Universify of Massachusetts Dartmouth 

Jennifer Cravedi- University of Nev^ Hampshire 

Maura Curran- Saint Anselm College 

Belle Cushing- Boston University 

John Cushman- Massachusetts Maritime Academy 

Hanno Cutler- Vanderbilt University 

Graham Cutter- US Marine Corp. 

Juliana D'Aleo- Skidmore College 

Elizabeth Dahl- State University of New York at Buffalo 

Koterino Dolavurok- Brown University 

Aiyssa Decamp- Boston University 

Corey Deiio Russo- Fordham University 

John DeMovellan- University of New Hampshire 

Richard DiBenedetto- Northeastern University 

lido Doci- Mitchell College 

Paras Doshi- Case Western University 

Veena Dronamraju- Emory University 

Margaret Emerson- Villanova University 

Kristen Farreii- Quinnipiac University 

Darren Fenty- Johnson and Wales University 

Ryan Fitzgibbon- Stonehill College 

Meghan Flaherty- Boston College 

Michael Follen- Roger Williams University 

Alexandra Frank- Northwestern University 

Vladislav Goliouk- Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Martha Geary- Pratt Institute 

Jessica Geers- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

David Gerson- University of Arizona 

Jessica Gerson- Stonehill College 

Brent Giacchetto- Loyola College in Maryland 

Gorima Girl- Boston University 

Danielle Goldman-Johnson and Wales University 

Gregory Goodfellow- Connecticut College 

Katherine Gorman- Colby College 

Sean Grandfield- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Jill Greenberg- Williams College 

Edward Groton- Miami University in Ohio 

Austin Hall- Westfield State College 

Zachary Honrahan- Northeastern University 

Catherine Heier- American University 

Celena Homsy- University of New Hampshire 

Hillary Howarth- Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Ashley Irvine- Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Raeef Istfon- Boston University 

Kelly Jackson- University of New Hampshire 

Jessica Johnson- Union College 

Christopher Joseph- University of Miami 

Alexandra Kay- Stonehill College 

Matthew Keoveney- Providence College 

Daniel Keches- Tuffs University 

Charlotte Kenney- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Jessica Kirkby- Merrimack College 

Victoria Koutris- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Megan Lolly- University of Connecticut 

Robert Loughiin- Plymouth State College 

Duncan Low- Quinnipiac University 

Jillian Lenzo-University of Tampa 

Meghan Leonard- Salem State College 

Jessica LeSoge- University of Miami 

John Liebrock- Roanoke College 

Michael Lynch- Northeastern University 

James Mahoney- Merrimack College 

Kristlna Molmonis- Stonehill College 

208 Future Plans 


Mariel Mating- University of Vermont 

Wyn Moling- University of Vermont 

Laura Maioney- Colby College 

Melissa MancinI- Quinnipiac University 

Ashley Mandeville- Mount Ida College 

Ryan Martinez- University of New Hampshire 

Erin Massimi- Dartmouth College 

Holly Mothoisel- Bridgewater State College 

Andrew Mother-Undec/ded 

Corey Mather- Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Brenda McCobe- Curry College 

Kelly McCarthy- Boston College 

Danielle McCauley- Anna Maria College 

Thomas McCauley- Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Johnathan McGee- Westfield State College 

Christine McGrall- Syracuse University 

Stephanie Michaud-Undecided 

Brian Moronfe- Mount Ida College 

Michael Morozov- Northeastern University 

Michael Morra- US Marine Corp. 

Kimberiy Muellers- Wesleyan University 

Andrew Musto- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Elizabeth Nolly- Bentley College 

Joseph Neimann- Baylor University 

Adrione Nguyen- Villanova University 

Gregory Niles- Johnson and Wales University 

Connaught O'Brien- Saint Anselm College 

Daniel O'Connor- Yale University 

Roisin O'Flaherty- Manhottanville College 

Corrie O'Leary- Massachusetts Bay Community College 

Andrianna Orphonos- Regis College 

Alexander Ortloff- Boston University 

Kristlna Ortloff- Boston University 

Shiwei Pan- Wesleyan University 

Virag Pafel- University of Rhode Island 

Rebecca Patrick- Fairfield University 

Elizabeth Pecl<inpaugh- Curry College 

Sarah Pellegrini- Massachusetts Boy Community College 

Brian Pena-Undecided 

Brian Pender-Northeastern University 

Adrian Penido- Johnson and Wales University 

Edward Perkins-University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Christopher Pflanz- Saint Anselm College 

Gino Pizzono- Suffolk University 

Katherine Planeta- Hofstra University 

Kora Powers- Saint Anselm College 

Matthew Pruchniewski- Stanford University 

Kristin Puopolo- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Thomas Quinn-University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

Rebecca Radford- Simmons College 

Benjamin Randolph- Salve Regino University 

Suhas Rao- Harvard University 

Evan Rau- University of New Hampshire 

Jason Resho- Quinnipiac University 

Amy Reynolds- University of Tampa 

Chelsey Ristaino- Montciair State 

Christopher Roach- Salve Regino University 

Sean Rose- New York University 

Jonah Ruddy- Bates College 

Meogan Ryan- Clark University 

Joseph Salami- New England Institute of Art 

Fadi Somaho- University of Massachusetts Boston 

Marianno Sayeg-Johns Hopkins University 

Loyal Soyegh- Franklin and Marshall College 

Kevin Schuster-University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Alexander Scott- Northeastern University 

Ariana Senerchio- Lafayette College 

Matthew Shanahan- Saint Anselm College 

Devin Singleton- University of New Hampshire 

Cion Smith- Hofstra University 

Stephanie Solimine- Curry College 

Matthew Springer- Northeastern University 

Jeremy Stivoietta- University of New Hampshire 

Maclellan Swan- University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Alexander Teebagy- McGill University 

Molly Tennihon-University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Russell Trovers- Bentley College 

Perry Treon- Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 

Chrisoula Tsolias- Suffolk University 

Jacob Tucke- Massachusetts Maritime Academy 

Nicholas Ventola- Rhode Island School of Design 

Thomas Visconti- Fairfield University 

Connor Walsh- Colby College 

Elisa Walsh- California Institute of Technology 

Molly Ward- Morymount Manhattan College 

Elizabeth Wotsky- Boston University 

Rachel Wotsky- Boston University 

Thomas Weinreich- Brown University 

Lindsay Weitzman- Boston University 

James Wholen- Pomfret Preparatory 

Anno Whelan- College of the Holy Cross 

Matthew White- Massachusetts Maritime Academy 

Albert Wisioiko- Stonehill College 

Kristen Wissmor- Northeastern University 

Jesse Wolf- University of New Hampshire 

Stephen Wright- Botes College 

Devon Zaza- Merrimack College 

Roland Zhou- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Future Plans 209 



210 Messages from the Community 

Messages from the Community 21' 











Looks like Marine Biology was 

always your future! 

^ ^^^^m We love you! 
^^^^B Mom, 
^^^^^1 Jeremy, Justin 
^^^pH^^K and Leslie 





Class of 2008! 


We re very proud of you. 


Mom and Dad 


We are very proud oTyi 
Love, ^ 
Mommy, Daddy, 
Jennifer and 


212 Messages from the Community 






Distant cousins from way back when! 
Congratulations Kris and Paras! 

Dear Maggie, 

We are so proud of all you have accomplished but mostly 

we are proud of the person that you have become, 

With all of our love. 

Mom, Dad, Kristen and Conor 


Dear Connaiight, 

You are a smart and beautiful person with 

so much to give. We are so proud of you. May you have 

wonderful dreams for your future, and tlie courage to reach them. 

We will forever stand behind you in support. 

All of our love. 

Mom, Dad, Jill, Sara, Aimee, Ian & Emmett 

Messages from the Community 213 


Ariana Senerchia 

Even at 9 months old, you previewed ymi 
but who could have ever predicted the ha 

Congratulations on the first o 
we are sure will be many mil( 
on your path to adulthood! 
We are extremely proud of yc 
for all that you have accompli 
and we celebrate your work e 
and diligence. However, we a 
even more proud of you for tl 
person that you are. The love 
devotion that you show for th 
less fortunate than you is trul; 

Love Mom and Dad 

214 Messages from the Community 

Messages from the Community 215 


Your children are not your children.They are the sons and daugh- 
ters of life's longing for itself. They come through you but notfrom 
you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they 
have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their 
souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot 

visit, not even in your dreams. You 
may drive to be like them, but seek 
not to make them like you. For life 
goes not backwards nor tarries 
with yesterday. 
~Khalil Gibran 
"The Prophet" 

216 Messages from the Community 

Messages from the Community 21 7 

Alexandar XT Kristina 

Dragi nasi Kristina i Alex, 
Dolaskom u nas zivot obogatili ste nas donoseci nam 
srecu, veselje i ponos. Od srca vam cestitamo na svim 
dosadasnjim postignucima i neka vam buducnost 
donese nove uspjehe i ostvarenje svih vasih snova. 
Vole vas vasi Baka i Dida 

You are everything we ever wished for from the day 
we found out you were on the way to today, and we 
are certain you will continue to surprise and amuse 
and make us proud into the future. Enjoy your lives 
and know we'll always be there for you. 
All our love. 
Mama and Dad 

218 Messages from the Community 

Dear Alex, 

When you cross that finish line we will be 

cheering for you with pride for a job well done. 

We have watched you grow to become a 

responsible and loving young man. 

Your warm heart and kindness touch 

our hearts daily. 

We give you our warmest wishes for a very 

bright future. Congratulations!! 


Dad, Nadia, Auntie Abla, 

Teta and Missy 

Messages from the Community 219 



Mom, Dad, 

Joey, Jennifer and Lilly 

220 Messages from the Community 



Messages from the Community 221 

222 Messages from the Community 


Westwood High School Graduates Class of 2008 ^^-^"^m 

As though no one is watching you, 

As though you have never been hurt before, 

As though no one can hear you, 

As though heaven is on earth. 


Leslie and Kevin Maloney 


1275 Providence Highway '^ Norwood, MA 02062 

Messages from the Community 223 



Mrs. Kelsch 

Mrs. kclscli kciiici ) uiih, from left, Mrs. Ortloff. PTO, Ms. Parks, WHS Principal. 
Mrs.Sweeney, PTO, and Mrs. RafFerry, PTO 

2008 Recipient of 

The Wolverine Award 

for Excellence in Teaching 

The Wolverine Award is made possible by the Westwood PTO 

224 Messages from the Community 

'Ji- ,' 





• • • . • v. , .^, , , . 

■ ■ ■ ■ ll 

■ ■ 
■ ■ ■ 

■ ■ 

■ ■■••• 


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I 
I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 

■ a 

I a I 
a a 
a I 
a a 
I a I 

a a a I 

J a a a 
a a a a I 
I a a a a 
a a a a I 

"^ a a a 
a a a I 

I a a a 

















'• •• 





^ #^'